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Fiora and Eliwood

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I know it's a bad title, but I couldn't think of anything else. As the Title states, it's about Eliwood and Fiora, and, in case you wanna know more abut Unbreakable Heart, I don't think I'm going t...

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Eliwood looked down at the ocean, watching the waves roll over, and over. He was thinking. He was thinking about who he would live with. He knew he had a castle to go home to, but he thought he should be getting married. He thought about Ninian, and even though he used to have a little crush on her, she didn't seem like the right person.

'Lyn is nice, but she doesn't seem that right for me, besides, Kent has a crush on her, doesn't he?' He pondered. The war was over. He herd someone laugh, and he turned around to see Florina, Farina, and Fiora talking to each other, giggling.

'One of them!' He thought. They all looked so beutiful and kind, but which one? 'Florina is a little to young, and Hector told me he liked her. Farina had a personality that I do not like. Then that leaves Fiora,' and the more Eliwood thought about it, the more he relized that he loved her.

"I do love her!" Eliwood said, but then relizing he said that out loud he pretended that he didn't say anything, but that didn't stop blue haired Hector from over hearing him.

"Who do you love Eliwood?" Hector asked with a smile. Eliwood didn't say anything, but blushed. "Aw! Eliwood has a crush!" he said tauntingly. Eliwood still blushing tried to ignore Hector, but Hector didn't stop taunting him.

"Fiora!" Eliwood screamed, annoyed with Hector, but then noticed he said it a little to loud.

"Yes?" Eliwood and Hector turned around to see a smiling Fiora. Eliwood gasped, and ran away, but could see Hector talk to her as he ran.
"Hector! What did you say to Fiora?!" Eliwood questioned Hector that night at dinner.

"Oh nothing, just that you were a little frusterated about not having a wife, or at least a girlfriend.

"You said what!?!?" Eliwood screamed. Eliwoods face turned red with anger, as Hector backed away from the lord.

"Well, I'm sorry! How are you supposed to marry her, if you never tell her you loved her? And all I said was that you were frusterated with out a women to love, so that she might fall for you, I'm only trying to help as a friend," Hector explained, as Eliwood slwly calmed down.

"Sorry for being so mad at you, I should have known you were just trying to help," Eliwood smiled, and the two friends sat down and ate dinner.

As the two friends ate, Fiora walked over to them with a kind smile. Eliwood gasped and noticed his friend Hector run away to eat dinner with Orson, Matthew, and Marcus.

"Eliwood, Hector told me that you are having girl problems," Fiora said to Eliwood with a smile.

"Well, uh k-kind of, I at least now who I like but, um I don't know how to tell her," Eliood said blushing like crazy.

"Well who ever the girl is I'm sure she would be happy to be with you, but I also think you should tell her how you fell," Fiora said her face turned the slightest bit red.

'Is she blushing?' Eliwood thought. 'If she is blushing, then maybe she likes me, or maybe the room is a little to hot for her, and she is burning up.'

"Oh, I'll try to tell her, thanks for the advice," Eliwood said with a smile, and Fiora started to walk away. Eliwood ran over to Hector with anger.

"Hector! Why did you walk away when I needed you!" Eliwood said with a shout, which was so loud, everyone in the room heard, but just kept on eating because he was the leader of their army, so he can do what ever he wants.

"I just wanted to give you some privacy, it would be weird for you if I was sitting their, while you talked with your lover," Hector told Eliwood, and his whole table heard.

"Who would that be?" Matthew asked, followed by Orson and Marcus. Eliwood didn't speak.
"Come on Eliwood, tell us," Matthew pleaded.

"Eliwood it's okay to tell them," Hector said. Eliwood looked at Hector. 'I guess it's okay if I tell them.' Eliwood thought.

"It's Fiora," Eliwood said. The table nodded, as if to say 'She is a good choice' and they continued with their dinner.

And thats the end of my first chapter, more chapters will follow, don't worry.
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