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DND Remix AIM Style

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this is something my friends and i came up with. it revolves around DND and it was all done in an AIM chat room.

Category: Adventure Quest - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-06-16 - Updated: 2007-06-17 - 3606 words

Jdfwrestler (5:23:08 PM): Mike'd b a blind swordsman
Jdfwrestler (5:23:42 PM): Who is unmatched, but his blindness is from a curse, not genetics
Jdfwrestler (5:24:13 PM): I would be a paladin, and the leader
Jdfwrestler (5:25:00 PM): Kellie'd b a wizard.
Jdfwrestler (5:25:22 PM): troy would b a knight, who's half Angel
Angel Knight24 (5:25:32 PM): ok, works 4 me
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:25:44 PM): what about me?
Jdfwrestler (5:25:44 PM): And Kitty would b an archer
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:25:49 PM): no
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:26:02 PM): ill be a murderer
BlindNDangerous (5:26:04 PM): perfect for her.
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:26:15 PM): no its not
Jdfwrestler (5:26:28 PM): A blind swordsman
Jdfwrestler (5:26:33 PM): or swordmaster
Jdfwrestler (5:26:50 PM): Plus we needed an archer...
Jdfwrestler (5:30:18 PM): and a thief
Jdfwrestler (5:30:33 PM): ok, Courtney's now an archer/thief
Angel Knight24 (5:34:59 PM): since she is the wizard
Jdfwrestler (5:35:02 PM): Okay, since i m leader, Troy, make camp, mike go run into a tree, Kitty, go shoot squirrels, Kellie, make a fire.
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:35:15 PM): i refuse to shoot anything
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:35:21 PM): thats mean
Jdfwrestler (5:35:29 PM): We need food!
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:35:31 PM): -shoots an arrow at josh's head-
Angel Knight24 (5:35:34 PM): ok, ill make my angel clones help me make camp.
Jdfwrestler (5:35:43 PM): -Catches it with paladin magic-
Jdfwrestler (5:36:06 PM): Go steal food from other camps then
Jdfwrestler (5:36:25 PM): yes u r, ur the only long-range person we have
Jdfwrestler (5:36:56 PM): Fine, Kellie, make kitty a cloak that makes her turn into a doggie when she wants
Angel Knight24 (5:36:58 PM): josh, you and kellie can shoot magic at ppl. Don't forget that
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:37:01 PM): no
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:37:03 PM): a wolf!
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:37:11 PM): a nice wolf
Jdfwrestler (5:37:16 PM): Fine, a wolf shapeshifting cloak
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:37:25 PM): i can catch things then you can kill them
Jdfwrestler (5:37:51 PM): is that okay Kitty, cuz we're gonna need a thief, and inns r normally no pets aloud
Angel Knight24 (5:37:57 PM): i want an item that turns me full angel
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:38:02 PM): inns?
Angel Knight24 (5:38:11 PM): when i want
Jdfwrestler (5:38:14 PM): Wouldn't that just happen when ur nearly dead or angry?
BlindNDangerous (5:38:16 PM): ok since josh is the leader can i be second-in-command?
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:38:19 PM): i can be a thief doggy hunter person
Angel Knight24 (5:38:34 PM): i guess so, josh
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:38:51 PM): -puppy dog pout-
Angel Knight24 (5:38:52 PM): im in charge of weapondry
Jdfwrestler (5:38:54 PM): Ok... um... if i die, or am not here, Mike is in command
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:39:02 PM): pwease
Jdfwrestler (5:39:04 PM): Troy is weaponry person
Angel Knight24 (5:39:06 PM): 3rd in command
Jdfwrestler (5:39:16 PM): Kitty is in charge of supplies
Angel Knight24 (5:39:28 PM): she is 4th
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:39:29 PM): i be the wolfie thief hunter person
Angel Knight24 (5:39:39 PM): kellie is last
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:39:48 PM): kellie is lost
Jdfwrestler (5:39:48 PM): Kellie does magic stuff (like potions, wands, etc.)
Angel Knight24 (5:39:58 PM): if everyone dies, kellie is the leader
Jdfwrestler (5:40:11 PM): And now i'll go hunt squirrels since Kitty won't do it
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:40:17 PM): listen to me!
