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Well well well this is probably the most original fanfic my young mind has ever thought of. Yet another Gerard love story. He's in Denmark and meets a princess.

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A/N: Okay to clear some things up. There is no Princess Bregitte in Denmark. There's only Queen Margrethe II, her French husband, and her 2 sons and their wives and children. Actually I think the youngest son got a divorce, but thats beside the point. All you need to know is that this is completely fake. and Tak means thank you ;] (My mom is full Danish so I know my stuff)Hmm I guess you could say this is something like the Prince and me...

In the Royal Palace of Denmark the pincess was having an argument with her parents.
"Mom why can't I go!?" the princess asked,

"A concert!? It's not where a princess should be!" said the Queen.

"Mom, times are chinging! I'm tired of being royal, I want to go concerts, get a Job, everything average people do!"

"I will not have it!" the Queen said, the young princess Bergitte stormed off. She wasn't royalty, she was a normal person trapped in a life of royalty. My Chemical Romance was coming and she had to see them. But how she'd be able to disguise herself she hadn't the slightest clue, then she saw it.

"Ahhhh Denmark" said Frank Iero chilling on the tour bus with the rest of My Chemical Romance.

"Wonder if we'll see royalty" Mikey joked,

"You never know" said Bob.

"Hot damn Princess Bergitte is a hot chick" said Ray, they all gathered around Ray's computer, Gerard saw a picture of a young woman, who looked sad, but strong.

"Doesn't look to thrilled does she?" Gerard asked

"Huh? Do you not see that smile?"

"I'm not talking about that, look at her eyes, she looks bored and sad" said Gerard,

"How can you tell all that from a picture on the internet?" Bob asked, Gerard shrugged. They stopped and got off the bus and started getting prepared for the show.

Bergitte pulled on a mask to hide her face a My Chemical Romance shirt and jeans and converse. She looked in the mirror. Completely disguised. She started to sneak out her window and made it outside. She ran to the place the concert was at got in without being recognized. My Chemical Romance walked out on stage, Gerard looked out into the crowd. He noticed a woman or teenager, he couldn't tell how old she looked, wearing a mask. He smiled, boy their fans were crazy. After the show the band and Bergitte quickly got out of there.

"I'm going to go for a walk" Gerard said the others,

"You're crazy" they laughed, Gerard went out for a walk. He was lost in thought as well as in other person. He was knocked backwards. He snapped back to reality and saw the person in the mask.

"Oh I'm sorry Miss" Gerard said offering a hand, she gratefully took it and lifted herself up.

"Tak" she said, Gerard looked confused,

"Oh sorry you're american aren't you?" she said

"Wow you know english well" Gerard said

"Well my parent's had a lot of American's coming over when I was young and I picked up on it, and it was strictly mandatory for me to learn it"

"Why?" he asked,

"Urm, my job, I have to learn a lot of languages"

"So how many do you know?" Gerard inquired,

"About 20 I believe"

"Damn!" said Gerard,

"Well it's not that hard, I've been learning it since I was able to talk."

"You knew what your job was going to be?" Gerard asked, they started walking, Bergitte was screwed

"My parents" she muttered.

"Ah" Gerard noticed she had unusually good posture and the way she carried herself was full of grace and poise, "I hope you don't mind me asking but, uh, you are kind of proper aren't you"

"Yet another thing instilled in me. Lessons had a stack of books on my head and I had to balance them. I was 18 when I finally mastered it" so she was an adult,

"What's with the mask?" he asked

"Lets just say I'm very recognizable" she said

"Come on it's only me and I probably won't recognize you" she was hesitant about taking off her mask but she did so. Gerard looked at her. She was beautiful, her dark brown hair framed her face perfectly, and her gray eyes were stunning. She looked familiar though. He studied her face closely, and a look came over his face.

"I knew you'd recognize me somehow" she said.

"Would you like me to bow?" he asked smirking

"God no." she said terrified

"Oh so you don't like being a princess?"

"I never said that!"

"Well you want to be treated like a normal person"

"Well I don't like being treated like I'm a Goddess" she said

"You look like one" he said without meaning to

"Excuse me?"

"Uh oh ummm well the way you portray yourself is with grace, poise, divinity"

"Me divine? I think not" she said,

"And the way you talk is so proper"

"I have nothing to say to you Mr. Way" she turned and walked back to the palace.
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