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Done to death

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a little after the music video. yeah its been done to death thats the point.

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Yeah its almost been done to hell but this is another after the music video "a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me". Mostly Peter's pov but I jump around. I don't know any real facts and hey this is fiction so most this is either made up or done by guessing if you want to fact check for me, go ahead but does anyone really care that hardcore?

I know I speak my own language if you need a translator tell me and if you don't like it tell me. ill shut up and go to a corner somewhere.

This is unfucking believable. He was a sell out. After all the time spent trying to "help" the reverend ended up being a vamp. He told Beckett about our plans to take out the vamps when the war started. Andy strategizes most of it, planning what groups would turn on which and waiting for it to happen. Dirty ran surveillance, taking pictures of the different gang leaders with his phone and sending us videos of what they were doing. Patrick and Joe stayed behind, working, planning. Always something new with them. Joe was even making new designs of weapons seeing if he could ever get pat to make a light saber against vamps. That had been a cool idea until it was time to test it. And after all that, after waiting for the first gang to attack the other, after they had been busy killing themselves and we came in to finish them off. We were the ones heading to our deaths.

I pulled at the chains connecting my wrists and ankles to the floor. Something wasn't right. I knew it just after landing on top of the car, just after Beckett vanished and just before the cops beat me nearly to death. Tazers and batons pelted across my arms and back. Most of the beating hit my vest which was a blessing. They hadn't the chance to remove it and stake me. But it conducted enough electricity to knock me out for a minute. I tugged the chains one more time and turned around staring out the window as the two donut heads in front drove away. Beckett was laughing with the chief of police and the reverend was at his side. Id never gotten a weird vibe off him before but the shinny new fangs were more proof then my immature senses.

Andy was being handcuffed against a patrol car, the sword he crafted on top its hood. Patrick on the other side of the street looking like he was about to pass out and blood visibly running down his neck. I guess they didn't want to keep any hunters close; they might gang up and stake these slimy bastards. The one thing I couldn't believe. How could he betray us like this? That creep. Laughing along with the one that started all this. I don't think ill ever get over it. Revenge was meant to be served cold but this was a new case entirely. Coming into our home, trying to give new mixtures of holy ingredients to slow the change acting like he was our friend. Hell even Joe liked the guy, and Joe didn't care for almost anyone. He was in for a world of pain if I ever got out of this mess.

I stared out the back window in disbelief. My jaw must have been dropped because when I turned back one of those pigs had stuck his tazer through a small opening in the middle and got me right in neck. Sharp shooting electric spikes jolting my bones. It made my fangs ache.

Being a vampire it didn't take long to heal from wounds, most the punches I took earlier were already better, no sore muscles and what I was sure was a cracked rib was gone. The war was supposed to be over. But leave it to the dandies to find a new way to terrorize the city. A city I now realize they owned.

I woke up just before sunrise my arms now behind my back and after a sharp tug I realized were still chained to around my boots. The room grew brighter and my eyesight returned for the second time in as many hours. It was a large cement room. I mean the benches were molded out of the same stone as the wall, no spots to slip anything no hooks or anchor points in the stone. Just cold hard cement. And a giant metal door giving false hope. I pushed myself up on my elbows trying to find a way to stand without popping anything from its socket and find enough space in the chain to walk straight. It wasn't going to happen. The chains bit into my skin more as I tried. I swear the cuffs were even tightening. With not much to go on I gave up and let myself fall to the floor pushing my hands down by my hips and forcing them to go under my butt and hopefully get my hands in front. It took two good tries before I got it and only gave me a moment before someone unlocked the door stepping inside.

He was just short of the doors height dressed all in blues and holding a cattle prod pointed towards me. He slid the door open another inch and let a second man in. this one smelt human but ive been wrong before. He was in a lab coat and carried a white bucket tray at his side looking nervous. The guard closed the door stepping towards me talking to the other man. "Usually we set them up outside but he wanted this one for his collection." The lab guy nodded inching forward and set his tray down picking up various items and setting them down. He held a blue ribbon in his hand. "So just the basics then?" 'What the hell were they talking about'? The cop let his weapon spark to life once then held it inches from my eye reaching down to grab the chains that held me. He warned "don't even think about trying anything." His voice heartless as a vamp. The lab guy knelt at my side and put his ribbon thing around my arm tightening it and began poking up and down my arm taking his pick of thick tender veins.

I jerked away and got smacked across the face by metal for all my efforts. The cop pulled my arm straight twisting the chains around in his hand and grabbing my wrist to hold me still. It seemed they got what they wanted because one second im struggling against a (censor) cop, and the next my arms feeling like it was detached. The numbness spreads quickly across my chest and down my legs until my whole body sort of splats against the floor. I couldn't even scream if I wanted to.

They unlock the chains leaving me alone as he knocks on the door being let out. Another guard pushes something inside the room. It squeaks as its wheels roll over the stone. They lifted me up laying me across some kind of gurney and one cop gets the great idea of stealing my vest. Yeah good luck hiding from me when I get out. He held the prod against the thin red shirt I was left with and out of spite hit its trigger. I could have sworn my heart was beating again. Just the pulse of electricity jerking in such a unnatural way as it went through my body. This is one fucked up way to go.