Angel Knight24 (5:40:23 PM): i make light-type weapons
Jdfwrestler (5:40:41 PM): Already got 1, thx, Paladins get magic swords
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:40:45 PM): i want to be half human half wolf so i can change whenever i want and ill catch things and you can kill them, then i can steal things
Jdfwrestler (5:41:00 PM): Mike has a rune-blade made 4 him by his dead uncle
Jdfwrestler (5:41:16 PM): That's a good idea, kitty, u b that
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:41:19 PM): yay!
Angel Knight24 (5:41:27 PM): i made it have a light shield
Jdfwrestler (5:41:31 PM): is Kellie there?
Angel Knight24 (5:41:31 PM): or barrier
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:41:33 PM): can i fly?
Angel Knight24 (5:41:37 PM): no
Jdfwrestler (5:41:39 PM): idk....
Angel Knight24 (5:41:46 PM): wolf cant fly
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:41:48 PM): oh well
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:41:51 PM): if they had wings
Angel Knight24 (5:42:01 PM): no
Jdfwrestler (5:42:04 PM): Troy can.
Angel Knight24 (5:42:07 PM): you have enuf
Angel Knight24 (5:42:11 PM): yes!
Jdfwrestler (5:42:25 PM): and i can't, i just glide real well.
Angel Knight24 (5:42:33 PM): duh, im an angel, i have to b able to fly
Jdfwrestler (5:42:35 PM): Dragon blood rox
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:42:40 PM): fine then i can run faster than you
Jdfwrestler (5:42:48 PM): She probably can
Angel Knight24 (5:42:49 PM): so does angel immortality
Angel Knight24 (5:43:05 PM): ok, she can nrun fast
Jdfwrestler (5:43:11 PM): Ok, Mike, u want any srange characteristics?
Angel Knight24 (5:43:28 PM): what can he so
BlindNDangerous (5:43:29 PM): what do u mean by strange?
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:43:34 PM): my fur when im a wolfie is black
Angel Knight24 (5:43:36 PM): he is just good wit swords
BlindNDangerous (5:43:46 PM): nah i want more then that.
Angel Knight24 (5:43:55 PM): so what is it?
Jdfwrestler (5:44:25 PM): Maybe u were possessed by a demon, so u have darkness powers, which is also why ur blind and good with a sword.
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:44:39 PM): he doesnt believe in demons or possesions
BlindNDangerous (5:44:45 PM): i like josh's idea.
Angel Knight24 (5:44:46 PM): nice, josh
Angel Knight24 (5:44:51 PM): me too
Angel Knight24 (5:45:23 PM): me and mike r always fighting cuz im half light and he is half dark
BlindNDangerous (5:45:32 PM): no i'm light
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:45:33 PM): i bite people
Angel Knight24 (5:45:45 PM): im a freaking angel, mike
BlindNDangerous (5:45:47 PM): nice kitty nice
Jdfwrestler (5:45:50 PM): He cast out his demon, but the curse reamains
Angel Knight24 (5:46:07 PM): so he is dark
Jdfwrestler (5:46:27 PM): But he's not evil, just dark element
BlindNDangerous (5:46:31 PM): so in other words, i have darkness powers (like Riku in KH), but i don't have a demon inside me.
Angel Knight24 (5:46:42 PM): yes
Jdfwrestler (5:46:49 PM): u cast it out, but its curse was what made u blind
Jdfwrestler (5:47:06 PM): yea mike, correct
BlindNDangerous (5:47:08 PM): cool i'm like Riku.
Angel Knight24 (5:47:16 PM): and the demond was a swordmaster\
Jdfwrestler (5:47:27 PM): so that's what Mike's all about.
Angel Knight24 (5:47:28 PM): thats why you r one
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:47:30 PM): i be half evil
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:47:36 PM): since i have a bad attitude
Angel Knight24 (5:47:40 PM): no, you have enuf
BlindNDangerous (5:47:40 PM): and Riku knows how to kick ass.
Jdfwrestler (5:47:53 PM): Kellie's back, somebody think something up
Angel Knight24 (5:47:54 PM): hey, so does sora!
