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A Prophecy Revealed

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A vampire clan in London have reported that the neighboring clan was annihilated, while in France mass murders and kidnappings are plaguing the countryside. In the midst of it all Killian has been...

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The rain continued to fall angrily from the black velvet sky, the carriages slushing through the deep mud on the streets, the horses warily carrying on through the uncertain roads. The darkness blanketed the village as I stood on the roof of a nearby building, watching the lightning crash, lighting the darkness temporarily and then fading back into darkness as the thunder rumbled as if building up it's angry voice on the village.

I sighed as the rain continued its relentless downpour. I could see the drops falling from my black hair, I could see the rain pelting onto it and making tiny splashes onto my clothes, but I couldn't feel it. I couldn't feel many things anymore, but I wouldn't change that for the world.

"It's time Gerard," came a firm and ringing voice from behind me. I knew it was Claudius.

I turned to see Claudius standing and his hair soaking with the rain, his face being pelted by the rain, but he never felt it, just like I couldn't. Claudius' platinum hair stuck to his face as he waited for me to make my way toward him and follow him back into the building. I slowly walked, not so sure this was exactly what I wanted to do at the moment, but I knew it had to be done. It was something that as an ancient I had an obligation to oversee.

I finally made it to Claudius who held the door open as I walked through.

"Giselle has been asking about you," Claudius began. I took a sharp intake of breath. Giselle was one of the few vampire ancients that I was really interested in. I liked her sureness and her will to stay with her own thoughts, not changing them for anybody, including myself.

"And Delilah has been asking about you," I said, referring to the vampire hunter who believed that she could easily kill off two ancients all by herself. Claudius groaned, rolling his eyes and then looking at me with a smirk.

"Maybe we should challenge her together and when she fails, we drain her!" he said, obviously excited by the idea. I laughed and clapped his shoulder as we moved into the underground catacombs.

"So glad you two could make it," Giselle said, giving them a nasty look. I was more than aware that I was very late mainly due to the fact of not wanting to be here, but the glare she gave me made me want to was that vicious.

"Gerard," said a familiar and friendly voice from beside Giselle. It was nearly a miracle of sorts that his voice stayed the same after being changed. Most vampires when they are changed, their voice takes on a hollow and heartless voice, but his stayed the same as always.

"Mikey," I said, turning to him and hugging him. My little brother had never lost his innocence even though he became a "monster" of the night.

"Quiet, they're beginning," Giselle said, her violet eyes on the table at the front.

I looked on from the shadows of the pillars of the dinning room, watching Elijah sitting to the right of Vlad who resided in the middle chair, and Elizabeth to his right. They were the three oldest vampires of our kind. They remained to be the most powerful and influential of our kind. They kept the council in check and they all were wise beyond their years.

In the middle of the room was an ancient. He was gifted with foresight and used it quite often. According to Vlad his foresight comes in dreams. This ancient called for the meeting, he said his visions of the future were important for all clan leaders to hear.

"We've called this meeting because Samuel Keat of the order of Drac believes he has seen something of importance. His visions I will testify, are very relevant to our survival and are always accurate. I would not doubt him for a moment. Now, Samuel, if you will," Vlad said, calling everyone's attention to the middle of the room.

The candles were blown out and Samuel, who appeared to be sleeping, began to glow and squirm uncontrollably. It lasted all but of a few seconds before he became still and the silence and darkness closed in on the large dinning hall.

"I see a fire rising to the angry black sky above. The sky is black, but it cannot be even noon. I see women burning at the steak and many people being led away, bound in chains from the underground. A decaying corpse walks ahead of them, looking proud and strong as he stops to shake hands with a human. In corners I see the decaying corpses attack and kill the one's with razor teeth. As the fire grows, so do the lines out of the ground and soon I see a girl rising from the embers and burned rubble. She is only a girl, not a woman yet. She walks along, and the very touch of her hand kills the decaying corpses. Soon she touches the chains binding the razor teeth and they are broken."

I looked with furrowed eyebrows as I watched the ancient struggle and then finally went limp.

The candles began to light one by one until the hall was filled with light again.

