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Chapter 3

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"That's not possible...That diner was torn down years before you were born..."

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The next item was a drawing; charcoal on canvas. It was a little, but very detailed sketch of Frank, sitting on a park bench, his hair in a mohawk this time. It was drawn well. On the back was written, 'Much love always! - Gerard'
There was another drawing. It showed Frank swimming shirtless in some lake. It was a bigger drawing; folded up to fit in the box. On the back was printed, 'Frank by G'.
The fourth item was another picture. Frank and "Gerard" were cuddled in the backseat of a car, sharing a burger between them messily. The boy called "Mikey" was sitting on the hood of the car, grinning and waving toward the camera. They were in front of a restaurant that looked different from anything in their present time.

"That's not possible..." Frank's mom started, "That diner was torn down years before you were born..."

"Exactly! So... that can't be me!" Frank said.

There were also a bunch of odd things in the bottom of the box such as a piece of string, two pennies, a blank notepad, a smooth black rock, and a bag of dusty grey powder.
The last 3 items were 2 videotapes and a ring.

"Let's watch them!" Jason exclaimed, running out of the room with the tapes.

Jason found a tape player that would play the videos. Frank joined him and his mother in the TV room reluctantly.
The first tape was at some kind of carnival. Gerard and Mikey were sitting on a bench eating hot dogs.

"Mikey stole my soda..." Gerard said.

Frank flinched at the sound of his voice, but kept watching.

"Get it back then stupid!" a voice said, this time a bit closer to the camera's microphone.

"Why are you filming?" Gerard asked, an adorable confused expression on his face.

"Cause I'm cool..." Frank's voice replied from somewhere again.

"Well, let Mikey take it so you can eat. Plus, I think Andrew's coming." Gerard said.

The screen shook for a moment, presumably as Mikey took the camera from Frank.

Frank sat down in Mikey's previous place and waved.

"Hullo!" he greeted, grinning.

Gerard rolled his eyes and pushed his half-finished hot dog to Frank, who it took it happily.

"I'm making a... video diary. Yeah; so that we can look at in like a hundred years and remember what it was like in the past. Sound good?" Frank asked, looking at the person behind the camera.

"Mmmhmmm, sure..." Mikey's voice mumbled from somewhere, the screen nodding up and down.

Once the remains of Gerard's hot dog were gone, Frank sat in Gerard's lap and moved the camera with his hands slightly.

"So, here we are. Me; Frank, Gerard, and Mikey. We're at the fair... and it's... uh, June 2nd 1979." Frank said, pointing to the camera toward Mikey at the appropriate time.

After talking a little more about the situation, Frank let Mikey talk.

"You wanna know what's going on? Yeah, okay... Well, last night, Frank and Gerard were at it so loud, I could-"

"Shut up Mikey!" Frank yelled.

The camera was jostled around for a moment with laughter in the background before it shut off.
Jason took the tape out and looked at Frank, as did their mom.

"Man, who the hell was that?" Jason asked.

"I don't KNOW! That was over 20 years ago!" Frank replied.

"But it was you." Jason said.

"How could that be possible?!" Frank growled, crossing his arms over his chest.

Jason shrugged and put another tape in.
This time it was a video of the same light colored bedroom as in the photo, only a little different.
The camera wiggled and someone cursed as they tripped over something, stumbling farther into the room.

Light was streaming in through a window into the room. The walls were a light cream color, matching the bed sheets and the dark mahogany wood in the room.

"Wakey, wakey! Its 7:00 AM!" a voice chimed as the bed neared.

"Go. The fuck. Away." Gerard's voice muttered from under the thick blankets.

"Nope. Today's Saturday... which means, you gotta get your fat ass outta bed and take me someplace fun!" Mikey's voice argued, jumping on the bed.

Gerard pushed the blankets down to his waist and felt underneath them beside him.

"Shhh, Fee's still asleep. And I don't have a fat ass. You call this a fat ass?" He said, lifting the cover a bit to show off his perfectly toned abs and removing his hand to use it to push the camera toting guy backwards so the screen showed the ceiling for a moment.

The camera turned off for a moment, but was back on in a second. Gerard and Frank were both halfway out of the covers.

"Come onnnnnnnn! Guys! Make out or whatever you have to do to WAKE UP!" Mikey whined, prodding the two.

"Mmmm, making out sounds like a great idea." Frank groaned, rubbing his eyes.

"Just get up! I wanna go see a movie today." Mikey complained, zooming in as Frank unexpectedly pounced on Gerard from behind as the taller boy stood from the bed.

Mikey giggled watching the two, clad only in boxers, wrestle on the bed. Soon Gerard's lips found Frank's and not long after, their tongues.

"So, you ready now?" Mikey whined again, still zooming in on their faces.

Gerard collapsed beside Frank, their mouths still locked, and ran his fingers through Frank's hair. He looked up and squinted sleepily at the camera.

"No." he said, and closed his eyes to burrow under the sheets, taking Frank with him.

"If you don't get up, I'll show this tape to the world." Mikey threatened.

"Fine... bitch..." Gerard mumbled, getting up and slamming his hand toward the camera, shutting it off finally.

Frank shifted uneasily under the eyes of his mom and brother; but they continued to stare at him.

"Who is this?" She asked.

"I don't know! I've never seen him in my life! I swear!" Frank promised, holding his hands up.

"That guy was you. He looked like you, talked like you, and even had your name." Jason said.

"But I wasn't even alive back then!" Frank retorted, stuffing his hands in his pockets, "Plus, I don't have a lip ring."

He jutted his head toward the photos. His mom sighed and nodded, putting the stuff back in the box.
She handed it to Jason and told him to put it back in the tree house where they found it.

"Mom! That wasn't me!" Frank said once Jason was gone.

"Frank, I don't know who that was, but it looked an awful lot like you." She answered.

"Fine, whatever..." Frank spat, going up to his room.

Over the next few days, Frank refused to talk to his parent or brother, keeping himself locked in his room.
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