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Chapter 2

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15 year old Julia confidently accepts Jareth's challenge to complete his Labyrinth in search of her brothers. She suprisingly finishes his Labyrinth and is soon brought face to face with the king h...

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I sat impatiently against the dreary chamber wall, desperatly trying to tune out the noise before me. Jareth's goblin's ran amuck, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their king. I could honestly say I wasn't proud of the choice I made but what else was I suppose to do? I've lived a longer life then my brothers combined so its only right that I give them their chance right?
The giant chamber doors swung open, revealing an all to eager Jareth.
"Gather around!"
Every goblin, big and small, rushed to their king on his command. They snickered and sneered, hardly able to contain their excitement.
"As most of you may have noticed, we have a new guest."
Their snickers quickly turned into malicious laughs.
"Quiet! Now I expect you all to be on your best behavior, got it!"
The goblins turned to one another, naturally agreeing with your long time king.
"Do you really understand?" he asked, irritation clear in his voice.
The creatured stared for a moment, clearly clueless, before shaking their heads. A series of "No's" were heard throught the spacious chamber room.
Jareth sighed
"It means, stay away from her!"
Every little goblin crined in fear.
"Go about your business."
His majesty ordered, shooing his minions away. The scene its self was amusing, I couldn't help but chuckle.
"You see what you put me through?" he questioned, claiming his throne.
"What I put you through?"
"Yes, what you put me through." he stated bitterly.
"I'm exhausted from having to deal with a certain brat whose persistance is quite nerve racking. Not to mention I've got an entire city full of goblins which constantly needs tending to."
"Cry me a river!"
Jareth sighed, rubbing his pulsing temples.
"Are you never satisfied Julia? I've given everything you've asked for and your still unhappy."
When he said it like that, I had to admit, I sounded like such an ungrateful brat, but I have every right to, he wasn't gonna give up my brothers, over a stupid rule none-the-less, and now look where I am.
I refused to answer his question.
"I even kept you in your original form, not a single trace of goblin on you, not even a wart. I'm clearly breaking my own rules and I'm doing it all for you."
"I didn't think you'd actually agree."
"Yes, well you were wrong wern't you?"

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