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I've bottled this up inside for far too long. This is for you Ant.

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I can't believe it's already June
I can still feel the pain from that regretfull day in December
I wish the clock didn't strike noon
You went from my lover to my enemy in all of three weeks
You went from calling me babe to calling me freak
It was almost two months
I still remember the date
I thought that being with you was a sign of fate
How foolish I was to believe it was true
Now I know that no good came from you
You used to say that you loved my laugh
Now that's all in the past
I remember when I couldn't wait to see your face
Now I wish you were some other place
I gave you my heart, you gave me your shit
I remember when that one kid called me fat you had a fit
Now you don't care
You say the same things
I still wish it were you calling when my phone rings
How can you hate me when all I did was give you my love
You used say I was more beautiful then a dove
I remember my first time
When I was yours and you were mine
It wasn't long after that when you broke my heart
I should've said no from the start
It's almost as if you punish me for loving you the way I did
What you fail to realize is that we're just a couple of stupid kids
I wish you would stop being so cruel
Why can't it be like the beginning when we were cool
You couldn't have not had any feelings for me
I just need to here the truth
The truth will set us free
I've been bottling this up inside
I have no where else to hide
You didn't have to ask me out
You knew you would have doubts
I just wanted you to know this that in the end
I didn't need to be your lover
I just wanted to be your friend
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