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He told me hush

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[willaim beckett, ryan] standalone! (one shot)

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The heel on my boots clacked on the pavement I walked on. I held my hands in my pockets trying to keep them warm. It was a drafty night and I felt like getting some fresh air. So I decide to walk along the mischievous streets of my home town New York. My breathes I exhaled came out Smokey because it was so cold. I had a lot of things on my mind and I figured walking it out would relieve a lot of stress.

I walked past a dark alley when I heard a noise. I stopped in my tracks and turned around. The look on my face was more then terrified. I jumped up as something ran out the darkness.

"Just a stupid cat" I closed my eyes mocking my own paranoia.

A smile reached my lips as I turned back around and he was standing there. He laid his hand over my mouth as he picked me up carried me to the alley. He threw me against the wall as his body laid close to mines.

"Don't scream" he warned.

I looked in his dark brown eyes as I nodded my head. He moved his hand from my mouth and a I stared at him with a disgusting look.

"What do you want from me" I grunted.

"Sweetie you know you can't escape me" he smiled caressing my check. I slapped his hand off. "Feisty" he chuckled. His chuckle was dark and cold.

"Ryan let me go" I pleaded.

"Why? So you can leave me and go back to him. I let you go once I'm not doing it again" he grunted wrapping his hand around my neck. Tight enough to fear my life but loose enough so I could take breathes.

"Just let me go" I repeated.

"Not until I get what I want" he sneered leaning his lips towards mines.

I moved my head and he punched me in my stomach. I hunched over grabbing where he hit me. I coughed from the blow. He leaned down next to my cheek.

"Your coming?" he whispered kissing my neck.

"Do I have choice?" I mumbled spitting on the ground.

"Come on" he said grabbing my arm and dragging me with him.


He pushed me in his apartment as he swung open the door. I stumbled in gritting my teeth. He shut the door and pushed me in the living room.

"Get comfortable because your not leaving any time soon" he confirmed walking into his kitchen. I spun around fast running for the door. I touched the knob and I heard a click sound. I looked in his direction and he held a gun in the air aimed at my head.

"You leave I blow your head clean off"

I swallowed hard as I went to the living room and sat on the couch.

"Lizzy dear you know not to fuck with me" he put the gun down beaming at me with threatening eyes.

"Too late for that" I giggled sarcastically.

"You're a true bitch but that's why I like you" he opened his fridge and grabbed a drink out.

"Your not to far from an asshole yourself" I replied looking around this place. If only I could escape.

"Your eyes wonder. Trying to find a escape?" he asked standing in the kitchen.

"Why would I escape you dear" I said gracefully giving him eye contact.

"I don't maybe because you want to see your lover boy" he teased walking up and standing by me.

"Your mad because I left you for him and you just don't want to live it down"

"Shut the hell up" he picked me up and dragged me to his room. He pushed me in. Then shut and locked the door.

"Showtime" he smiled.

I sat on the bed and looked at him as he stood in front of me.

I laughed.

"What's funny?" he asked.

"Well I remember you as a one minute man" I giggled.

He back handed me. I fell over. Then I got back up.

I felt my lip and he had busted it. I chuckled once again as I looked up at him.

"You know William was always a better fuck then you"

"Oh he is" I saw the angry grow in his expression. He started taking his clothes off.

"Yes he is" I laughed.

He then laid on top of me and ripped my clothes off.

"Let me help you" I said pulling down my pants along with my panties.

He spreaded my legs and forced himself inside of me. I moaned loudly as he began to push in and out.

"You fucking suck" I gasped out.

He then held my Arms down and started to go faster. I whimpered loudly turning my head in opposite directions.

"Does that suck baby? Tell me does that suck" he mumbled in my ear still pushing in deeper.

"You asshole" I yelled.

"Things like that get me going" he moaned raising my legs up over my head.

His Pace was really fast and it was killing me. I couldn't help the moans or whimpers that escaped my mouth.

"Who's a better fuck?" he yelled out.

I moaned from what I couldn't tell the pleasure or pain.

"I can't hear you" he said going slower but digging in deep.

"Oh god" I wailed.

"Who's the better fuck?" he sang with each pump.

"It's..uh...oh god..." I groaned out loud.

"Whos..the..better..fuck?" he growled.

"Stop!" I pleaded.

"See you can't handle this" he let go of my legs just to hold my arms down. We were face to face as he continued to fuck me harder.

"You done?" he groaned.

"No" I replied.

"Fine. Now you still have yet to answer my question. Who's the better fuck bitch"

"Please stop"

"I hear nothing"

"Okay okay William is" I answered. He pulled out and turned me over. He got on his knees as he demanded I bend over. He penetrated inside my asshole. I let out a screech as I felt a tingling sensation through my body.

"No" I begged. He leaned over my back and used his right hand to grasp hold of my neck.

"Do you surrender?" he whisper in my ear.

I gazed for a moment then my pride took over.

"No! Do you Mr. one minute man" I teased.

"I'll show you one minute" he held onto my neck with his right hand as he gripped onto my pelvis bone with his left. Pushing in and out I felt the pain arise me.

"You like this I can tell" he moaned in my ear.

I cried to myself trying to stay strong. I couldn't let him break me.

"This feels good" he chuckled with a mixture of pleasure and vengeance.

I whimpered this time around with tears filling my eyes on and off. Ryan licked my cheek as he enjoyed torturing me.

"Who's you daddy?" he asked groaning once again in my ear.

I cried a little louder.

"Come on. Who's your daddy?"

"Goddamn it. Fucking shit" I cursed gritting my teeth.

"Yeah I own you " he moaned letting go of my neck but laying that hand on my back.

"Who's a better fuck" he asked once again.

"FUCK YOU" I screamed.

"Come on" he mumbled pushing in harder.

"Its you its you" I wailed out.

"Its you what?"

"You're a better...fuck" I stammered.

"What's my name?"

I bit my lower lip.

"What's my name bitch?" he said grabbing hold of my hair.

"Ryan" I mumbled.

"I can't hear you" he said pulling my hair harder and pushing in deeper.

"RYAN. Its Ryan" I cried.

"Oh shit" he gasped falling over me because he came.

I wiped my tears as he pulled out and pushed my over. He laid next to me.

"I like the way you scream my name" he sneered. "You give a certain ring to it".

I took deep breathes as I choked back tears. He looked at me.

"Aww did I hurt you' he caressed my cheek but I slapped it away. I got up and put my clothes on.

"Fuck you" I growled.

"Your so adorable" he teased.

I let a tear fall as I was finished putting on my last article of clothing.

"Ryan Ross burn in hell" I said marching out his apartment.

"Only if I get to sit by the window on the way there" he called after me.


I crawled into bed after taking a shower. I felt so dirty. I always felt dirty around Ryan. My skin was so red form the rubbing I did. I rested my head on my hands. I felt his arms wrap around me. I was startled.

"Hope you had a nice walk" he mumbled still asleep.

"William You can't imagine" I quivered choking back tears.
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