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Epilogue: Sometimes...

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The most wonderful feeling in the world is having everything you need.

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Grab your fluff protection, kiddies, because it's about to get heavy...;)
1 year later...

Melody Porter's phone only rang once before she picked it up, answering excitedly after looking at the caller ID.

"Ryan! I miss you!"

"Hey, Melody. I miss you too. I called to see how the honeymoon was."

"Fantastic. He's actually outside getting some last minute stuff out of the car, you know, like the authentic coconut bra I just had to have and the authentic palm tree ukulele that he just had to have."

Ryan laughed as he heard the familiar male voice in the background.

"Our whole next album is just going to be ukulele. My voice and ukulele. It's going to be revolutionary."

"Yeah, babe, I'm sure it is. So how are things with you?"

"They're good. Brendon's sick right now so we were just sitting down to watch a movie. Him being ill on an 8 hour bus ride, it's just a joy let me tell you."

Melody smiled, and instantly heard a whiny, congested voice in the background of Ryan's call.

"I wanna watch Nemo."

"So, put it in, Brendon. You've got the flu, you're not paralyzed. I'm talking to Melody right now."

"Let me talk!"

"No. I'm already going to have to Lysol every fucking surface on this bus. You are not getting your germs on my phone, the one sterile surface in this place."

Melody could only imagine the pout Brendon was giving Ryan as he sulked off to find their copy of Finding Nemo. She made a mental note to grab the movie herself. It sounded good for some strange reason.

"I swear to God the boy wouldn't tie his own shoes if he could find somebody to do it for him."

"Maybe you shouldn't be so nice."

"Have you seen that face? How can I say no?"

"Good point. That face got me into a lot of trouble."

Both of them laughed. They were okay with remembering everything that had happened because in the end, it had led them to the happiness they had both wanted in the first place.

"So, how's school going?"

"Really good. I took a semester off to plan the wedding and have my honeymoon, but I'm going back in a few weeks and Pete said he's going to set me up with an office job at the label. Isn't that great?"

"It really is. Your mom would be really proud of you."

"Yeah, I've tried to call her a couple times, but she never returns my call. I just want her to know that I'm sorry, you know? I didn't do what I did just to crush her dreams."

"She'll come around, and if not, you've got us, right? Which reminds me, we're coming out to see you guys for your birthday in a couple of days. They have a show that night, don't they?"

"Yeah, you guys should definitely get here early enough for that. I don't want him dragging me up on stage for some embarrassing birthday thing."

"Come on, Melody. If anything, we'll help him."

"Some friends you guys are."

They chuckled and Melody could hear Brendon enter the picture once again on the other side of the line.

"Get off the phone. I'm sleepy and I want to watch this movie."

"Wow, he's bossy when he's sick."

"Believe me, I know. Brendon, you're not even going to get past his first day of school. I'll be done in a few minutes."

"It's fine, Ryan. I gotta go anyway. You know how well my husband is with organization."

"Yeah, that I do. You guys have a good night, and we'll see you soon. Tell him I expect to hear some mad ukulele skills at the show."

"Oh God, please don't mention that to him. If I hear his rendition of 'Dance Dance' on the ukulele one more time, I will beat him with it."

"Well, good luck with that. I'll talk to you later."

"Yeah you too."

"Oh, and Melody?"



Melody smiled and said goodbye again before they hung up. How crazy were things when Ryan was thanking her for all the damage she had caused? She figured they were almost as crazy as her husband walking up to her with a two bowls of ice cream in hand, smiling as he turned on the TV.

"I figured since I had a night off, we would do what typical American newlyweds do."

"You're going to get me some tuna so I can ask you if it's chicken? Sweetie, that is so nice of you."

"No, we are going to sit down and watch this movie and eat our ice cream and be blissfully careless about the world."

They finished eating, and Melody cuddled up to her husband, watching as a school of fish floated by and seeing the infamous Mr. Ray sing his song about the zones of the ocean. She had finally found someone to love her and to take care of her like she had always deserved. All because of a breadstick.

"I love you, Patrick."

He kissed the top of her head and the two of them smiled out of happiness. Things were finally okay.

And that night, Melody and her new husband fell asleep on their brand new couch, feeling completely satisfied with their brand new commitment.

And somewhere else, two thousand miles away, Ryan Ross was shutting off a television and dozing off to the light hum of the tour bus wheels on the long expressway, pulling a blanket tightly over him and Brendon to keep them warm, and smiling to himself as Brendon cuddled closer, grasping at Ryan's waist and muttering "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" into his neck.

Sometimes, it seems, things just work out the way we want them to. They simply need a little prodding.
Come on, you knew Melody wasn't just going to disappear from the story. After everything, she deserved a fairytale too...

Thanks again to everyone who stuck with the story and loved it! This story was originally only supposed to be a one-shot, and it turned into this, so I'm really amazed that everyone stuck with it. I love you guys x1000000 and I hope you continue to read my stuff! Thanks soooooo much!!!!
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