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The bent knee

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Chapter 21

He stared at the grave in front of him; it had been two years since he had visited this place with Allison by his side. The place had been depressing then, it reminded him of all of those horrible memories from her passing away...the blood, the gunshot, her face... But now it inspired hope, a new beginning, it gave him an illusion that something good was going to grow amongst this angst and troubles.
The fuchsia flowers had bloomed, and there was this fantastic smell in the air, a familiar smell ...he couldn't put his finger on what it was exactly...but it was an old smell, one that was carved deeply unto his brain...something like soap combined with muffins, chocolate milk and hair dye.
Elizabeth was sitting by her mother's grave showing her a drawing she had made for her and talking in her sweet and paused way, stressing some words in a peculiar way, not out of ignorance but eccentricity. She smiled and got quiet from time to time as if she was hearing a response.
Daniel's electric blue eyes rested once more on the grey stone, his still longish black hair caressing his face lightly. He didn't want to cry, but the emotion of what he was about to do was almost choking him. His fist tightened around the precious metal object on his hand. He continued to stare at the grave as if asking Alice for any kind of sign if what he was about to do was the right thing or not.
"Please help me" He implored, shutting his eyes tightly and wished with all of his might for aid deep inside himself.
As his thoughts began to jump in every possible direction on his head a melody softly crawled up to them from his heart and overpowered them, silencing all of the sound that were useless. He heard Alice singing it, as she had done it so many times before: under her breath, as she did something completely unimportant such as setting the table or grabbing an extra spoon from the kitchen,

Going this way I never thought I'd come out okay
I thought I was raised to stay in despair
But then she shared a secret on a drunken night
And there was a secret on that bottle
There was a deep secret concealed inside

And the words fuelled his thoughts, giving him enough courage to open his mouth and emitting sounds of his own,
"Allison" He uttered calmly, almost solemnly, trying to maintain the control over his emotions. Allison turned around instantly from the big tree in which she was resting her back, lost in thought. As she walked up to him her knee-length black lace dress lifted somewhat, and her thin red hair fluttered around her. Her smudged eyeliner was perfect against her milky skin and she smiled nervously as she approached him. He noticed all of these details and recorded them on his brain. He lovingly wrapped his arms around and she returned the hug without a second thought, casting him one of her drop dead smiles.
Then he let go of her and gazed into at her olive eyes intently before looking at her freckle-covered nose and lush lips.
Allison looked at him questioningly as he lowered himself to the ground and placed his one bent knee among the fuchsia flowers that surrounded Alice's grave. He took Allison's thin milky white hand in his and he could feel her trembling, anticipating what would happen. Elizabeth sharply turned her head around and stared intently at the scene: she understood what was happening.
"You've been by my side for two years and two months and before I knew you I'd never thought I'd come out okay.
I'm ready to be a good boy and get lost with you into those wonderful woods of not-knowing
Please come with me in this romantic getaway, I promise it'll be the best ride you'd ever have or at least I'd sure make my best effort and then some more to make it that way.
Allison Ortiz, the best goddamn thing that has happened to me among this tragedy, the only one that knows when to stroke me and when to scold me,/will you marry me/?"
Allison's eyes were filled with tears instantly, emotion and wishes crashing loudly with her common sense on her brain. She bit her lower lip and stared into his eyes as she knew exactly what to say.
"I love you" He whispered, his eyes urging her for a response.
"Do you really mean it?" She asked, more of a shocked statement than a question.
"I do. Do you?"
Tears rolled down her eyes more quickly now as Daniel muttered "Shit" and started fumbling with his pockets looking for something, then realizing he had had it on his hand the whole time. He raised the golden ring with three shinning heart-shaped diamonds on it. Allison bit her lip once more, a bit of blood starting to appear.
"I do"
Daniel's eyes shone as bright as the diamonds on the ring he held in his hand did, against the bright sun "You do?"
"I want to marry you, Daniel. I need you and you sure as hell need me" She stated, laughing. Elizabeth yelled in happiness as Daniel slipped the ring on Allison's finger.
It fit perfectly.
They were the perfect fit.
"Thank you..." Daniel said, sliding a hand on the rim of Alice's grave as he bent to kiss the cold stone. It was the first time he cried happy tears over this grave and as he held Allison's hand he knew it wouldn't be the last.

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