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Mourn the frozen heart...

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If you ask me where I am going,
I'd tell you I don't know.
Now that he's gone and out of my life,
there's nowhere left to go.
My room is pitch black,
I'm sitting on the floor.
Knock as you may,
I won't open up the door.
There's someone inside me,
screaming to be released.
I have a strong hunger
to be with the deceased.
He was my whole world,
Now it's up in flames.
The life that I once loved to live
is no longer fun and games.
Its blood and hurt
Tears and pain.
All the memories
my heart, they stain.
I may be breathing,
But don't let yourself assume.
I may as well be dead,
sitting in this room.
All the things that I said,
Words with meaning, from the heart
tell me I must come to terms with the fact
we are now two worlds apart.
He is gone and I must deal
the pain overpowers the love
the good memories have disappeared
like a fallen dove.
All the tears I have given
feel like they aren't enough.
The tender lips I used to kiss
are now cold and rough.
The warm hands that caressed me,
the embrace that held me tight
Is the only thing I long for,
on my cold floor tonight.
The darkness it surrounds me
I can almost hear him say
"It is only for a while,
we'll meet another day"
Sing the song of sorrow.
Mourn the frozen heart.
I want to relive the memories
of the days our lips didn't part.
Reality reared its ugly head,
Karma walked in too.
If it hadn't been for your bad decisions
I would not be missing you.
Stars dance against the clear black slate
Of the sky, harmonizing with the moon
I swear I see you in a cloud
On a warm night in June.
I didn't say goodbye to you
And for that, dear friend, I am glad.
Knowing that you wouldn't come back
Would only be too sad.
So now, if you hear me, I bid farewell,
Au revoir and goodbye.
I know that where ever you are
You don't want to see me cry.

This is an original poem, by me, and I would appreciate reviews. Please? Rae
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