BlindNDangerous (5:48:04 PM): true
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:48:12 PM): whos sora
Angel Knight24 (5:48:12 PM): he is light
Angel Knight24 (5:48:18 PM): in kh
BlindNDangerous (5:48:36 PM): but i have darkness and light in me.
BlindNDangerous (5:48:57 PM): riku has darkness and light in him. that's y he can use darkness powers.
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:48:59 PM): im half evil
LiL TurTle 112 (5:49:18 PM): back
Angel Knight24 (5:49:30 PM): no you dont,i have all the light in the group
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:49:31 PM): ok
Jdfwrestler (5:49:34 PM): Troy came 2 Earth so he could hunt Mike's demon.
Jdfwrestler (5:49:47 PM): And i have light since i m a paladin
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:49:51 PM): brb
BlindNDangerous (5:50:00 PM): and i do because i cast out my demon.
Angel Knight24 (5:50:03 PM): ok, josh does
Angel Knight24 (5:50:19 PM): but noone has as much light energy as me
Jdfwrestler (5:50:29 PM): That's y Troy is half angel, he gave up half so he could come 2 earth
Jdfwrestler (5:50:45 PM): Since full angels can't interfere on Earth
Angel Knight24 (5:50:56 PM): yeah
LiL TurTle 112 (5:51:08 PM) has left the room.
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:51:13 PM): back
Jdfwrestler (5:51:33 PM): But mike had already cast out his demon.
Jdfwrestler (5:51:59 PM): So, ur hunting it, i m since i m a paladin and hate demons.
Angel Knight24 (5:52:09 PM): when i turn full angel, i can only fight for 2 mins, if i dont change back, ill returl to heaven, forever
Jdfwrestler (5:52:42 PM): Kellie came with cuz she's my GF...
Angel Knight24 (5:52:54 PM): the more i lose in a fight, the more angel i become
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:53:02 PM): came with what? an instuction manual?
LiL TurTle 112 (5:53:06 PM): thx
LiL TurTle 112 (5:53:20 PM): ok wat r we talkin about?
Angel Knight24 (5:53:25 PM): d and d
Jdfwrestler (5:53:25 PM): Kellie, ur my Gf in the D&D game.
Angel Knight24 (5:53:31 PM): ooooooo
LiL TurTle 112 (5:53:35 PM): sweetness
LiL TurTle 112 (5:53:54 PM): lol
Jdfwrestler (5:53:55 PM): We're hunting a demon, and u followed since u hate it when i go off adventuring
LiL TurTle 112 (5:54:08 PM): lol
Angel Knight24 (5:54:08 PM): i only think of defeating, and destroying darkness
Jdfwrestler (5:54:11 PM): And Kitty came b/c she was bored and tagged along
LiL TurTle 112 (5:54:19 PM): lol
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:54:20 PM): im a wold now
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:54:22 PM): *wolf
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:54:34 PM): can i kill the demon or is it like a ghost like thing?
LiL TurTle 112 (5:54:36 PM): lol sweetness
Angel Knight24 (5:54:42 PM): im using mike as a guide to track his former demon
Jdfwrestler (5:54:53 PM): Only light weapons and light magic can harm a demon this powerful
Angel Knight24 (5:55:00 PM): you cant kill it
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:55:02 PM): grr
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:55:06 PM): fine
Angel Knight24 (5:55:09 PM): only i can
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:55:12 PM): ill kill rabbits or something
Angel Knight24 (5:55:15 PM): yes
Jdfwrestler (5:55:18 PM): If i or Troy augment her arrows with light she could.
LiL TurTle 112 (5:55:24 PM): go kill it then
Angel Knight24 (5:55:25 PM): yeah
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:55:29 PM): im not an archer
Jdfwrestler (5:55:43 PM): Ad i can harm the demon since i m a paladin
Angel Knight24 (5:55:45 PM): yes you r
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:55:48 PM): no!
Angel Knight24 (5:55:52 PM): when you r a human, you r
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:56:01 PM): fine well right now im a wolf
Angel Knight24 (5:56:11 PM): ok, so your not, rite now
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:56:18 PM): yes i know
Jdfwrestler (5:56:25 PM): Mike can b/c of his rune-blade.
BlindNDangerous (5:56:37 PM): wait what?
