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A couple more poems

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Beauty and a couple more :P

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Beauty of a rose

"Whats in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" -Shakespeare
A gift for you,
A rose is all I could get you,
I hope you dont think less of me,
For this is all I could afford.
And although this rose could never compare
When I saw it all I could do was stare
and think of You, fighting a Nightmare,
and how even in those Moments,
I find that for you i care,
So I ignore their comments,
and give you this one rose,
and like the Model you are,
with it you pose,
amidst the stars,
which shine with envy,
for the beauty found on earth,
not of Earth, but of you.


Those old pills,
gave Her the chills,
but these new pills,
they gave Her thrills,
even the the strawberry spills,
its juices onto the windowsills,
where she sits,
And spits,
when the taste,
is like the pits

A wedding for her
I should feel happier. But why should I? As I sit here waiting for a man I know won't come...I can't help but think and wonder, what made me think he would come in the first place. He is clearly in love with Her, so why waste my time. The best I can hope to do is smile. Show him he has no hold over my heart anymore.

A hard day's work
This pointless little building is what I think when I see it. I look over to John and can't help but say "What brings us here?". John stares at me, smiles a sad, sad smile and simply says: "Work". So I stare back, and up, and this towering metal beast. The one that will be my prison for another 10, maybe 12 hours. I just keep staring, neverminding my coworkers, coworkers which are only so in name, but don't actually contribute anything to me, they just take up space. When I first started, I had dreams, dreams of ascending. But as I soon found out, you have to be willing to backstab those closest to you, to get to The Top. And so, thinking of that, I stare back at this beast, smile a TRUE smile and look back at John. "Lets go in already" I say. John stares at me, like I've gone crazy. I just smile back, thinking that no matter what, at least I haven't allowed myself to be corrupted, and that I have her to go back to every day or night.
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