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One Day

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Alexis visits the house of a famous duelist. GX fic. F/F/F. PWP.

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The house was not quite what Alexis had expected. It stood in an isolated, wooded area, far (but not too far) from the nearest city. It was beautifully constructed and even the outside exuded some air of luxury. Nevertheless, she'd expected something bigger: something worthy of the term mansion or villa. Then again, if the stories were true, only two people lived here and what use would they have a large building filled mostly with excess space?

The doorbell gave a strangely ordinary ring when Alexis pushed it. A few moments later, the front door was opened by a young, brown-haired woman. Alexis had never met her before, but felt she knew quite a lot about her already. Most of the really important things, anyway.

"Can I help you?" Téa Gardner asked, a hint of puzzlement in her voice.

"I'm Alexis Rhodes," Alexis introduced herself. "I'm a student at the Duel Academy."

Téa gave her a long look. "Alright then," she said at last. "You can come in."

Alexis followed Téa into the house. The corridors looked much they like the outside of the house suggested they would look. A lot of money had obviously been spent on making them look tasteful and elegant; showing off without looking tacky. Eventually, Téa led Alexis into what she presumed was the living room.

"Please, sit down," Téa said.

Alexis sat down on one of the couches and realised that they hadn't been bought just because they looked good, but also because they were incredibly comfortable.

"Just wait here for moment, please," Téa said, before leaving the room.

Alexis nodded, then looked around the room for a bit. There was much to see, but none of it really registered. Again she got the sense of a luxury that came quite close to being decadent. In the end, she focussed on the small, glass table in front of her, her hand folded in her lap, her knees stiffly together, her heart pounding nervously. She wasn't quite sure any more this had been such a good idea.

Alexis was still looking at the table when a slender hand put a deck of cards on it, face down. The girl looked up and into the vaguely smiling face of Mai Valentine. She stood up hurriedly and awkwardly extended her hand.

"Miss Valentine, I'm..."

"Alexis Rhodes," Mai said, taking the hand. "Téa already told me. And it's 'Mai', please."

"Mai," said Alexis.

Mai let go of Alexis's hand and sat down on the couch opposite of Alexis. Alexis sat down as well.

"So you're from the Duel Academy," said Mai. "A whole school dedicated to teaching a card game to kids," she added with a wry little smile.

Alexis nodded mutely.

"You're from Obelisk Blue by the looks of it."

"Yes, I am," said Alexis. "How did you know?"

"Well, you're still wearing your school uniform for some reason," said Mai.

Alexis blushed. "I mean, how could you recognise it?"

"I do stay informed about what goes on in the world, you know."

Téa calmly walked into the room again, carrying a tray. She put a cup of hot tea in front of Alexis, then handed another to Mai.

"Thank you," Mai said, smiling.

"I could use a cup of tea anyway," Téa responded, keeping the last cup for herself.

"So," Mai continued, as if the interruption hadn't occurred, "why did you go through all the trouble to find out where we live?"

"I wanted to ask you something," Alexis said.

"Go ahead," said Mai. "I'm listening."

Alexis looked up and froze up at the sight of the two women sitting next to each other on the couch. She particularly noticed the simple rings both women wore.

"I was just wondering why you retired from dueling," Alexis said, and silently cursed herself for it.

"Well, the money was good and the attention was nice, but I've nearly lost my soul one time too many to just keep on going to those high-profile tournaments," said Mai. "But that wasn't really what you wanted ask, was it?"

Alexis looked down at her hands and was mildly relieved to see that, even though she was as nervous as she had ever been, at least she wasn't fidgetting like a little schoolgirl. "Could you give me some..."

"Tips on duelling?" Mai finished. "Possibly, but I don't think I can tell you anything you haven't already learned at school. I suppose they have classes devoted to famous duelists over there, so you should already know everything about my techniques. Still, we can play a little duel later on if you really want to. But again, that wasn't your real question, was it?"

Alexis shook her head and took a deep breath. That was really it then. She had to ask or...

Alexis looked up sharply when she felt Mai sit down next to her and was captivated by the woman's dark eyes.

"What do you really want?" Mai asked.

"You," Alexis breathed.

There was a brief moment of surprise when Mai put her hand on Alexis's cheek and kissed her, but it soon passed. Alexis relaxed and began to respond to the kiss, her lips parting slightly. Mai's lips were surprisingly soft and caused heat to spread through Alexis's body. Not the heat of nervousness or embarrassment which she had felt just before, but the intense burning of her growing arousal.

