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Candy Hallucinations

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Between the flashes or something so red, and something so loud, you got lost in this feeling that was something so small the other day, but was now something so big.

Category: Samurai Deeper Kyo - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Characters: Kyo - Warnings: [?] [V] - Published: 2007-06-13 - Updated: 2007-06-13 - 923 words

Samurai Deeper Kyo
Title: Candy Hallucinations
Rating: T- M
Characters: Kyo as a small kid.
Summery: Between the flashes or something so red, and something so loud, you got lost in this feeling that was something so small the other day, but was now something so big.
Genre: Tragedy, Horror.

Author's Note: Please note that I have not seen every episode, I'm almost there though, and I don't know how it ends or all of Kyo's past. This is just a little drabble of Kyo as a kid if he was addicted to blood. Which, I still think he is. The ending really isn't as confusing as you might think it is. Just think about it.


It wasn't your fault. Really, it wasn't. After all, you're too young to hurt anybody. You're just another innocent little boy, who has just a regular innocent life, doing regulars things that any innocent child would do. You can barely hold a plate in your hands.

Now you're a little bit older, maybe a year or so, and there's never a day when you wake up that you wish that, that day back when you were a year or so younger never happened. Oh how you wished that it never happened. But you found the strangest thing. When ever you just glimpsed a memory of that day, you felt something that you never felt before.

A little rustle in your tummy.

You wondered what it was. You would ponder, ponder, ponder, on it for days on end, until one day, you were walking home because your mom couldn't pick you up from the dojo, that you remembered that night. Having already had a bad day, you weren't in the mood to think about it.

But the more you tried to push it away, the more you thought about it.

And it tore you apart.

That night, you went on a rampage. For what? You don't remember. Between the flashes or something so red, and something so loud, you got lost in this feeling that was something so small the other day, but was now something so big. You concentrated on that particular feeling as you did what you did, and the more you saw something so red, you realized, that it made that feeling grow bigger.

Much bigger.

You weren't sure what it was that you were feeling. But every time you saw more red, soaking in its delectable scent, having it drip from the small corner of your mouth, tasting its sweet candy-like taste, you just had to have more.

So, that night, with the moon high in the clear sky, not a foul smell in the air, and no parents to tell you to go home, you went through the small village in which you resided.

You weren't exactly sure of what you were doing. It was like something had taken control of your body. Moving your limbs until you saw the beautiful crimson again, and again, and again. You continued to move through out the city, running around the entire block, until you didn't see anybody else anymore. You couldn't find any more of that red candy anymore. But you needed that candy! You just had to have more of it! But there wasn't anymore of it left from the people that you had come across. You called out then. Asking, pleading, begging, needing, somebody to come.

After no one heeded your call, you searched. Alleys, buildings, houses, and carriages. But no one was to be found. It seemed like forever since you last saw the red candy. It seemed that the air you were breathing was what caused you to choke every time you breathed in causing you to breathe more in because you weren't used to it, causing a lump to form in your throat that felt like a bubble that was going to burst any second.

Was that the reason why the walls that surrounded you seem like they were closing in on you? Making the room in which you were to move get smaller and smaller until the air on which you choked on making you gasp more and more?

You saw your vision begin to blur. The brick walls slowly melted into a pool of that rich creamy red candy that you so desperately wanted. Oh how you wished you could run up to it and just swallow it all in one big motion. Ever so slowly, you started to see something in the distance.

It looked like a figure dressed in all red. The same color of the candy. You squinted as best as you could without being able to breathe all that good and the figure seemed to get closer and closer. You opened your eyes fully and it was right in front of you. You reached out with your hands and you felt the smooth surface, vaguely aware that there was no more room to move around in. You couldn't move. Your arms weren't even stretched out. It was just your fingers tips brushing against the candy. You felt a sharp pain against both sides of your skull and you shifted your eyes both ways as far as you could.

But all you saw was red. That delicious red candy.


So? What did you think? I do not own Samurai Deeper Kyo. You have any questions, pick the line which you had questions, leave it in a review and I'll back too you. This story isn't as confusing as you would like to believe.
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