BlindNDangerous (5:56:44 PM): i'm lost someone explain.
Angel Knight24 (5:56:53 PM): it was put it holy water after it was made
Jdfwrestler (5:57:12 PM): U have a rune-blade, which is y the demon was after u.
BlindNDangerous (5:57:21 PM): and...what is that?
BlindNDangerous (5:57:54 PM): what is a rune-blade?
Jdfwrestler (5:58:01 PM): A rune--blade is a sword forged by angels and left to soak in holy water 4 100 years.
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:58:01 PM): a sword
Jdfwrestler (5:58:33 PM): Its incredibly powerful
LiL TurTle 112 (5:59:11 PM): sits under a tree
Angel Knight24 (5:59:16 PM): after his dad died, he made one and put his soul in it, to speed up the soaking period
Sk8erxGurl13 (5:59:41 PM): -sits with bunny-
Jdfwrestler (5:59:51 PM): mmhmm, but the demoon came after him b/c its the last rune-blade.
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:00:05 PM): -gets up and kills a rabbit-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:00:21 PM): lmaooooooo
Angel Knight24 (6:00:22 PM): yeah, demonds only come after fully soaked ones
Jdfwrestler (6:00:26 PM): Goo,d Keliie, toast the rabbit with a fire spell
LiL TurTle 112 (6:00:35 PM): lafs at the wolf at her attemp to kill a rabbit
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:00:42 PM): i did kill it
Jdfwrestler (6:00:51 PM): Kellie, fire the rabbit
Angel Knight24 (6:00:52 PM): yells at kellie and courtney 4 being lazy
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:00:56 PM): with my teeth
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:01:02 PM): ahem
Angel Knight24 (6:01:03 PM): oh yeah, i have a temper
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:01:06 PM): its kitty
Angel Knight24 (6:01:11 PM): sometimes
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:01:12 PM): i have a bad attitude
Jdfwrestler (6:01:21 PM): Just watch the language, ur an angel remember?
LiL TurTle 112 (6:01:22 PM): uses a fire spell to kill the rabbit
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:01:27 PM): -is yelled at by the creepy dude-
Angel Knight24 (6:01:41 PM): its like a smart temper
LiL TurTle 112 (6:01:43 PM): HEYY!
Jdfwrestler (6:01:44 PM): Angels can't cuss, so...
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:01:56 PM): lets piss troy off!
LiL TurTle 112 (6:02:03 PM): wait who is the angel?
Angel Knight24 (6:02:08 PM): me
LiL TurTle 112 (6:02:09 PM): ok
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:02:12 PM): -poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke pokes troy-
Angel Knight24 (6:02:28 PM): shoots light at the wolf*
Jdfwrestler (6:02:33 PM): Binds both girls with light chains so they can't move
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:02:34 PM): i dont get it
BlindNDangerous (6:02:37 PM): all i know is that kellie just killed a rabbit and troy can't cuss.
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:02:41 PM): -moves-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:02:50 PM): no i killed the rabbit
Angel Knight24 (6:03:01 PM): im not affected by light anythings
Jdfwrestler (6:03:14 PM): Kellie and Kitty, please go make a fire and cook some rabbits
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:03:19 PM): ok
LiL TurTle 112 (6:03:24 PM): ok
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:03:27 PM): curiousity killed the cat
LiL TurTle 112 (6:03:35 PM): helps kitty make a fire
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:03:37 PM): -looks for some bunnies to kill-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:03:53 PM): -sniffs the ground for bunnies-
BlindNDangerous (6:04:10 PM): i have some kind of powerful blade, kellie killed a bunny.
Jdfwrestler (6:04:19 PM): Troy came with us so that he could hunt the demon that came after u.
LiL TurTle 112 (6:04:20 PM): helps her hunt for bunnies
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:04:21 PM): -lays down cause she sees a bunny-
Angel Knight24 (6:04:31 PM): i dont need much food or sleep
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:04:37 PM): same
Angel Knight24 (6:04:45 PM): i only need half the humanly amount
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:04:55 PM): -pounces on the bunny and sinks claws and teeth into it-
Jdfwrestler (6:05:01 PM): Dragons don't sleep, but they need more food than normal
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:05:02 PM): ahem, btw, this is a BIG bunny
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:05:14 PM): -bites the bunny more-
Angel Knight24 (6:05:19 PM): cuz me and courtney r both half human
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:05:31 PM): -brings the bunny back to kellie and drops it at her feet then sits down-
LiL TurTle 112 (6:05:33 PM): lol
Jdfwrestler (6:05:34 PM): i m half human, or half dragon.
