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Okay, so here's the one i was talkin bout... ive changed it down to rated R. soooooo yeah, i guess people like it? I know it's probably all wrong and messed up, but as I've mentioned before, it's not like I'm of an age to know exactly how gay guys (or anyone for that matter) fuck, so yeah, be warned. please dont like completely totally make me never wanna log in again!

song of the day, "Sum 41 - Pieces"

^^^ thats for because I'm still typing Vampires... right now, so I'll probably update today, but maybe tommmarow. kay? =\ ...


I can't help but stare at Frank while he sits across from me in that chunky, plastic, airport chair. Our flight was delayed and we've been waiting for almost an hour, sitting with only a cup of Starbucks and a doughnut for me to talk to. It's probably 100° in here.

His position is completely alert and upright, not slouched like everyone else. He's sitting up with his hands dangling over the sides of the chair. His hair is all over his face with sweat. My mind flits back to a few days before to the challenge he gave me the night we had to share a room because someone made a "mistake" in the reservation.

His nails press into the hotel's wooden chair below the ties, he's sweating and it's dripping down his face and body as he arches his back into me, making our skin slick against each other. He's straining, trying to break free of the bonds, but I tied him down tight. He moans and tries to roll his hips up into mine, but I push him back down. My leather belt is tight against his wrists; he's gasping and pleading me. I shake my head and drag my tongue along his lip as he tilts his head back. My nails are digging into his back as he writhes beneath me. I straddle his lap while he groans into my mouth, his breathing hot against my skin.

He shifts a little and looks at me, his eyes brightening. Ray is sitting next to him, reading his damn gaming magazine he can never seem to put down for 5 minutes. Frankie looks hungry. I can tell. He squirms a little, then gets up to walk over to me. He's looking at me weird, sort of frustrated.

"Food." He states.

"Go get some." I say back, my eyes darting down to his slightly wrinkled shirt where it rises up over his jeans.

I can see a patch of un-inked skin. He runs over to a little airport store and buys a roll of starburst. I grin, remembering the truck stop we'd rested at for a while after a show.

He's putting one halfway in his mouth. He looks at me, a slight smile forming around the candy. His lips are tight around it as he pushes himself over to sit facing me on my lap. His mouth tastes like strawberry as our lips crash together. His tongue spreads the taste around while it explores my mouth, running over the sour square. My hands automatically go up to his hair while he pushes me back against the picnic table.

He sits down across from me and rips the top of the package. He holds it toward me, an eyebrow raised. I shake my head and smile lightly.

A minute later, he returns to his jumpy, nervous self. His mouth turned up in a smirk. He has a sort of predatory glow in his eyes as he observed me. The memory of last night comes in my head.

He's over me, holding himself up by his hands and knees. I had been watching the crappy channels on the hotel TV when he jumped on me, the controller falling onto the floor next to the bed. I roll my eyes as Frank paws at my chest. He sucks my neck, pushing my hands down to my sides as he makes his way down my now-bare stomach, taking up dominance. I stifle a gasp as his mouth reaches my lower abdomen, right below my left hipbone. He keeps me from making noise by gagging me with the pillowcase. His clothing falls to the ugly orange carpet along with my jeans and boxers. The rest of the night is a blur; Frank's mouth savagely clamped over mine and his hands binding me down to the sheets mercilessly.

Frankie throws his wrapper across the carpet at me, giggling slightly. Ray frowns as Frank picks up another one and sticks it in his 'fro.

Frank's eyes are wild and childlike as he plays with his newfound interest. It reminds me of the day he jumped on me after a show.

His eyes are glimmering. It's the minutes after our first big show. He's giggling wildly and telling everyone how awesome it was and describing every detail, even though they were all onstage too and know exactly how he saw it. They let him rant anyways, knowing he "wont stop till his batteries die". His legs clamp around my waist, and he's stuck tight to me until we get back to the van, but for now I let him stay there, his arms around my neck, being careful not to tip backwards. He jumps down once we're back and kisses me on the cheek; nothing big, yet...

He licks his lips and keeps staring at me, his eyes going back and forth from my face to the floor. He keeps himself busy by sucking on the metal ring in his lip with his tongue. The action brings back the image of the night he sucked me off with my brother in the bunk above us.

He slides under the sheets next to me and kisses away the protest in my mind. He puts a finger on his lips and smiles as his hand slides down my stomach. My breathing hitches in my throat as the familiar tingling sensation builds in my groin, also mixed with the suspense in my stomach about getting caught by the guys. His fingers undo my zipper and pull the denim material down off my legs while he whispers,"You sleep in your jeans?" My breath comes out in short, quick gasps as I feel him pull my boxers halfway down my legs. He sucks me off fast and awkwardly, but just the feeling of his skin against mine was enough to get me hard twice. He's just as turned on as me now, so I quickly return the favor, jerking him off with our hands clamped over both our mouths as he sits between my legs, pushing me back into the bunk corner with his back while my arm travels further down his chest to between his thighs.

I groan and stretch, feeling my joints pop. Frank mutters something about, "old people and their un-greased skeletons", so I scrunch my nose at him. He laughs and pats the seat next to him in between him and Mikey. I nod and get up to sit next to him. He pats my head randomly and starts plucking at my eyebrows.

"Ow... what?" I ask.

"I'm bored."

"Aren't we all...?" I mutter.

His head is on my shoulder in a minute, his side over the solid arms of the two chairs in between us. He shifts uncomfortable before I gently scoot him over fully onto my lap.

/Next thing I know he's on top of me, his lips attacking my mouth. But this isn't a memory/, its real and everyone's staring. He doesn't seem to mind, so neither do I. He can't hold back and he knows I won't if he won't. His mouth is hot, partly from the temperature around us and partly from the sudden lust boiling up inside our bodies.

"Mmm, strawberry...' I say, and he giggles again, pressing his nose into my neck.

And that's it. We wait.
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