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Davey sat there in darkness like he had done for the past year, his eyes glued to the computer screen and that's when he saw "Welcome to, where all your nightmares become re...

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Davey sat there, his black hair covering his eyes and the reflection of the computer screen glaring of it. His eyes were blood shot from staring at the computer screen hours on end, his eyeliner smudged; but smudged to perfection causing deep black rings to circle his eyes. His hands quickly worked the keyboard, his thin fingers travelling the entire keyboard without looking down once, his chipped nails breaking even more at every key he pressed. This was basically his life, he couldn't go outside, he was afraid yet so comfortable sitting there in darkness, wasting away his life and slowly working himself into an early grave. His tongue darted out of his mouth quickly, running it over his dry, chapped lips trying to get a bit of moisture back into them. His tongue guided it's way back into his mouth and he bit his lip out of habit, it drew blood almost immediately as the other various cuts hadn't fully healed. But that's the way he liked it, he made his lip bleed on purpose so he could taste the warm, metallic taste of his own blood that he enjoyed so much. He lightly sucked at his bottom lip, drawing out more blood but never took his eyes of the computer screen and his facial expression never changed.

The phone started to ring, but Davey ignored it as he had done for the past year. His daily routine was simple, get up, shower, maybe get something to eat, computer and then maybe sleep if he was that tired. Most of the time he was on the computer, no matter what the time of day was. Davey suddenly shuddered as a gust of wind blew through the house, a look of confusion covering his face. He looked in the kitchen, where the gust of wind had suddenly came from but it was empty. His eyes were a very dark brown, but he showed no emotion through them. He started to bite his lip again, focusing on the computer like he was before but he looked at the screen, his eyebrows furrowing and he leaned back in his chair, as though he was trying to recognize something. A black advertisement has just appeared in the middle of the screen, it didn't look like a normal one though.

The letters flashed in dark red, getting Davey's full attention. Nothing more was on the advertisement, it was just a plain black background with that in the middle. Davey had a thing for scary and spooky things so of course he was automatically drawn to this web site. Just the word 'fear' made him want to know more about this site. He stared at the screen in silence, you could barely hear the air passing through his mouth and lungs then suddenly he clicked the mouse and waited for the web site to load. A smile formed on his face, a smile that was never normally shown, a smile that he wasn't meant to have and a smile for all the wrong reasons. His eyes were glued to the screen as '' flashed constantly on the screen, painful screams were coming from the speakers next to Davey and this just made him want more. The background was blood spatters and then suddenly the words 'Enter' appeared in the middle, he moved the mouse so it hovered over the button, his fingers uncertain of what to do but with a swift click of a button he was in hell, but a hell he called home and a hell he loved.

The pictures would be shocking, horrifying and sickening to most people; but not Davey. He thrived on this, he lived for it and he worshipped it as if it was a religion. A huge frightening grin was now formed on Daveys face, his eyes wide as he scanned through the homepage of this web site. He quickly added it to favorites, he wouldn't forget this site. This was like home to him. There were pictures of gruesome bodies all over the screen for decoration, they may not have been real but they sure did look it. Daveys dark eyes scrolled over the menu bard that ran down the right side of the web page and his eyes widened even more as he saw 'Live' in the list. He moved the mouse over to the button but stopped, he didn't know whether he had to pay for this and he stared at the menu, there was no help button or any contact number. This must be a private site. Davey thought, looking at the screen in confusion. How the hell did I get into this is it's private? He was utterly confused now, but thankful that somehow he did get onto this amazing site. Suddenly the screen went black and Davey hit the computer screen with his hand, causing it to shake a bit but the screen was still black.

"Fucking th..." Davey was suddenly cut off as white, bold letters began to flood the screen. '' flashed everywhere for a few minutes then stopped. Davey just sat there, still staring at the screen, his mind flooded with possibilities of what could be wrong but he didn't do anything. He knew the site was doing this on purpose and he wasn't going to leave, he wanted to stay on it needed to stay on it. He cursed under his breath and hit the screen once more, he was getting frustrated. He clicked into nothing, clicking everywhere but nothing worked. Suddenly his mouse froze and he couldn't move it. His eyes widened in terror and his mouth hung open, he read the sentences over and over again.

Davey, we can see you but you can't see us. Welcome to where all your nightmares become reality.

After a few seconds the letters disappeared of the computer and he was back at the home page. He was confused but he knew that it was only a joke, they could have found out who he was from anywhere; well he hoped that it was a joke. His eyes were drawn to the 'Live' button again and he cautiously clicked on it, the page took a few seconds to load but what he saw was amazing, fantastic and beautiful in his eyes. A smile formed over his face and he had forgotten about the message already. He stared at the screen, painful and throaty screams coming from the speakers surrounding him. The lights flickered in the room for a few minutes then finally went completely off, the whole room was as black as the night and the only light source was the computer screen.

Davey relaxed in his chair as he watched the show in front of him, a tall guy with blonde and brown hair was strapped to a chair, blood covered his body and you could see some had dried in his hair. His naked body looked battered, bruises covered nearly every part of his body and his ribs were visible through his skin, where he had obviously not eaten or been fed. Davey watched as he saw a shadow move across the room, but there was no body to accompany it. He watched the man very closely and watched as he began to shake his head and try to get out of his restraints then all of a sudden the room went blank and Davey was confused. He listened carefully as he couldn't see and jumped in his seat as he heard a piercing scream but relaxed and continued to watch. A few seconds later the lights on the live show came on and Davey smiled at what he saw. The man that had been tied up before now laid on the floor, blood covered his body and pooled around it, there seemed to be no wound though. Along the wall smudged in blood was /
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