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Dance of Death

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This is a story about my new OC James and I will be updating sparaticly

Category: Resident Evil - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance - Characters: Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Rebecca Chambers - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2007-06-07 - Updated: 2007-06-08 - 679 words

My name is James I have no last name. My code name is Omega. I am 5ft 12 with a lean build; my skin is a grayish white. My hair is a platinum blond, my eyes are ice blue. I was not born but grown in one of Umbrella Incorporated's many Bio weapon facilities. This is my story.

Light and pain where the things that I had felt when I first awoke, I had no previous memories but the way things felt before. They had felt like I was in a suit of gauze. As my vision cleared, I saw figures in white and heard weird sounds. Later I would learn that the figures where humans. The fluid that had kept me alive and growing was drained out of the tank as they prepared to move me to a holding pin. The days stretched into weeks, the weeks to months. They where filled with tests and training. They treated me like an animal or worse but the more they pushed the more my rage built. I was a tool to them but I was smarter then they thought I took what I needed from them. The skills I needed to survive, they trained me in various methods of fighting my most accomplished way was sword fighting. My preferred style was twin kodachis, small, light, and completely devastating. My opponents were in pieces within moments and just as quickly, I was alone. I was alone and that was fine my need to gain freedom was more important then companions after all... they would all die.

My bid for freedom would come with an unlikely change. For the last several months other facilities where attacked and destroyed now this was meaningless to me, it was nowhere near where I was so it did not concern me. However three days into June this all changed.

Screaming... that sound awoke me from my sleep. Now this was unusual, I had gotten used to the sounds of people and animals dieing. Then I realized that the sounds where coming from out side the test areas and the locks on the doors where off. Now as a creature of opportunity, how could I pass this up? Quicker then you could blink I was up and outside in the hallway the lights were flickering on and off like some weird nightclub. The air had a fetid smell like an old graveyard. I had smelled this particular smell before... it was the smell you get on old battlefields and mass gravesites. It was the smell of old death, or things that have been dead for over four months, in other words it was the smell of corpses. I moved with great care, normally I would not be worried about zombies I was trained to fight with my hands and feet as well as weapons but running into a platoon of the bastards would be annoying to say the least. Therefore, I hightailed it to the weapons storage room. How or why the facility was under attack was of no concern to me although I would have to thank who ever or what ever set it about. The weapons where normally locked and stored with electronic devices, I was hoping that with the attack and the electrical problems that the locks would be disengaged.

I guess luck was with me... this time the only thing between my swords and me was a door that was stuck half-open, ether someone had forced it open or it was in the process of closing when the power went on the frits. I got both my kodachis and a sub-machine gun with plenty of ammo, now with my physiology the way that it was I did not need a lot of body armor but I took a flack jacket and some fatigues, after all a bullet to the chest might not kill me but it would hurt like hell. With my weapons and armor in place, I walk out of the armory and straight into the barrel of a 9mm smith and Weston.
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