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Chapter 6: I'm Faling Apart To Songs About Hips and Hearts

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Patrick and Abby are teenagers in love...drama insues.

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Chapter 6: I'm Falling Apart To Songs About Hips and Hearts

Abby's POV
"Well Abby? Whose the cutie?" Patrick asked again. "" So how do I tell him this? Do I come right out with it? I have no choice. Those blue eyes of his were piercing into me. "Well Patrick her name is Melanie" "Pretty name" He smirked holding me. "She was our daughter" I just blurt it out,I've had it contained for too long. Patrick's soft features turned harsh. His sweet inviting blue eyes turned to ice. "Was? We had a daughter? That I never knew about!?" "Patrick...please...don't yell understand my point of view! I was pregnant! The father wasn't here!" "Don't you think...if you had told me I had a daughter...I wouldn't have turned that damn van/bus around and come to get the two of you!?" "Oh I get it, you wouldn't come back for me but you would come back for our daughter!" "Yes because it's easier to get your way with a baby then just a girlfriend alone!"

Patrick stood up. "So what did you do with her?" "I gave her up for adopotion" " You what?! Our daughter! My one shot at a family!" Patrick was crying and I had to grab his hands so he wouldn't pull his hair out. "Patrick just stop it" "No let me go!" He squirmed he had gotten strong since the last time I had seen him. "Patrick stop it!"My hand collided with his cheek. He looked at me tearful. "I never want to speak to you again" He pulled away and walked towards the front door. He opened it and slammed it. What was I going to do without him?

Kinda short..more to come soon. Written by Kendra
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