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The Pointless, And Endless Conversation- One Shot

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Goes to show you that you can't have favorites when it comes to band members.

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May 7th, approximately
My 5th Period Class
The Pointless Conversation...

"You little muffin faced patootie. Sir Hotness is next to me." There was an angry pause between the kids.
"Sir Hotness?" The dishwasher blonde haired girl replied, instantly giggling. The other, with darker blonde hair, just pouted and lifted up her elbow to place on an invisible shoulder.
"Bob is next to me." The other, Bree, just laughed.
"Yeah, okay, then I get Ray. Hah, Dee, see how you like that!" Dee's eyes widened.
"They're all sitting near me, okay? Okay."
"No comprendé. They should all sit next to me, because, I'm cool." Dani crossed her arms.
"You get Ray and Mikey, I get Bob, Frankie and Gerard to sit next to me." She declared, grin spreading.
"Oh, but I want Gee over here! He's gonna be next to me now." Dee smashed her hands on her desk.
"Then Mikey sits next to me. Mikey, Bob and Frankie." Bree pondered this for a moment.
"Ah, no. I want Bob to sit next to me." Bob? Her idol? The bestest bestest drummer in the world?
"I'll make you a deal: Green Day sits next to you, MCR sits next to me." Dishwater blonde head put a finger on her once-broken nose.
"As long as I get Bob to sit next to me." Without hesitation, I turned my head away.
"One drummer per group. Bobbie sits next to me." Bree looked like she would explode.
"Dee, you had root beer didn't you? Otherwise you would've realized we're sitting next to each other and if somebody sits next to you, they're sitting next to me." The younger girl shook her head.
"Bree, we shared the root beer, because otherwise you would've realized that Mrs. D. Has been looking at us funny and MCR and Green Day are not even here and they don't live in the suburbs of Chicago anyway." Bree paused.
"So?" There was this awkward hesitation between both of them.
"Let's not even move on to Fall Out Boy." Bree and Dani caught gazes instantly.
"Andy's by me!"
"Fine, then Pat sits by me."
"Pete's by me too!"
"But Joe smokes pot...Gues it doesn't matter." They looked at each other again. "Pat and Bob sit next to me, that's final." Bree shot her a death glare.
"Then Bob goes with me to Science." Dee cursed and snapped her fingers, or attempted to, seeing as she never could snap.
"He goes with me to English. It's block English, so that's two periods."
"Fine, then BJ Mike and Tré sit by me for History." The older replied, sticking out her tongue.
"Okay, okay okay... But remember, they can't come home with us. It's a rule." Dani began tapping her fingers on her desk. Finally, the period was over and they were walking out the door. Before they split to go into different classrooms, Dee muttered, "Brendon comes with me to history."

- - - - - -
Goes to show you can't have favorites when it comes to MCR and FOB.
I feel so weird posting this, but my friend Bree and I had this conversation a while ago and I typed it up. It's absolutely random, not meant to make sense. So... Yeah. =D
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