Jdfwrestler (6:05:48 PM): Mike's full human, but under a demon curse...
Angel Knight24 (6:05:52 PM): thats the same thing, josh
LiL TurTle 112 (6:05:55 PM): picks the bunny up good girl
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:06:06 PM): -chases her tail like an idiot-
Jdfwrestler (6:06:13 PM): Kellie's full human, but she's a wizard anyway.
Angel Knight24 (6:06:16 PM): laughs
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:06:25 PM): i can be the entertainer
LiL TurTle 112 (6:06:28 PM): lmao
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:06:37 PM): -falls to the ground-
Angel Knight24 (6:06:38 PM): summons a light dog to play with kitty
Jdfwrestler (6:06:41 PM): *throws daggers at a target on a tree
Jdfwrestler (6:07:00 PM): Suumons a light cat 4 Troy's Light dog 2 chase
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:07:03 PM): -sits near josh and watches him throw things at a poor innocent tree-
BlindNDangerous (6:07:13 PM): tests out rune-blade
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:07:28 PM): -digs a hole-
Jdfwrestler (6:07:37 PM): Nearly cuts me in half Watch where ur swinging that!
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:07:48 PM): -wispers- hey josh
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:07:54 PM): fall in this hole i dugged
BlindNDangerous (6:07:58 PM): fights like leone
Jdfwrestler (6:08:08 PM): leone?
BlindNDangerous (6:08:16 PM): squawl?
LiL TurTle 112 (6:08:20 PM): a lone?
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:08:30 PM): -barks-
BlindNDangerous (6:08:35 PM): leon?
Angel Knight24 (6:08:37 PM): its leon
LiL TurTle 112 (6:08:41 PM): im coming
Jdfwrestler (6:08:43 PM): o, squall had a gunblade tho
Angel Knight24 (6:08:49 PM): or squall leonheart
LiL TurTle 112 (6:08:52 PM): goes to the hole
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:08:54 PM): -chases a rat-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:09:03 PM): make that a butterfly
LiL TurTle 112 (6:09:10 PM): lol
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:09:16 PM): -chases a butterfly-
Jdfwrestler (6:09:16 PM): Changes rat into butterfly
BlindNDangerous (6:09:19 PM): i just thought of a ability that i can have as well as the darkness powers.
LiL TurTle 112 (6:09:29 PM): acts totaly blonde and falls into the hole
Jdfwrestler (6:09:32 PM): Tell me, and i'll say if its fair or not
LiL TurTle 112 (6:10:06 PM): help me
BlindNDangerous (6:10:13 PM): alright what if i have different kinds of fighting styles, like leone, cloud and sefiroth(sp?) or riku or sora? tory and u choose.
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:10:14 PM): -goes over to kellie-
Jdfwrestler (6:10:19 PM): Levitates kellie out of hole
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:10:21 PM): -pants and looks at her-
BlindNDangerous (6:10:29 PM): lon troy
LiL TurTle 112 (6:10:32 PM): heyy that was funn
Angel Knight24 (6:10:34 PM): falls asleep laughing at foolish mortals
Jdfwrestler (6:10:35 PM): U can fight however u want
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:10:36 PM): lmao
LiL TurTle 112 (6:10:47 PM): lol
BlindNDangerous (6:10:54 PM): troy u forgot the * or -
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:10:56 PM): -watches the angel sleep-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:11:05 PM): troy.... do you wear a gown thingy?
LiL TurTle 112 (6:11:16 PM): o wow troy an angel?
Jdfwrestler (6:11:22 PM): Kicks troy with steel toed boot "Get up and make camp!"
Angel Knight24 (6:11:23 PM): um,, i dont
LiL TurTle 112 (6:11:25 PM): r u sure he aint a devil?
