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Homework Assignment

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What will Nils' homework assignment be today? [Nilvey]

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Davey sat at his desk, his long black locks pulled into a clip that sat nicely in his hair with a few strands that hung down as they weren't quite long enough to be pulled back. His eyes were surrounded by black eyeliner that suited him so well, his lip ring was being played with by his teeth and a pencil sat in his hand being twirled around whilst he thought of a suitable grade to mark the piece of work that laid in front of him. He let out a deep sigh and scribbled a B+ in the corner of the sheet the moved it to the pile next to him and was stunned to see he had finally finished the pile of papers that mounted his desk before. He let out a sigh of relief, leaning back in his chair and stretching his arms over his head. The cuffs of his shirt fell down as he did this which uncovered his colourful arms. A gasp from his classroom could be heard and Davey looked up to see a young girl staring at his arms. He looked up and smiled realizing she has just seen some of his sleeves that were permanently marked on his arms.

"Like them?" Davey asked and soon all the students that were in the classroom were staring at him. A number of questions were thrown at Davey as the class noticed his tattoos and he couldn't quite understand any of them.

"One at a time please, what do you want to know?" Davey chuckled, getting up out of his chair and wondering around the classroom.

"Can we see your tattoo's on your arm?" The brunette known as Claire asked who had started this in the first place.

"Sure, but don't say anything to the other teacher's. I'll get in trouble then you won't have any fun classes with me." Davey laughed, rolling up his sleeves as far as they could go before the muscles in his arms restricted them to go any further. The class muttered about his tattoo's and stared at his colourful arms.

"Is that from Nightmare Before Christmas?" A dark haired boy asked.

"That film sucked." Another laughed at the back and Davey gasped, clutching his chest in an over exaggerating way and stared at the boy. The class laughed and a few boo's could be heard as most of them new their teacher adored the film.

"Don't ever say such horrible things in front of me about that film! It's amazing, next time it'll be a detention." Davey laughed as did the class. "Now let me tell you something about that film..."

"Now look what you've done Travis." A black haired boy at the back announced, Nils. Davey laughed once again and pointed at the boy.

"Don't you start Nils. I'll give you guys a break today, but the film is the best. End of."

"What other tattoo's do you have sir?" The brunette asked another question, once again and Davey smirked.

"Have you all done your work?" The class echoed with many yes' and Davey wondered around the class, glancing at a few students work then continued. "Where to start? I have full length angel wings covering my back, a flaming heart on my chest, daggers on my stomach and two hearts behind my ears. They're the only one's you're going to know about I'm afraid."

The class groaned and Davey made his way to the front of the class, hearing the sound of the bell the class started to pack up and leave one by one.

"No homework for tonight, seeing as you've been wonderful today. Have a good weekend and remember, Nightmare Before Christmas is amazing and no telling anyone about my tattoo's." Davey waved a few of his students off and leant against his desk as he watched the second to last student leave. He glanced over at Nils who was still sat in his seat and smirked, walking over to the door, locking it and pulling down the blind. Davey gasped as he felt cold but soft hands wondering up under his shirt and caressing his hips. He felt Nils pull at the clip in his hair, his hair became loose and cascaded down and lightly flowed down onto his shoulders and back. Nils moved Davey's hair from once side so he could get to his neck, he ducked down and began to lightly suck at the soft skin and smiled as he saw the previous marks he had given the beautiful man standing and moaning in front of him. Davey spun round, placing his hands on Nils' smooth cheeks and bought him forward, crashing his lips with the other mans. His tongue darted into his mouth and he moaned as he felt Nils' velvety tongue against his. The sounds of teeth clashing and heavy breathing echoed through out the room.

They both stumbled over to the desk where they had made love many times before, their lips never parting from each others. Nils groped Davey's ass and began to grind his hips into the other mans. Davey released the young boys mouth and his head flew back as he released a long moan and a look of pleasure flooded his face. Nils smiled and detached himself from the needy man in front of him and turned to the desk. Starting to move things neatly out of the way until Davey interrupted him, wiping the whole desk so everything landed on the floor with a loud crash. Pencils, pens and sheets scattered everywhere.

"Does it look like I'm going to be patient today?" Davey smirked, pushing Nils back onto the desk so his back was flat against the cool wood. He stood in between Nils legs and bent down, joining their lips together again and began to work on the bottons on Nils' shirt but was interrupted by a knock on the door. Davey cursed quietly and winked at Nils.

"What? I'm busy." Davey shouted in the direction of the door.

"Oh sorry. I was just wondering if you're ok? I heard a pretty big bang coming from your room." Mr Burgan shouted back through the door and stood on the other side, awaiting an answer.

"I knocked over a few things on my desk, I'll talk later Hunter I'm sort of busy...marking papers and all." Davey laughed silently and grabbed the red marker that was on the table and undone the last button on Nils' shirt.

"Ok I'll leave you too it." Hunter replied and left. That man could be oblivious to the most obvious things sometimes. Davey thought as he wrote a big A+ on his students stomach and threw the pen on the floor. He ducked down once again, his tongue running over Nils' erect nipple and bit it lightly, earning a soft groan from him. Davey smirked and rolled his tongue over his nipple then sat up again, working on his own shirt. After struggling on the last button he was shirt free and threw the shirt behind him. Nils ran his hands up and down the teachers toned stomach.

