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You should definitly read it. It's twisted and confusing hahah

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Bergitte was in her room pacing and thinking. She was comparing her choices. She could always leave the throne and be with Gerard. But we he want her? By the looks of him he looks like a heartbreaker. Then again he might actually have true feelings-she only knew him a week! What in God's name was she thinking!? She knew there was a reason she hated love.
"Bergitte?" her mother walked in

"Yes" she said breathlessly,

"Darling you know what's happening don't you"

"I have to get married or forfeight the throne to Lars"

"So have you decided?"

"Who do I have to marry if I want to keep the throne, a man of your own choosing or, Natalie's brother, Jacob"

"I think I'll forefeight"

"I'll give you time to think about it" the queen said leaving. Bergitte sighed and changed into her jeans, tight fitting shirt, hoodie and converse. Something her friends wore all the time but she couldn't. She climbed out of her window and snuck away. Meanwhile, in the hotel room, Lette was warming up to Mikey, Natalie was chatting with Frank (more like flirting), and Juliet and Bob were getting closer and closer. Ray was passed out, but Gerard couldn't sleep. He was thinking about Bergitte. He walked over to the window and stared out it at all the people hurrying home. One person however was in a black hoodie with the hood pulled up over the face. It was Bergitte he knew it was. He jumped over the couch and ran outside.

"What's with him?" Natalie asked Frank,

"He's just Gerard, I don't know what goes on in his head. Probably went out for a smoke"

"I guess he needed one pretty bad" said Lette

"That's my brother" said Mikey

"Enough about Gerard" Frank said turning back to Natalie and kissed her, she stopped, "What?" he asked

"I thought we were just flirting!"

"Were we? Natalie I've felt some chemistry between us! Don't do this to me!" Frank looked sad, Natalie looked at him and couldn't help but give in, he was too cute.


"BERGITTE!" Gerard yelled, the woman kept walking, Gerard knew it was her. The woman was in a daze Gerard grabbed her and pushed back her hood. Bergitte snapped back into reality,

"What the hell!?" she yelled shocked

"Chill it's just me"

"My God you scared me" she said clutching her chest and breathing deeply.

"Sorry I just had to see you"

"How'd you know it was me?" she asked, she thought she was more secretive

"I don't know, gut feeling I guess"

"Look Gerard, please I don't want this anymore, I'm out Bergitte Melanie Lane is no more. I'm out I'm moving to the United States to live with my aunt, Bergitte Melanie Lane is gone" her accent completely changed, it was American. Gerard gave her a shocked look, she had a guilty look on her face. "Okay I kind of lied, I lived with my aunt till I was 18 before moving here, and Bergitte isn't my real name either, well it is, it's complicated, here I'm known as Bergitte but else where I'm known as Bridgette."

"Why the fuck would you lie to me?" he asked confused

"It's in my nature, I didn't even know I was from here! My mom never said a word about me being royalty! I'm tired of this shit! I grew up in God damn Virginia as Bridgette Melody Lane!!!!!! Now I come here and I'm Bergitte Melanie Lane! I had to perfect an accent and learn the languages and pretend I knew it all! So yes I lied because you never noticed me before and I liked you noticing me now!!!" Gerard was more confused then before.

"I've met you before this!?"

"No shit Sherlock! But you were too fucking drunk to notice me! I was 17 fucking years old at a random club adoring you! But you didn't even glance at me! So I wondered after you started to get to know me these past few days to see if you liked me as Bergitte the Princess and apparently you do, because when I was Bridgette you didn't give me two glances" Gerard shook his head

"I was fucked up! I didn't notice anyone! So please forgive me for not noticing you in my dark times" he said somewhat sarcastically

"Ugh, well I'm sure you don't remember the rest of it"

"Um?" Gerard was wondering what the hell was happening

"Imagine me slightly younger, and shorter hair"

"Okay?" Bergitte/Bridgette let her hair down and looked Gerard in the eye

"Your music really touches my soul, it's like waves calming my mind. Please don't forget that I was one of the first people to go to one of your shows"

"YO! YOU'RE THAT CHICK FROM ONE OF OUR FIRST SHOWS!" Frank yelled, "Dude you have a thing for Gerard don't you" Frank, Mikey, Bob, Natalie, Juliet, and Lette came outside to go to a local ice cream place.

"Nice to see someone remembers me" she said bitterly.

"This is confusing!" Gerard yelled

"What's confusing this is Bridgette Lane" said Frank shrugging

"How do you remember me!?"

"You praised us! I made sure I remembered you"

"The fact of the matter remains that you lied to me!" said Gerard

"Me? No I didn't lie I just didn't tell you the whole truth! Because I wanted to see if you recognized me"

"Wait.....BERGITTE!?" Frank yelled

"Yeah nice going Frank" she said,

"Your accent? But...but"

"You didn't know Bergitte was from America?"

"NO!" said Frank, "Why didn't I recognize you!?" Frank seemed distressed

"It's okay Frankie at least you remember me a little bit" she smiled, she sighed, "Well ladies it's been really great getting to know you guys" she hugged each of the girls

"Where are you going?" Lette asked

"I'm going home" she said, she walked off to the airport.

