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The 3rd Wing

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The following story is about Hector and Farina during the war against Nergal. I tried to write more about Eliwood and Fiora, but something got scrued up.

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"Farina, I love you!" Hector shouted. He wasn't talking to Farina though, he was talking to a tree. 'Great, now how do I say that to the real Farina?' Hector wandered.

"AAAAAHHH!!!" Hector heard a scream coming from the tree above him. He looked up to see a little girl fall down towards him. Hector ran and he caught the girl in his hands. The girl was Florina.

"Um, t-thank you lord Hector," the petite girl said with a pale face, (probably scared from the fall).

"Um, don't mention it," Hector said with a smile. He put her down and the girl started walking away. "Uh, Florina, why were in that tree?" Hector asked.

"Well, me and my pegasi flew up there, so I could enjoy the veiw, but my pegasus put me down on the branch, and flew back towards camp for lunch," Florina explained.

"Oh," Was all Hector said, but as Florina started to walk away, Hector stoped her again. "Florina, did you happen to hear what I said?" Hector asked.

"Um, yes," the girl said. "But I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to," Florina shrieked.

"No, it's fine, but don't tell Farina, or your other sister, I really don't want her to get mad at me for loving her little sister," Hector explained, blushing a little.

"O-okay, don't worry, I won't tell anyone!" Florina gave a smile and ran back towards camp. Hector sat down under the tree.

'Will I ever tell her?' Hector wondered. 'Yes I will, but today? Tomorrow? And how do I tell her?' Hector kept on wondering until he got hungry, so went back to the camp looking for some lunch.

'Farina I love you,' Hector thought in his head with his lunch on his plate, and he was standing behind the women he loved.

"Farina?" Hector asked as he taped the girls shoulder. She turned around along with Fiora, Florina, and Lyn.

"Yes?" the blue haired girl asked. Hector froze. How could he tell Farina he loved her if she was with al of these other girls?

"U-uh, never mind," he said, and he ran away from the group of girls, with his lunch in his hand. 'How couldn't I tell her?' he wondered. 'I'm so stupid.'

(Back with the girls)

"Um, Fiora can I go see what was wrong with Hector?" Florina asked her eldest sister.

"Uhh, sure," Fiora said with a questioned look on her face. Florina stood up and ran after Hector. When she finally caught up to the big armored blue haired figure she taped him on the shoulder. Hector turned around.

"Hector, if you couldn't tell Farina you loved her in front of all of us, then I could always tell her to meet you privatly," Florina said.

"That's, actually a good idea, go tell Farina to meet me at the camp fire, when every one is asleep," Hector said. Florina nodded, gave a smile, and ran back to the group of girls she was with.
Hector sat by the fire waiting for Farina to come. He saw a figure slip out of the pegasus sisters tent. She walked over to him.

"Florina told me you wanted to meet me," Farina said. Hector nodded and gave a little blush. And did something Farina didn't expect. He grabed her hands gave a smile and said,

"Farina, I love you," Farina gasped, and she did something Hector didn't expect, she kissed him on the lips, then whispered in his ear and said,

"I love you too," The both of them smiled, looking at each other lovingly. They kissed each other again, and again, until someone else came out of the pegasus sisters tent.

"Excuse me? Whats going on here?" they let go of each others hands to see a very, very angry Fiora.
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