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Sayuri's 'Happy Ending'

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What happened after Sayuri shot her step dad.

Category: Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-06-15 - Updated: 2007-06-16 - 411 words

It has been four years since i murdered my step dad. You'd think that after that man
died I would have a happy life.
But during this time me and Sayuri have been sent to live with his sister in Tokyo,
She doesn't believe me when i said that he killed my mom and raped me. Treats us badly
not as bad as that man did but abusies me and makes me work for her.
I don't have the courage to turn her in. Me and Sayuri have gone through too much pain
to just leave again.
The only reason we came here is because she sadly is the only family we have left.
Other than this house we have no place to go other than the orphanage.
I don't want to risk having Sayuri taken away from me. Plus i am the only one that gets
My aunt seems to like her except for when she tells her to stop when she's
beating me or overworking me.
All i have to do is stay quiet and do what she asks until we have enough money to find a
place of our own. Even though I know she's not going to let us just leave, I have to think
of a way to hide it from her.
I start high school in five days but i'm not sure if she'll let me go. It's illegal for her not to
so i'm hoping that will make her let me go.
Middle School was a blur. I didn't talk to anyone and I worked everyday after school. I
had no social life but didn't care, even though i got called names like Serial Killer Sakura
I payed no mind to those. I didn't try to explain my story and tell them they're all wrong.
The more I ignored them the worse the rumors got, but what is better telling them 'No he
raped me and killed my mom so i killed him!'
They wouldn't believe me anyways. Plus i've learned not to trust anybody. Before i moved
to Tokyo i had many friends but after the killings they all stopped talking to me. Even if
they did believe me they were still scared of me. Even my closest friend Aya ignored me.
i just hope that i can carry on the same way i did in middle school. Quiet, and most of all
numb to all of my emotions.
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