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Speak to Me

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"Frank, are you feeling okay?" I placed one hand on the wall to steady myself, shaking my head and blinking several times.

"I feel like I'm about to faint," I managed to say as a wave of heat washed over me. I leaned back against the wall and slid to the floor. The world seemed to swim before my eyes. Gerard knelt next to me and placed an ice-cold hand on my forehead, pulling back immediately.

"You're burning up! Maybe you should go see a doctor...or...someth-" His voice grew faint and finally vanished, becoming lost in the flurry of sights and sounds circling me. I heard something hit the stage floor with a thud next to me. I didn't have time to see what it was, though, because at that moment I blacked out.
I opened my eyes and saw a white ceiling staring back at me. I had a horrible headache and winced as another wave of heat attacked me. I raised a hand to my forehead and wiped away the now-cold sweat, noticing a needle stuck in my arm.

It finally dawned on me. I was in the hospital.

I propped myself up on my elbows and looked around. There was a pale green curtain dividing the room neatly in half, and I could see someone's shadow on the other side of it. The person wasn't moving. I lay back on the bed and sighed. I frowned upon hearing no sound. That was odd.

'Don't go crazy, Frank,' I told myself. 'People go crazy trying to figure out why things sound different in the hospital. Just ignore it.' I tried to.

I felt rhythmic, pulsing vibrations coming from nearby. They intensified, and for a moment I thought I might see what it was, but they merely paused for a second before continuing on and fading away. It must have been someone's footsteps. Again I wondered why I couldn't hear them. 'Maybe they're on the next floor up or something,' I thought, trying to rationalize things again. It made enough sense that I stopped trying to question it.

There were two sharper, stronger vibrations, much closer than the previous ones. I ignored them and rolled over on the stiff bed, trying to go back to sleep. I still felt really weak, and though I was starving, I knew that only sleep would lessen my exhaustion.

There was a sudden tap on my shoulder. Chills rocketed up my spine upon feeling it, causing me to jump slightly. I tentatively glanced back over my shoulder and saw a white-coated man standing there, holding a clipboard in one hand. His mouth was moving, but I heard no sound. A wave of cold fear, not heat, suddenly washed over me and worsened my headache. Something was wrong with me, and I had to find out what.

I screamed.

I heard nothing.

I screamed again. My vocal chords were vibrating, but I couldn't hear anything.

I began to cry. Still nothing. Someone placed a hand on my shoulder, but I ignored it. I didn't care if they were trying to help. There was nothing that would help me now. Nothing. There was only silence.
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