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Chapter 8: Long Live The Car Crash Hearts

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Patrick and Abby are teenagers in love..drama insues

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Chapter Eight Long Live The Car Crash Hearts

RATED:R somewhat sexual content..hehehe i couldnt help it! He's Patrick! Honestly.

Written by Kendra

Abby's POV

Patrick and I have been looking for Mel non-stop. The problem was, Patrick was going back on tour. "You're comming with me babe, I hope you know that?" I snap out of my thoughts looking at Patrick as he continued to drive to the airport. "How will we know if Mel turns up here?" "My brother will give me a call. Kevin's an asshole, but he wants to meet his niece." "You do really think we'll find her baby?" I reach over and place my hand over his. I see him half-smile. "We'll find her, some way,some how. I swear Abagail we're going to find our daughter." We had arrived at the airport. We boarded our plane about 10 minutes later. Being with Patrick, we got first class seats. There was nobody else around. To get my mind off of Mel, I look at Patrick who got the window seat. He was looking at the night sky with boredom. I snake my hand over to him and rub his crotch through his jeans. He gasps at the contact. His hips buck up to my touch. I unzip his pants and pull his boxers down enough to reveal his growing member. I grip my hand around him and stroke lazidly at first. Upon hearing his begs and whines for more, I move faster. He moans out my name as he comes. Then he looks at me with that look. "You're going down"

Patrick's POV

I pull my boxers and jeans back up. I pat my lap motioning for her to come sit on my lap. I undo her jeans and pull them down with her panties. I push two fingers inside of her roughly. She moans loudly in pleasure begging me for more. I keep going until she comes. Retrieving a small washcloth from my suit case I wipe off my jeans as she goes back to her seat pulling up her pants in the process. She slumps her head upon my shoulder. "I love you Abagail" I mumur. "Patrick?" "Hmm?" "I will marry you" My blue eyes begin to water up. "Wow Abby...I don't know what to say except that your ring is kinda in Cali in my other suit case." She kisses me and we both have a moment of laughter.

Abby's POV
We finally getting ready to land. After an hour flight I can't wait till we get off. Patrick was sleeping against the window. I was asleep before against his shoulder but my stomach hurt. I begin to have a very familiar unpleasant feeling in my stomach. I get up and move quickly to the restroom. As I vomit into the toilet I think to myself. 'Oh no it cant be what I think it is can it?'
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