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Chapter 1 Sayuri's past

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Sayuri is the prettiest girl in school, but along with her looks is her snobby personality. Everyone avoids her and calls her names, but under her tough skin is a secret she cannot let go. She need...

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April 26,2002
It's my 11th birthday. I'm sitting in the corner of my room holding my sister with a pillow over my ears. I feel her warm tears fall on my shirt and soak through to my skin, it gives me the chills. She's shaking and crying and like always i'm trying to keep her calm when i'm trying to keep myself from crying. I hear the shouts and cries traveling from the kitchen to my room.
"He's beating her again isn't he?" Sakura cries into my chest.
"No they're fine." I cringe at my words knowing it's a lie.
This was the worst fight that my mom and step dad ever had. He was always abbusive and she was always too cowardly to leave him.
I was trying to figure out how to hide. I know he was going to come up here soon. And I know what would happen if he did. We just like her would be beat, he was a drunk that could never hold his temper so I knew that we were in trouble.
'Why do we have to be upstairs' I thought to myself like many other things like 'why is this happening to us.'
Before my dad died our family was actually functional.
One of the many things I regret are how much I took my dad for granite. But then again when you're 9 years old you don't think that your dad is going to die in a traffic accident on his way to work. Juan ,my step dad, was her desperate attempt for happiness. She thought by remarrying 8 months later was saving our family. She knows was he does to us and that we want to leave but she thinks we can't make it without him. He knows that too and takes advantage of it.
The first time he took advantage of us was 6 months ago. He came home drunk and they started fighting. He called her a worthless whore and started beating her and I ran down the stairs. I screamed and tried to stop them thats when he took of his belt and started whipping me. I told Sakura to run and hide under my bed and she ran off. He turned my around and starting to try to get on top of me. He pressed his alchohal stentched lips on mine and worked his tongue in my mouth. I started crying and my mom tried to get him off me. He threatened to kill her so she ran to Sakura. I couldn't believe what I was seeing she and Sakura left me and this 28 year old man was on top of me. He grabbed my breast and tried to pull my pants down. I tried to fight him off and did not suceed. He pulled his pants down to his ankle and did the same to me. I was shaking so bad at that point I didnt even realise what i was saying. I was begging him to stop. He went into me as I cried out of pain. 'Why me, what did i do to deserve this?' when he finished he kissed me somemore and told me he loved me until he passed out still on top of me. I sat there with my pants still down in shock. No one came to help me so I just pushed him off me and went to my room. I was in such a daze that I didn't go cry to my mom, I felt betrayed by her. And that night I cried myself to sleep trying to ignore the desperate attempts of my mother trying to get in my room.
Tonight was another one of those nights but now I hid and locked the door. 'The least you could do is keep Sakura safe' that is the only thing i thought of now. I no longer had any self respect for me but it was better that way. I was raped many other times than that night. I tried to turn him in but he was obsessed with me always following me and telling me he loved me, and now he beats me if i don't say it back. I even ran away but I wouldn't get far before he caught me and beat me.
I could hear the screams of pain from my mom as she was getting beats and pulled Sakura closer to me. This was getting really bad, worse than it's ever been before.
all i could hear is their screaming.
"Don't you talk back to me you fucking slut."
"No please, Im sorry!" my mom sounded so pathetic. But then again we all were.
"I don't fucking love you bitch. I don't even want to fuck you anymore."
"Stop, don't go get Sayuri please."
"Why she's the only one that i love get the hell off me." He said as he smacks her to the ground.
'Here he comes' I thought to myself as I was about to hid Sakura under the bed.
"She doesn't fucking love you Juan!" My mother said. I immediatly froze, she has never talked back to him before so i knew she was in danger.
"What the fuck did you just say to me?"
I unlocked the door and started charging to the stairs. I could hear screams of pain 'he's killing her.' I thought as i ran down the stairs. I turned the corner to the kitchen as I heard 3 gunshots fired. That was when my knees gave out. The scene I saw was exactly what I thought would happen one day. My mom was lying there motionless with blood pouring from three bulliet holes. One in her leg causing her to fall, and the other two in her chest. He heard my cries from behind and turned to face me. He lowered the gun immediatly and started walking slowly to me as I slowly backed away.
"You do love me don't you Sayuri?" he said as he kneeled in front of me and dropped the gun to his side.
"Tell me you do!" He screamed in my face and smacked me so i fell over. I saw the gun next to me and hid it behind my back. He scooped me back up and started to try to take off my clothes.
"Tell me you love me." He said into my ear and waited for my reply.
I put my mouth next to his ear and whispered, "Die you heartless bastard." I fired 5 shots into him. Three in his chest, and two in his head. He layed motionless on top of me as I sat there and let is blood drain out on me as I felt a strange feeling of victory.
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