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Joe finally gets the courage to tell Steven a secret.

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Joe's POV
'What am I doing? he's gonna laugh, it may even mess with the band.' that was what one voice was saying. I couldn't listen though because I heard my father's courage speech going on in the back. I don't think he meant for it to be used in this situation but it was my only support. I finally had the courage to say what'd I'd held in for the better part of two decades. I raised my hand and knocked on his hotel door. breathing in I thought of what to say. no amount of preparation would have readied me for this. the person I was going to pour my heart out to opened the door wearing nothing but silk pajama bottoms with a towel over his shoulders.
"Hiya Joe, how's you doing?" he asked
swallowing hard I said "great, Steven can I talk to you?"
"Sure come on in," he said dragging me in.
we sat down on the couch, I didn't know what to do. I began breathing fast. 'god here I am as close as I can get and I'll hyperventilate before I say I love you.'
"Joe are you ok?" Steven asked as he leaned forward to touch my cheek.
I stopped his hand on my cheek receiving a raised eyebrow. taking a deep breath I decided another method on how t tell him since I lost the ability to speak.
"Joe what's the matter? You can tell me."
That last sentence gave me the courage to say five words, but they all counted. "what if I show you?"
Before he could answer I leaned forward meeting those tender lips. I brought my other hand to caress his cheek. I was a bit surprised when instead of pulling back in shock he pursued the kiss opening his mouth for me.
As our two tongues quaralled a bit, I was caught in a euphoric bliss, but we broke apart after 10 glorious seconds both gasping for air.
"is that what you were worried about?"
"I'm sorry..."
"Don't be I would have done it if you didn't. I'm glad we feel the same way." He said grinning. Returning the grin I recaptured those lips.
One though stood in my mind as my fantasies came true. Without courage I would have been missing out on the greatest thing that happened to me.
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