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Chapter 1

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Frank has a huge secret and, his brother finds a box that could change the future that he thought he planned out perfectly.

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"MOM! Frank is a fag!" Jason yelled as he burst through the screen door, a shorter boy following soon after.

"Watch your mouth Jason!" a voice called from the kitchen.

"But mom, There's pictures! Julia found them in the tree house attic!" Jason replied, bounding up to his mother.

"Mom! I've never even seen those before!" Frank argued, standing beside Jason.

Frank was 16. His brother, Jason, who was 18, wasn't that much of a bother to him. He didn't really know why, but Jason was actually pretty nice to him usually. His dad worked at an office for most of the day, but was also very supportive of him during the times they had time together. He'd never had a girlfriend, but didn't bother with dating. He had gone to a high school for a while, but had gotten beaten up too often to stay, so his mom home schooled him.

"Look!" Jason said, shoving the wad of photos toward his mother.

There were tens of pictures in the stack. Many were a bit crumpled and faded, but you could still see them okay.
Sighing, the boys' mom took the pictures and sat at the dining table, laying them out.
Most of the pictures were of two boys, one VERY similar to Frank.
One picture showed him and the older-looking boy lying on the grass and shielding their eyes as if trying to discourage whoever was trying to take the picture.
Another was of a light colored bedroom with a bed in the middle. The two main boys were sprawled across it, sleeping, their arms entangled.
A few were pictures of a third boy. He looked a lot like the one from the previous photos, just with lighter and skinnier.

"Frank, who is this?" the woman asked her son after looking through all of them.

"I-I don't know! I've never seen him before!" Frank lied, watching his mom flip the pictures over.

The first picture had, 'Gee + Fee - Taken by Mikey, 9/21/72' written on the back in neat, printed, blue letters.
On the one of the two sleeping was scrawled, 'My brother's a queer - Taken by Mikey'.
The pictures of the other boy had 'Mikey' in some way or the other on the back.

"But... Uh, mom! It's not possible! I want even alive back then!" Frank protested.

Jason ran out the back door and came back with a little locking chest. The lock was opened with a paperclip.

"There's more!" he cried, placing the box on the table.

Their mom opened the latches and dumped the assortment of its contents onto the table, pushing the photos back a bit.


if you like it, ill keep going, this isn't another vampire story though, its different but you've prolly guessed it by now...
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