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Joe's POV

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Joe's thoughts on steven

Category: Aerosmith - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Fantasy - Published: 2007-06-11 - Updated: 2007-06-11 - 157 words

I feel your eyes on me, but i can't look up. i keep my head down as i play my guitar. I know if I look up I'll get lost in those deep brown eyes. possible even feel over come to do the unthinkable. would you like it? would I freak you out? I'll never know the answers, unless I ask. but with Billie and Teresa I think I know the answer. I can't help my feelings, nor can I pusue them. I'm left pondering the what ifs. what if I wasn't married, what if I told you, what if you thought of me like I do you, what if you didn't? am I just your guitarist or is there a reason you hang all over me? these questions keep me busy, my mind away from reality. the one question that keeps me up the longest at night is would you want to be my beloved one?
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