Andy's pov

The cell was mostly bars; one wall with a metal bench was the only spot to get any rest. It was nearly five hours since the fight according to my watch. Three hours since being arrested and four not seeing a familiar face. I sat with the wall to my back pulling a small note pad they'd apparently decided was no threat to have from my pocket. The facts didn't make sense. Every factor was counted in. all the gangs in one area picking each other to shred before the main players joined in. in the end the dandies won, the lesser known gangs of punks and thieves fought to the death before we'd even gotten there. Beckett showed up just like reverend told us he would. The lay out of the area was recorded from three separate angles and schematics predicted every outcome but the one happening. I stared out the bars as a door opened and they pushed Joe into the cell across from me. I was worried he might be injured but as soon as he started cursing a storm at the cop my hopes were renewed. We waited for the guy to leave and moved closer to the edges of our cells "you ok?" he nodded "You?" a man of few words. "Listen, have you seen Patrick? I tried asking but they keep telling me to shut up" I left out the "if you know what's good for you".

Joe rubbed his eye, the beginning of a shiner starting to form. "not since the fight" "shit, hopefully he's at a hospital". Joe seemed on edge he sat cross legged at the edge of his cell and leaned his head against the bars. We stayed like that, silent, for nearly an hour. My mind going over what the most probable thing could have happened. He could have been taken to a hospital; he could be in another cell down the hall, maybe he out somehow and was planning on a jail break. Each seemed less likely then the last. I finally broke the silence. "Have you seen Pete?"

Joe looked at the ground rubbing at his wrist, "not since.." I finished for him "since the fight." He nodded and kept rubbing, doing small things to keep himself entertained. Anything but the silence. Joes head jerked up and he stared at the door just before it opened, two guards wondering down the hall laughing to each other about something. They both had sharp fangs and glared down at us like we were their next meals. I caught a few words here and there, something about a collection. Its hard to overhear a conversation when vampires had better hearing and spoke in whispers around you.

Joe let his head drop again staring at the floor like it would answer all his problems. "hey, its not that bad man. We alwayse land on our feet right?" he got up walking to the bench and laid down across it staring at the celing. 'well some of us do just not alwayse alive.' My mind wondered back to Patrick and pete.

when it all began, they were just teens. Doing normal every day crap. Starting a garage band, switching to a friends band because you were fighting with your other friend that day. just living in the moment. It was a simpler time. Then they saw a vampire. One night when they were out in the city. A womans scream echoed in the distance and pete and joe had taken off wanting to see what the big deal was. Some guy down a alleyway held a woman by her throat. He was either raping her or killing her. Either way that good sameritan stuff kicked in and they decided to double team it. Pete attacked with a trash can lid smacking the man in his back and joe snagging the girls arm pulling her away. They didn't dust the vamp not actually knowing what it was but the fang marks on the girls neck pretty much explained it all. Ever since then they were hooked. Pete started training with joe and got andy and Patrick to join in every now and then. They kept practicing every night. Setting up targets on the wall and fighting each other. Patrick had thought they lost it, not having seen the vamp itself only the marks. He helped out how he could, turning from electronics major in school to manufacturing any design pete and joe threw at him. Andy hadn't been so easy to sway. He stuck to research, trying to prove vampires couldn't exist and until he couldn't prove they didn't looked up ways to kill them. They all had their roles, and over the years and more vamp sightings they practiced them well.

Until one night when pete and joe went out alone. Pete wondered around the cemeteries getting a cheep thrill from the spook factor. He had a wooden stake in his back pocket he carved after the first sighting and kept with him at all times. Joe had bottles of holy water from every religion in a messenger bag around his torso. They were laughing and scaring each other not even noticing they had been fallowed. The shadowy movement before them shut joe up. he kept staring into the dark waiting for some form of movement and glared at pete "shut up". that didn't help any. "your just paranoid, theres nothing there" a twig snapped and joe immediately threw the open bottle of water towards it. A grey owl flew out from the tree heading towards them making joe jump back. That set pete off again. He laughted and pointed having his fun at joes expense. It wasn't until the icy fangs slid into his throat did he realize there was actually trouble. The rest is a little hazy. Joe didn't want to speak about it and pete couldn't rember anything from the night he was bit, until the morning he woke up nearly frying himself in the sun. they started training harder then before, cancling shows with the excuse of sickness to keep from playing without pete. Each took their role more seriously and revenge seemed to be the only thing on peters mind.

andy jerked awake turning towards the walkway to see joe sitting up. the door was open and two guards were pushing some kind of gurney down its narrow hall. Two more fanged guards fallowed behind tazers in hand itching for the chance to use them. They walked past and andy almost had a heart attack, jumping up and staring at the occupant. Petes eyes were glazed, his body limp and except for being jossled around from cracks in the floor lifeless. "HEY" joe grabbed the bars trying to shake them he screamed again "get away from him." One guard slowed down staying behind the group and took his baton out smacking joes outstreached arm. "your not in any position to make orders." Andy thought more logically "is he ok, whats wrong with him?" the guard turned to face him and raised the baton again daring him to speak. When he didn't the guard smirked walking out the other door and a echoing lock of a dead bolt was their awnser.

The two turned to each other neither saying a word for a while. Joe sort of slumped down the wall andy resting his head on the bars and kept staring at the door.


authors note: yeah I sort of started phasing out there for a minute anything good come of it?. Ill stop the story if noone likes it. If you have any suggestions tell me and ill get to work on them asap.
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