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:11:31 PM): ok
Angel Knight24 (6:11:40 PM): ahhhh, ok,ok, im going
Jdfwrestler (6:11:42 PM): I'll help
BlindNDangerous (6:11:44 PM): where'd u get the boots josh?
Jdfwrestler (6:11:55 PM): Paladin headquarters.
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:11:56 PM): -sits, pants, and watches the guys make a camp-
BlindNDangerous (6:12:03 PM): damn u
Angel Knight24 (6:12:21 PM): uses godly powers to make a camp out of the earth
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:12:23 PM): -lays down and falls asleep-
LiL TurTle 112 (6:12:27 PM): sits under tree whille watching her BF make camp
Jdfwrestler (6:12:28 PM): Kellie should b able 2 make u some, but swordmasteers need 2 move fast, so i wouldn't advise it.
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:12:31 PM): -under a tree-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:12:57 PM): what time of day is it?
Angel Knight24 (6:13:00 PM): -practices flying-
BlindNDangerous (6:13:05 PM): puts blade away since i won't be needing it right now
Angel Knight24 (6:13:06 PM): -speeds up-
Jdfwrestler (6:13:33 PM): Climbs a tree, jumps out, and glides down.
LiL TurTle 112 (6:13:38 PM): watches troy fly
Angel Knight24 (6:13:39 PM): -flys soo fast cuts a dark hole thatrs light-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:13:56 PM): -sleeps-
LiL TurTle 112 (6:14:19 PM): sleeps
Jdfwrestler (6:14:32 PM): Yells Troy get down her so u can slepp
LiL TurTle 112 (6:14:44 PM): lol
Jdfwrestler (6:14:46 PM): sleep*
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:14:47 PM): what time of day is it? evening?
BlindNDangerous (6:14:49 PM): takes out blade, and just for the heck of it, uses Strike Raid on josh as he's flying
Angel Knight24 (6:14:54 PM): argues wit josh about sleep
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:15:06 PM): *evening
Jdfwrestler (6:15:10 PM): Heals himself since he got a nasty wound from mike's balde
BlindNDangerous (6:15:14 PM): troy u may wanna explain what strike raid is.
Jdfwrestler (6:15:16 PM): Night
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:15:24 PM): ok
Jdfwrestler (6:15:26 PM): Strike is an attack, i asume
Jdfwrestler (6:15:33 PM): strike raid*
Angel Knight24 (6:15:44 PM): yeah
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:16:10 PM): -picks head up and perks ears-
LiL TurTle 112 (6:16:13 PM): wakes up to see the stars
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:16:15 PM): -listens-
BlindNDangerous (6:16:19 PM): but it works like this at least i think it does: i throw my blade at u, it comes back, then i do it about five times more.
LiL TurTle 112 (6:16:31 PM): listening to the guys talk
Jdfwrestler (6:16:35 PM): -Goes and sits on a rock, since i don't need 2 sleep-
Angel Knight24 (6:16:43 PM): you have energy around you and you charge at someone with the blade, then you throw it at them
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:16:52 PM): -gets up and walks near a tree-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:16:55 PM): -growls-
Angel Knight24 (6:17:03 PM): i dont sleep much
LiL TurTle 112 (6:17:08 PM): gets scared and jumps
BlindNDangerous (6:17:11 PM): puts blade away and sleeps josh can keep watch.
Jdfwrestler (6:17:18 PM): -Glares at kitty since she interrupted his thought-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:17:23 PM): -takes off into the forest at full speed-
Jdfwrestler (6:17:33 PM): Troy, go chase Kitty
LiL TurTle 112 (6:17:40 PM): watches the stars
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:17:42 PM): -barks at a deer-
Jdfwrestler (6:17:45 PM): Since u won't sleep
Angel Knight24 (6:17:55 PM): haha -flys full speed to catch kitty-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:17:59 PM): NO
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:18:03 PM): im hunting for you people
LiL TurTle 112 (6:18:10 PM): lol
Angel Knight24 (6:18:20 PM): -keeps close watch on kitty-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:18:25 PM): -stops because troy distracted kitty-
Jdfwrestler (6:18:27 PM): -sighs and wonders y its taken nearly a half hour 2 make camp-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:18:31 PM): -looks around-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:18:44 PM): -growls softly and walks slowly-
Angel Knight24 (6:18:50 PM): -turns off light aura-
BlindNDangerous (6:18:50 PM): josh let us know if anything happens, i think the rest of us will sleep.