"I'm the only one that gets to know about these tattoo's." Nils smirked as he ran his fingers over the Love Will Tear Us Apart tattoo just above his black trousers that hugged his ass nicely. Nils leaned forwards and started to kiss Davey's chest, running his tongue across the flames. Davey pushed Nils back against the table smirking. He got up of the young boy and tackled his belt. Davey was never good at undoing other people's belts and Nils knew this and sat up.

"Take care of your own belt." He laughed and Davey pouted, doing as he was told and whipped his belt of. Both mens belts landed on the floor with a loud clang and Davey's hands wondered down to the other mans zipper, undoing it quickly and tugging at the loops of the jeans. Nils rolled his eyes and lifted his hips, allowing Davey to pull them off. After he had pulled them off past his ankles he discarded them onto the pile of shirts and licked his lips at the boy that sat naked on his desk, waiting for him then he glanced down at Nils' feet and laughed.

"Socks don't work with this, it's a major turn off." Davey giggled, removing his socks and watched as Nils began to get impatient. Nils grabbed hold of the older mans legs and dragged him closer to himself but Davey moved back. "I need to take my pants of you know, be patient now."

Nils glanced at the floor and shook his head. "Look who was being patient earlier."

Davey grinned and quickly took his shoes, socks and pants off. Happy he had decided not to wear any boxers today seeing as he was in a rush to fuck this boy hard and fast. Davey quickly opened one of the draws that were in the desk and rummaged through it before he found what he wanted. He threw the condom at Nils and kept the lube in his hand, shutting the drawer behind him and standing between Nils' legs. He gave Nils a quick wink then squeezed a reasonable amount of lube onto his fingers, rubbing it a long three and placing the lube by Nils leg. His hand rested on Nils stomach, caressing it gently as his finger slowly entered Nils body. He could feel his muscles tighten around just one finger and knew it would take him a long time to prepare Nils today seeing as they hadn't had sex in over two weeks. Davey started to move his finger in and out of Nils, quickly adding a second and Nils let out a loud moan, his muscles clenching.

"Relax baby." Davey whispered, scissoring his fingers and smiled as he finally felt Nils' muscles loosen then added a third finger. Nils was now grinding his hips against Davey's fingers, moaning loudly and biting down on his lip as he tried silence his moans. Davey removed his fingers from Nils as he thought he had been prepped enough. Nils let out a quiet whimper. Davey grabbed a tissue and wiped his fingers, discarding it into the trash can by his desk. Davey stood there awaiting Nils to do the next step. He sat up from the table and winked at Davey, bringing the foil covered condom up to his mouth and ripped it open with his teeth. Spitting the torn foil out of his mouth and licked his lips.

"Mmm strawberry, my favorite." Nils moaned, pulling the condom from the wrapper and threw the remaining foil on the desk. He leant forward, rolling the condom onto Davey's erection and it twitched at the contact. Davey moaned softly, enjoying the feeling of Nils' hands on his cock. Nils rolled the rest of the condom down and smirked, leaning further down and taking Davey's full length into his mouth. Nils smiled as he heard his teacher gasp and moan loudly, his hands tangling themselves in his hair as his head bobbed up and down. Nils hummed as he worked the other mans cock and pulled back, running his tongue over the head of Davey's cock and then finally released it from his mouth. Davey opened his eyes which were now full of lust and pushed Nils back onto the desk forcefully. Nils grunted as his back slapped against the wood and his head landed with a thump. Davey smiled and pulled his legs apart roughly and lined himself with Nils' entrance. With one snap of his hips Davey was buried deep inside Nils and both men moaned loudly, their lips parted and looks of pure lust flooded their faces. Davey gripped onto Nils thighs, leaving red marks as his legs wrapped around his body and pushed him in deeper. Davey stumbles forwards and held himself up by placing his hands on the table, giving himself support. He began to thrust in and out of Nils slowly, loving how warm and tight he was.

"Fuck..." Nils screamed as Davey hit that special bundle of nerves. "Feels so good."

Davey groaned and picked up his pace, thrusting fast and harder until he was slamming into the younger man beneath him. Nils screamed with pleasure as Davey hit his prostate over and over. He didn't know how much longer he could take this before he was going to come. Davey leant down, placing his lips on Nil' as they endured in a sloppy but lustful kiss. The room was filled with the sounds of their skin slapping against each others, screams, moans and heavy breathing. Davey pulled of Nils' lips and bit down on his shoulder as he used all the energy he had in him to thrust into him as hard as he could. Davey looked down and noticed Nils was stroking himself, he slapped away his hand and lost his rythm for a second but quickly regained it and grabbed Nils' cock. He started pumping furiously as he slammed into the boy beneath him. Nils chanted Davey's name over and over until finally Davey felt his muscles tighten and Nils' become tight around his cock. That was it for him, Davey came and screamed the other mans name at the top of his lungs but continued to pump Nils cock. Davey rode out his orgasm and moments last Nils came into his hand, moaning loudly. Davey sighed and collapsed onto Nils, his body exhausted and his muscles sore.

"That was...amazing." Nils panted, wiping his forehead and kissing the top of Davey's head.

"Damn right it was." Davey breathed out, leaning up and looking down at Nils. "I feel kinda mean though."

Nils gave him a confusing look. "Why?"

"You're the only student that got a homework assignment."
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