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Love and war

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Susannah is living a peaceful life not ghost anymore boyfriend Jesse. Susannah and Jesse are mediators a liaison between the living and the dead they can see and speak to ghost. But that all comes ...

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Mediator series
Chapter 1 - loving has no cost
Here it is my very first day in senior year in high school. Alot of people are freaking about it, I mean senior year.

But I'm not

I guess that's what happens when you have your whole life in front of you and you DIDN'T lose the one thing that's important. In my case, it's my boyfriend.

I am not one of those popular girls who say ohmygosh my boyfriend just broke up with me! I'm so not going to live without a man in my life. Who mope and wine about their breakup and stay in bed watch sad love movies and eat ice cream all day. Because those girls aren't totally and completely in love with their, see, they THINK they are, but let me tell YOU something...they're not. But I am for real.
See I have risked my life for Jesse and he risked his life for mine even though back then he was dead. But that is true love saving a life for another. That is something other girls probably did not do.

But if you really love someone you think of them before you. Then it's totally worth it. Going back to school was I guess would be totally a bad thing since It's a New Year another year my enemy Paul could bug me about. But I have Jesse. My parents (yeah, I've gotten used to Andy, but I will NOT call Dopey or Sleepy my brothers...not in a MILLION years) got me a car!! A CAR!!

And sure, it was no BMW convertible, but it was a CAR. At least it not the land rover that I had to share with Dopey, Sleepy, and Doc.

Also it's another place I could use to have Jesse around The most important thing now is Jesse right I mean people could see Jesse now Like actually see him touch him talk to him. Its never going to be how it used to be Jesse dead me alive just having Jesse to myself. I mean Jesse is actually a mediator now.

The first thing I hear when I walk into the school is "were seniors now" Cee Cee says "I know isn't it great finally were free and independent and well not freshman anymore" I said.

As I kept walking I hear a voice behind me "miss me?" "Let me guess Paul". Isn't it great Suze another wonderful year together. "Oh No my nightmare is back" I said. "Is that any way to treat a friend?" "Last time I saw you, you were trying to bother me in a time of need" Then got into a fight with my boyfriend no I don't think that would ever be one of my friends". As I left Paul standing there in the hallway. Cee Cee said "Suze why did you have to be so hard on him on his first day back that's no way to treat someone?" "Even though what you said did sounded like he was harsh to you."

As me and Cee Cee left for our classes I kept wondering maybe I was a tad bit hard on him. No he was hard on me all along why should I feel sorry for him. I mean all the things he did to me were just as bad weren't they. Starting a fight with my boyfriend in my time of need.

When the school bell finally rang I was the first one to get out of the class. As I ran for the door I felt a cool rush of relief flow inside me some reason. I pushed the doors open and felt the sun shine in my face. I squinted my eyes and then the sun was blocked and I was suddenly in Jesse's arms. I couldn't stop hugging him. People were looking but I didn't care because I was in Jesse's arms.

"Jesse you came for me that is so sweet of you". "Of course I came for you I would come anytime anywhere when you call me". "So how was your first day in senior year?" he asked me. "Same as usual they stack us with tons of homework to increase our knowledge for this semester on the first day".

"Well I was thinking maybe we could go for a swim and then watch the sun set on the beach". "The sunset is supposed to be how do you call it beautiful". "But only after you finish your homework". I hate to say this but you're tough but fair.

Before I could say another word or respond to Jesse's question Paul came in. "That is so sweet taking your girlfriend to the beach on a school night". "You know I would love to come great meet you two at 7:00". "You know what Paul I don't think so you weren't invited". "Also it's for the two of us not the two of us including Paul".

Well where ever you're going I'm going to find out anyway. As he walked pass us he said "Jesse" in a not so friendly way "Slater" Jesse said also not in a friendly way more like in an obnoxious way. Ever since that summer when I applied for that job at the hotel babysitting Paul's brother. Then I told Jesse about Paul and Paul found out about Jesse. They never liked each other actually they both started fighting over me.

As much as I never had to guys fighting over me I didn't want to start having Jesse and Paul fight over me.

"So I guess we have to cancel our beach date and have one another night". "Or we could just have a nice quiet dinner and then watch a movie" Jesse suggested. That sounds so romantic leave it to Paul to ruin my life and then Jesse to fix it. "That sounds great".
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