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Best Friends Forever?

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Bestfriends... You know how that goes. Friends turns to lovers and then lose it all. Can they break the traditional? Or will it just be another tally mark to put on the score board? Theres only...

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Okay this is a one-shot. but if you want more I will put a sequel up...

"Joel? Joel Madden! Look at you. Your all grown up."

"Kelly? Is it really you?"

"Yeah, Joel. It's me."

"What have you been up to?"


Joel embrace Kelly in a huge welcoming hug.

"I missed you." He whispered into the side of her neck.

"I missed you too."

Seeing Joel in person like this was bringing all the memories back.
How she had a crush on him long before she knew what a crush was.
They were childhood bestfriends. They grew up together.
Their promise was that they would be bestfriends forever.
It's kind of hard when you love a person.
"Joel, how are you?"

"I'm good. You?"

"I'm hanging in there." She laughed and he did too.
"We need to catch up. It's been a while." she added.

"Yeah, how about tomorrow you come to my house and we can catch up with the band too?" He suggested.

"Sounds... good." Not what she had in mind but it would do.
"Here." They swapped numbers and addresses.

"See you tomorrow." Joelsaid and he walked off.

"Yeah. See you tomorrow." she whispered.

They cought up. The band missed her and she missed them.
She had been in love with Joel ever since she was little.
All her feelings came back and then she remembered.
They had different lives now. No more fun games and sleepovers.
They grew up.
"Kelly, Can I ask you something?" Joel asked pulling her onto the side.

"Sure." She said nervously.

"I know that this is sudden and we just meet up with each other the other day and everything and if you say no, I undersatnd but..."

"Joel, stop rambling and ask me." She laughed.

"You want to go on tour with me?" He asked nervously.

"Wow. When is it?" she couldn't. Could she?

"In a week. It's just that I missed you soo much and that I want to catch up and I don't want to leave you again. Kelly, your my bestfriend." He said trying to persauve her.

"I'll think about it. But now I got to go. I'll call you tomorrow or something." And she left.

When she was with him, she forgot all about her husband.

In the end, she went. He husband was understanding and let her go.
But it wasn't all like they both thought it would be. She never told him she was married.

"Kelly." He turned to look at her.

"Yes." she did the same.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you to Joel." She thought that he meant as friends.

He kissed her. She wa kissing back until she realized what she was doing.
"No Joel. We can't." She said and looked away.

"What? Why?" He asked in a hurt voice.

"I just can't." She looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"I loved you ever since I knew what a crush was. Kelly, I love you." He said and touched her cheek. She turned away.

"I loved you too Joel. It's just, your too late." she whispered.

"No." He stated. "Please?"

"Joel. It's too late. I'm married." She said with tears pouring.
"I've always loved you. You left and never came back. I waited and waited until I got sick of watching you with all these celebrity gilrfriends. Then Jake came along. I said yes when I realized I was living a dream waiting for you to come and sweep me off my feet. Joel, I'm sorry." And she walked into the bunk area.

"I'm too late." He whispered to himself.

"Baby?" She said crying into the phone.

"What is it? Whats wrong?" He asked.

"I love you, you know that."

"Yeah I know."

"I love Joel too."

"I see."

It was silent for a moment.

"Who do you love more?"

"I've loved Joel the longest..."

"Who do you love MORE?"

All he can hear is her sobbing get heavier.

"Go to him. I love you Kelly but I understand.
"He was your first love." He started crying himself.

"No, I love you."

"It's okay." He said and then hung up the phone.

She sat there crying.

"Joel?" He looked up.

"Yeah?" He said a little harshly.

"I love you." She said walking to him.

"It's too late." He repeated.

"Not anymore." And she kissed him.

"What does that mean?"

"I just got off the phone with Jake. Baby, I'm all yours if you still want me." He smiled from ear to ear.

He picked her up and carried her into his bun and they laid there together. "I'll love you always and forever."

And he kissed her goodnight.
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