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This ain't pretend anymore, darling.

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Shes pregnant and not married. On her way home she meets this man. She knows going home in this condition is a mistake... But with the father gone she has no one. He had the idea of pretending.....

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Benji's Side of Reason:

I was on a train going home.
I was done with flying for a while.
Home as in Maryland.
I was on vacation, I wanted to see my mom.
I sat in the back, less chances of someone reconigzing me.
I heard weeping... I started looking for the person that the sounds came from.
I spotted her. I started to study..
She was pregnant.. Or oddly fat.
She was young.. Couldn't be more that 25.
"Excuse me, Miss?" I said sweetly to her.
She looked up at me with her tears still falling.
"What?" It wasn't rude but you could tell she didn't want to talk.
"Why are you crying?" I asked quietly. "I umm... I uh..." She paused.
"My life is a wreck. My family is about to disown me, I have no where to go or no one to help me. "
She looked down and then back up to my eyes.
Her eyes were a dark grey and they where shining from the light reflecting off her tears.

"I'm sorry. What happened? If you don't mind me asking..."
I said quickly.
She smiled quickly and looked at me.

Anna's Side of Reason:

This man, probably around 30 or late 20's.
He had face peircings and tattoos.
The kind I couldn't trust anymore.
Be he was different.
He seemed caring and gentle and sweet.
But I didn't know him and he wanted to know what was wrong with me.
I became pregnant and once the father found out, he left. I was forced to go home.
My parents are going to flip out on me if they know I'm not married. What was I to do?

"I'm pregnant and I'm not married. I have to go home. The father didn't want anything to do with me or the baby once he found out."
I wasn't too into detail. Just the basics.

We talked for the rest of the train ride. Getting to know each other.
I found out he was in a band and that he was on vacation.
He was 28, I knew it.
He has a twin brother in the same band, a little sister in a band and an older brother the helps them with some business.
His dad left and thats all he would say about that subject.

I told him my mom died when I was little.
I'm the youngest out of 4 brothers.
I was a sister in law. They are all protactive of me.

Once we got closer to the destination... I started worring again.

"Hey, it will be okay. I promise." I know he was trying to help.
"No it wont." I said sadly.

He was quiet for a moment.
"I got an idea..." He started.
...I knew I should of said no.


Benji's Side of Reason:

I told her my idea. She probably thought I was crazy. I knew I thought I was.
She agreed.

The plan was that I pretend to be her husband. And when tour comes around that I go and she never was to see me again.
But we tell her family that shes just going to meet me out there
and we start the family, but she moves out of her family's house and gets a job to raise the child.

That's pretty clever and weird at the same time.
"Are you sure this is going to work?" She asked me with panic in her eyes.
"No, to be honest. But its worth a shot." I tried my best to give an assuring smile. I hope It worked.

"Anna..Tell me about your family. Like their names." I laughed.
"Theres my dad, Hes really big. His name is Craig.
Then theres my brother, Josh. He's married to Beth, My sister in law. He brother is Jake. Then theres my other brother, Kerry. and last but no least, theres Robby. Hes youngest out of the guys, and a little older than me."
"Can you meet my brother before we go?" I did my best pout.
"Sure." She laughed. She has an amazing smile and a beautiful laugh.

Anna's Side of Reason:

He... His mom had a big gorgeous house. I was in awe.
"You must spoil her." I smiled.
He smiled and nodded. We walked up the house and he grabbed my hand and laced the fingers.
I looked down at our hands and back up to him. He was smiling.
"Your going to love them." He smiled. Them? I thought he said his brother?
"Benji. I thought you said it was only your brother Im meeting?" I started to panic again.
"Their going to think this is your baby..." He stopped me.
"Anna. It will be okay. Trust me. It looks like your gonna have to anyway." he laughed a little.
He had a cute laugh.
"Okay." I said even thought I still wasn't sure.


Joel's Side of Reason:

When Benji walked in the door with a girl.. I knew he had something up his sleeve.
Wait! She's pregnant. Benji! What have you done?

"Joel, can I talk to you?" Benji asked coming over to me with his hands locked with hers.
"Yeah." I said and followed him into the kitchen.
"Joel, This is Anna." He turned to look at her and back at me.
"Nice to meet you Anna." I said and shooke her hand.
"Same." She said with half a smile.
"Joel, I meet Anna on the train. She was having a problem..." I waited for him to continue.
"I'm pretending to be her husband when I meet her family, and when we go on tour we'll say that she
will meet me up at my house but she'll just get a job." He said.
I looked at him like he lost his mind. Benji was always the one to do something stupid like this.
"Serioiusly." I laughed and then stopped when I saw that they were being serious.
"Are you going to say the baby is yours too?" I asked. I didn't mean to be rude.
"Not being rude." I quickly added when I saw her face.
"I don't know yet. Whatever happens happens." He said seriously.
"Where's the rest of the gang?" Benji asked.
"Shopping, They should be back..." I was interrupted by the door opening and the family coming in with bags.
"...soon." I finished. Anna laughed. I just smiled at her. Poor girl.
She's going to fall in love with Benji. He's a ladies man. I can see it happening already.
"Hey ma." Me and Benj said together. "Hey babies." Mom said coming over to us and giving us a hug and kiss each.
"Who is this lovely young lady?" She smiled walking up to Anna.
"Ma, this is Anna. She's my... wife." Benji said nervoiously.
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