Alexis broke the kiss with a surpised gasp when she felt a hand sneaking underneath her jacket, caressing her breasts. While Mai was kissing her, Téa had managed to undo enough buttons to allow her hand access. Smiling, the brunette withdrew her hand and undid the rest of the buttons. Mai took the jacket and lit slide off Alexis's shoulders, fully exposing the girl's breasts. Téa ran a hand over them, feeling, fondling, cupping. Responding to Téa's gentle touches, Alexis's chest heaved as her breathing deepened, her eyes darkening with lust.

"How are they?" Mai asked teasingly.

"Very nice," Téa breathed.

"Really? I must try them then."

Mai leaned forward and her tongue darted out of her mouth and flicked a nipple. The blonde woman giggled quietly at the sharp intake of breath.

"My my," Mai said. "Are they really that sensitive?"

Mai didn't wait for a reply Alexis was unable to give anyway. Both she and Téa began kissing and licking Alexis's breasts. Alexis closed her eyes and groaned quietly. She'd played with her breasts before when she masturbated, but that had never quite felt like this. Of course, never before had two beautiful women lavished so much careful attention onto her breasts. She could feel the slow burning lust building up inside of her and when someone (maybe Mai, maybe Téa) very lightly grazed a nipple with her teeth her body shuddered with pleasure.

Mai and Téa laughed affectionately.

"You look so cute when you come," Téa said.

"Even if it was just a small one," Mai added.

Alexis opened her eyes. "That was..." And was cut off when Mai's lips covered her own once more.

"Nothing compared to what we'll make you feel next," Mai said in a hoarse whisper that made Alexis shudder.

Mai and Téa stood up and, each holding a hand, pulled Alexis to her feet. They quickly and efficiently got rid of Alexis's shoes, socks, pants and panties until the girl stood naked before the two still clothed women. The obvious desire with which Mai and Téa looked at her body only fuelled Alexis's arousal, rather than embarrass her or make her self-conscious. Her reaction would have surprised her if her mind and body weren't filled with the need to be touched by the couple before her.

Alexis was lowered onto the couch again and onto her back. Téa carefully spread the girl's legs, her wetness already staining the upholstery. Alexis watched as Téa positioned herself on the couch and Mai kneeled on the ground next to her before leaning in.

Alexis let out one long moan as the two women kissed her between her legs. Side by side, their lips and tongues played and danced all over Alexis's slit. The girl tightly gripped the backrest of the couch with one hand, while the other wandered across the floor, trying and failing to find something to hold on to. Alexis felt like she was flying and falling all at once, driven further and further by the two women lapping up her flowing juices. She was sweating and writhing with lust, the only sound escaping her lips heavy breaths and barely-heard moans. So lost was she that she didn't even notice that Téa drew back. What she did notice was that Mai kissed her slit and slid her tongue inside of her. Alexis's back arched and she screamed with pleasure. She longed for an orgasm, a release from the feelings searing through her bodies, and hoped it would never come.

Mai explored Alexis with her tongue for a while, until Téa's look reminded her of their unspoken agreement. She withdrew from the girl and kissed her way up her slit to where her clit was poking out, engorged and eager. Mai's lips brushed it, her tongue encircled it, earning groans of lust escaping from behind clenched teeth. Téa meanwhile carressed Alexis's folds with her right hand as much as she could before slipping a few fingers into her.

It proved to be too much for Alexis. Writhing and shuddering, gasping and moaning, the girl came violently.


Alexis shuddered quietly and opened her eyes in the dark, her fingers between her legs. She breathed out, slowly and calmly. She was almost certain that she hadn't made a sound, but whenever she found herself in the depths of her fantasies she was never really sure what she was doing other than pleasuring herself. Still, nobody entered her room wondering where all that noise came from, so everything was probably alright.

Alexis sighed and looked at the nightstand standing next to her bed. Its surface was empty save for an alarm clock and a opened tabloid. Alexis looked longingly at the pages, even though she couldn't really see them in the dark, much less read them. Not that she needed to. She knew the article almost by heart, from the headlines screaming about a scandalous celebrity wedding scandal to the large photo of two women, one blonde, one brunette, both dressed in white.

With her clean hand, Alexis took the tabloid and looked at it. She could feel herself becoming wet again. Or wetter to be precise. Her fingers began moving again, rekindling her arousal. Alexis rested the tabloid on her chest and closed her eyes and her mind began conjuring up scenarios.

One day, she thought. One day... maybe, hopefully it wouldn't be a fantasy. One day it would be real.
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