"It does not take much to understand the imagery. The Untouchables will incite another battle between our kind once more, only this time they will conspire with the vampire hunters to exterminate us first before the Untouchables turn on the vampire hunters. The fire is the burning of our bodies after they've killed us. The Untouchables will bind us and lead us to the fires of course. But through all of this a girl, a human girl at least, is found in the remnants of the chaos and has something that will stop this war. Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe we will at some point in time have another war and that this human girl will have a power beyond all of us to stop this war and to save our kind-" Vlad was interrupted by a sharp gasp and then the ancient in the middle began to glow again.

"This girl is human...she...she descends from Bathroy," he choked out.

Everyone's attention, including mine turned onto Elizabeth. Vlad was contemplating and then Elijah spoke up.

"Elizabeth still has family that are human, it's inevitable that they would reproduce and have a girl somewhere along that lineage. The thing is we have the Victus pact that was just signed only three months ago," Elijah said, his voice low but assertive.

"The only question we have now is: how long will everyone hold to the pact?" he finished off.

Everyone sat in perfect silence, trying to let this new information set in.

"Gerard, do you think that the Untouchables would ruin the pact in only a few years?" Giselle asked, her voice low.

"Not after the mass murder that the French vampire clans planned on the Untouchables," I said.

"But believe me when I say that this will come back. I could tell you now that it won't even happen in this century or the next or the one after that. Most of our vampires will forget it and believe that there would be no such breech of the carefully made and agreed Victus pact. I can already see how our downfall will come if we don't heed this warning. Our kind would easily fall into the trap of not believing if it doesn't happen around this era making it easier for the Untouchables and the vampire hunters work and plan in secret," said Darcy from Claudius' side, his young and kind face clouded with uncertainty, doubt, and uncertain hope.

The lightening clashed and the thunder grumbled overhead, hoping that this impending doom would not be in our near future...

"Bite her Frank!" Gerard yelled helplessly from the other side of the room. I couldn't do this to her. This one bite would insure her fate and I wouldn't be able to bring her back, but on the other hand if I didn't bite her soon, she would be dead.

Claudius shook his head, slightly impatient and moved for her wrist, biting deep and then Gerard took her body to a room on the ground level of Claudius' home.

"Has she woken up yet?" I asked as I moved into the drawing room of Claudius' house. He lived above ground as well, just to keep fair balance.

"No not yet Frank, patience would do you much good," Claudius said, pouring tea into a cup and handing it to me.

I could see the steam coming out of the cup, but I couldn't feel the warmness.

"I don't remember the change being this long," I said, taking a seat near the large bay window.

"Do you remember anything from your change? I can hardly remember mine," Claudius asked.

I didn't answer, which proved his point: it had been too long for me to remember how long my change was.

"What's the exact process of changing?" I finally asked.

"Well, first is the bite and the venom that seeps through the veins to defeat the fibrinogen that helps blood clotting. Pretty much it makes the person a hemophiliac, or a free bleeder. But after their body is drained of blood, you have at the minimum of forty seconds to bite them and inject them with the venom that would turn them into a vampire before they are dead forever. After injecting them with the venom, they die and remain dead for a few days. We'll have to bring her back to New Jersey for a proper burial with her family, all the things that make humans believe their loved ones are gone forever. After the funeral is done, we wait until she digs her way out of her grave, and then we let her know that we're there, she comes with us, and then you'll live happily ever after," Claudius explained.

I nodded, not sure if I was for this plan or not, but decided it was worth keeping my hopes up.

"Claudius, a letter was sent to you from Vlad," said a man who anyone could assume was just one of the many bodyguards Claudius kept around.

Claudius swiftly opened the letter and quickly read through it. "Oh my," he muttered, setting the paper down and sitting back.

"What is it?"

"The Sanctus Pectus in London have just reported that a whole neighboring clan has been killed off. They say there was a foul stench that was left behind, and it makes them believe the Untouchables had something to do with it. In France there have been more than 700 bodies found supposedly connected to some kidnappings that have also taken place in the last few days. They're not sure who's causing it," Claudius said, his perfectly arched eyebrows still furrowed in concentration and thought.

"What does this mean?" I asked, not really sure what he was trying to connect.

"It means we are not far from the dreaded time the ancients, and elders talked about. This marks the end of the Victus pact. No longer is there peace between our kinds...Killian's time is at hand."
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