LiL TurTle 112 (6:18:52 PM): aww
LiL TurTle 112 (6:18:54 PM): kitty
Angel Knight24 (6:19:02 PM): im awake
Jdfwrestler (6:19:06 PM): Go ahead, full humans go sleep
LiL TurTle 112 (6:19:07 PM): its not that bad this has happened everynight
Angel Knight24 (6:19:19 PM): thats onlt 2 ppl
Angel Knight24 (6:19:23 PM): that sleep
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:19:29 PM): -jumps really high and runs really fast and gets right behind a deere thats running really fast-
Angel Knight24 (6:20:03 PM): -follows kitty unnoticed-
LiL TurTle 112 (6:20:10 PM): stairs at josh for a whille
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:20:15 PM): -jumps on the deer's back and scratches him and bites it, which makes it fall to the ground-
LiL TurTle 112 (6:20:20 PM): then looks away
Jdfwrestler (6:20:35 PM): Points out the fact that Kitty can't b a vegetarian and a wolf
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:20:41 PM): -bites the deer's neck and stuff-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:20:50 PM): -until its dead-
LiL TurTle 112 (6:20:59 PM): lol
Angel Knight24 (6:21:02 PM): o yeah
BlindNDangerous (6:21:04 PM): continues to sleep
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:21:14 PM): -picks up the doe and drags it back to camp-
Angel Knight24 (6:21:39 PM): -flys to private spot-
Angel Knight24 (6:21:44 PM): -and meditates-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:21:48 PM): -when she's almost there, sets the deer down and barks a little to tell everyone she's back-
Angel Knight24 (6:21:56 PM): centers light powers
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:22:22 PM): -picks the deer back up and drags it to mike and barks at him-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:22:51 PM): im not gonna be a vegan. in this game
BlindNDangerous (6:22:53 PM): wakes up "c'mon people, we're trying to sleep here!"
Jdfwrestler (6:23:00 PM): ok
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:23:06 PM): -pants and looks at mike-
Angel Knight24 (6:23:21 PM): yellshut up, im trying to meditate!
Angel Knight24 (6:23:27 PM): yells*
LiL TurTle 112 (6:23:32 PM): laughs silently so she wont wake anyone from their slumber
Jdfwrestler (6:23:38 PM): -Meditates and lets mike have command since he;s done-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:24:02 PM): -forgets about the mike and drags the deere to josh, sits, pants, and looks at him-
Jdfwrestler (6:24:05 PM): Light ppl have 2 meditate
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:24:08 PM): *deer
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:24:14 PM): idk why i keep spelling it deere
Angel Knight24 (6:24:19 PM): -gives mike light energy so he will stay awake long enef to keep grard-
Jdfwrestler (6:24:20 PM): -Takes deer and eats it.-
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:24:29 PM): hey!
BlindNDangerous (6:24:36 PM): "thanks"
Jdfwrestler (6:24:42 PM): Meditating makes me hungry
LiL TurTle 112 (6:24:49 PM): lol
Angel Knight24 (6:24:55 PM): hey, he is 1/2 dragon, he needs lots of food
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:25:06 PM): not a whole deer
BlindNDangerous (6:25:21 PM): "fine u guys do what u want i suggest sleep, i'll keep guard with josh here"
LiL TurTle 112 (6:25:21 PM): yeah hun save some for me
Jdfwrestler (6:25:38 PM): Yea i do, i need like, 4 times the normal amount of food.
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:25:48 PM): -walks over to the... do we have a fire?
Angel Knight24 (6:25:51 PM): still meditating
BlindNDangerous (6:25:57 PM) has left the room.
LiL TurTle 112 (6:26:00 PM): yeah
Jdfwrestler (6:26:01 PM): I'll hunt since mike's running on light energy.
blindnDangerous (6:26:02 PM) has been invited.
BlindNDangerous (6:26:08 PM) has entered the room.
Sk8erxGurl13 (6:26:26 PM): oh well now we do -walks over to the fire and curls up and sleeps-
BlindNDangerous (6:26:32 PM): keeps guard
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