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Dream'd a Dream

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Leon wasn't entirely sure about the mermaid in his dream, but it was typical of what would show up with D. [Spoilers for... One of the chapters in Volume 8 of the manga. The one with the mermaid. >_>]

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Romeo: I dream'd a dream to-night.
Mercutio: And so did I.
Romeo: Well, what was yours?
Mercutio: That dreamers often lie.
Romeo: Aye, in bed asleep, while they do dream things true.
Leon has always dreamt about people he knows - or, in the case of his more fun dreams, people whose bodies he's practically memorised - so it doesn't freak him out perhaps as much as it should've to find himself dreaming about D. The mermaid though, that he isn't too sure of but it was the sort of thing that would show in a dream with D.

(He finds himself thinking about Evangeline Blue though, and that isn't the sort of thing he needs first thing in the morning. It was better than the flesh eating rabbits though...)

In his dreams, there's that beach they went to the other week, the week he's forgotten; and there's Chris, and D being even more of a spaz than usual, and - and a volcano, he thinks. Something like that. Something that makes the ground shake and the air taste like ash in his mouth, even this far out on the -

That was it. There was a mermaid, and an old geezer who suddenly wasn't so old, and there was a boat. A boat with him and D on, and D standing at the railing, smiling at him oddly. D had said something - something about forgetting.

Leon stares at his bedroom ceiling, eyes tracing over the curve of a blonde pin-up's ass without really seeing it, trying to pull the threads of a dream back to him before they vanished entirely. This is important - dream or no dream (and when it came to D he's starting to believe that no, they really aren't dreams) he needs to remember.

There'd been a question, he remembered that.

More importantly, there'd been an answer.
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