"What are you waiting for!? GO AFTER HER!" the figment of his imagination was there except it was in the form of himself

"What's the point?" he muttered

"Oh I'll tell you the point, you love her and you're just going to let her get away"

"She hates me!" everyone looked at him funny again

"Are you sure? She's just upset you didn't recognize her"

"Yeah? And what should I do?" he asked, the figment smiled

"Try and remember her, the way she looked 6 years ago"

"How the hell am I supposed to do that? I was drunk most of the time"

"Trust me, she left an impression on you 6 years ago"

"How do you know?"

"I'm you, well, your mind but still I know you remember"

"GERARD!" someone yelled, he looked at everyone staring at him

"Oh uhhh I was thinking"

"Must have been thinking hard, you were talking to yourself" said Lette

"I have to remember" he muttered absentmindly lighting a cigarette,

"Well we'll stay here" said Bob, they all sat on the wall while Gerard leaned against the light pole and took a drag off his cigarette. They were muttering to eachother but Gerard was too busy thinking. He finally remembered, a teenage girl with braces telling him how much their music changed her life and how she wished he would stop drinking.

"God damn how could I forget her" he muttered. He ran off while the 6 of them were talking.

"I really hope we can see eachother again" said Lette

"I hope so too, no, I will see you again." said Mikey, "Lette, is it possible that we're falling for eachother?"

"Oh Mikey, I-I don't know"

"I think it's more important to marry someone you actually have feelings for, Lette, I have feelings for you and I want those feelings to strengthen"

"Michael I-"

"Please call me Mikey"Lette smiled,

"Alright Mikey, may I ask you some questions"

"Go right ahead honey"

"Okay, if you had to fight to the death with another man to have me, would you?" she asked, Mikey smirked,

"Of course"

"I'm sure you wouldn't, you're just saying that because you're trying to woo me"

"No I'm quite serious" he said, "Besides I've already wooed you"

"Someone's sure of themself" she said, "Next question: If I was married would you cheat with me"

"No, I'd respect the fact that he had you" she smiled

"Last one: Do you want to see me again after you leave?"

"Yes. Now I have a question for you" she tilted her head ever so slightly, her blonde hair flowed over her shoulder.

"Go on" she said

"Will you kiss me?" she closed her eyes and she felt his warm breath,

"Yes" she whispered, his lips touched hers lightly.

"Juliet will you let me be your Romeo?" Bob asked, Juliet giggled

"Bob I'm sorry but that was so lame" she laughed, Bob laughed

"Well what do you want me to say? Juliet nothing compares to you, your eyes are brighter than the stars up above. Your dark brown hair flows like waves in the wind, you're a goddess and I want you" Juliet's heart was beating faster,

"Me? You're kidding right?"

"No, I know it's lame and guys everywhere want you but-"

"Actually compared to the others I'm usually left behind. Bergitte or Bridgette is the first because she has power and looks, but truthfully it's only the power. Then Lette because she is gorgeous and she is polite, then Natalie because of her looks and some future Princes find her skateboarding, guitar skills, and normal way of dressing quite attractive, then there's me. I'm kind of forgotten" she said

"It's okay you'll never be forgotten to me" Bob touched her cheek.

Natalie and Frank were talking about random things.
"I bet you could beat me in Guitar Hero" said Frank

"Yeah! RIGHT!" said Natalie

"I'm serious" said Frank grinning

"Bull shit, you're Frank Iero! The greatest guitarist in the fucking world!" Frank pretended to blush

"Oh stop it you! I'm blushing!"

"You know what I wanna fuckin' play you now" said Natalie

"Wha-Oh you naughty girl!" said Frank

"Not like that! I wanna play against you in Guitar Hero"

"Oh uh alright come on" said Frank slightly embaressed they went onto the tour bus.

Bridgette, as she wanted to be called again sat at table with a cup of coffee, Her plane was about to leave. She was not paying attention to the boarding calls, she was just sitting there: alone, with coffee and her best friend, iPod.
"Darling what is going on?
Honestly that never happened,
lying is your favorite passion.
Leave me, go where you belong.
Hired heels and lipstick napkins dying is your latest fashion"
It was as though the lyrics were speaking to her! Figures, Escape the Fate can straighten things out for her, she laughed a little. Then some other lyrics shot up
"You know you love all the lies,
so don't act surprised that
I just love to hate you"
Oh yes, she loved the lies. People hated her and she knew it.
"God Ronnie why must your lyrics go through my ears now? Right when the timing is perfect?" she muttered to herself.

"Since when do you talk to yourself?" an unexpected voice asked from behind, Bridgette jumped up and knocked over a chair, causing stares. Gerard was looking at her as she picked up the chair, "Who's Ronnie?"

"Leave me alone!" she said, Gerard moved closer

"No" he kissed her, she tried to push him off but he had her hands pinned to her side. Her iPod was still playing and 'Situations' was on repeat which made things worse.
I know you love to resist
and all it takes is a kiss
and you just love to hate me.
What the fuck? This was too weird for her.

"I remember!" he said, "You had braces and you were telling me how you wanted e to stop drinking and how My Chem's music changed your life"
"Bravo" she said sarcastically
"Bridgette or Bergitte please!" Gerard pleaded.
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