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I know what you're going. He said wrapping his arms around her.
Where did you come from? She asked frantically pulling away.
I know what you're doing to Ryan. He grinned walking closer to her. She stepped back away from him. I could tell him.
He wouldn't believe you. She whispered nervously.
Andrea, Andrea, Andrea, He said shaking his head. Deep down inside Ryan knows who he can trust and you and Brendon aren't either of them.
Why would you anyway? Andrea asked. The thought that he might be right scared her to no end.
Oh Andrea, he sighed catching her and pushing her into a sitting position on the bed. You and Brendon came into the picture around the same time. Before that every thing was good, but no you had to have Ryan. You could have had any other guy in school but no, you needed Ryan. After you and him started dating he started hang out with you more than us, Spencer saw it too.
I still don't see why-
Don't interrupt me. Then when we needed another guitarist you were quick to bring us that whiney btch Brendon. The he slowly started to take my place as Ryan's best friend-*
Okay first of all couples hang out a lot, I'm sorry you've never experienced that, and second you were never Ryan's best friend. Spencer always was and will-
Shut the fck up you selfish btch. He yelled backhanding her. She fell to the floor holding her face, willing herself not to cry. She never did take pain well. She burst into tears as he kneeled down next to her. Stop crying. Now where was I?
What the hell is going on in here? Asked a voice from the door. Both of them knew who it was without looking up. Brendon. What are you doing here? Brendon yelled at the intruder. Brendon ran over grabbing him by the collar and pulling him out into the hall way. Brendon closed the door behind them so she couldn't see what he was doing. Andrea curled up into a ball on the floor. She bit her lip waiting for Brendon to come back. A few minutes later he did.
Andy are you okay? He asked kneeling down beside her. She looked at him and burst into tears. Again. He pulled her into him he rubbed her back soothingly. What happened? He asked eying the red mark on her face. She shook her head and lightly pushed him away.
We-we She stuttered whipping her eyes. We-we can-cant...Ahh! She yelled out of frustration. She breathed deeply trying to steady her breath.
We cant what baby? He asked whipping some of her tears awy with is hand.
We cant do this! She said loudly trying not to yell.
What? He asked obviously not taking the hint.
This! What we are doing! We have to tell Ryan. Brendon's eyes widened.
No we cant tell him! He said frantically.
Then I'm leaving. She said standing up.
No! He yelled grabbing her wrist.
Don't try to stop me Brendon. She said softly taking her wrist from him. She crouched down in front of him and gave him a small peck on the lips. Good bye Brendon. She stood back up and walked to the door. I love you. She whispered just load enough for him to hear before leaving.

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Oh and by the way this is the horrible end to this horrible story. Don't worry there will be a sequel.
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