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Waxing Lasts Longer

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Lucian has some issues with Viktor's use of the bathroom...

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Title: Waxing Lasts Longer

Author: Henrika

Rating: Mild R

Fandom: Underworld

Pairing: Viktor/Lucian

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters in this story, and I'm making no money from writing this.

Summary: Lucian has some issues with Viktor's use of the bathroom...


After just about 45 minutes of waiting, Lucian had had enough. Whatever Viktor was doing in the bathroom, it would have to stop now. It was early evening, and the Lycan leader had an urgent need to use the toilet, and taking a shower was his second priority.

This was not fair! He had chosen the motel, paid for the room, and Viktor still acted like he owned it? Lucian gritted his teeth. That pompous prick for a Vampire! They were not at his luxury suite at Ordoghaz, and maybe it was time to remind Viktor of that!

Grabbing a towel, Lucian marched to the bathroom door and delivered two very determined knocks to it. When he got no answer, he knocked again, harder this time. "Viktor! Your time is up! Get out of there!"

"I'm not ready yet!" came the snapped reply. The Vampire sounded irate, to say the least, and Lucian was beginning to feel like Viktor sounded. "Give me another fifteen minutes!"

"Fifteen minutes?!" Lucian fumed. "You wretched Blood, you've been in there for almost an hour! Has it crossed your mind that I might need to use the bathroom, as well? What are you doing in there, anyway?"

"That's none of your business!" Viktor shot back. "Now be a good little Lycan and wait till I'm done."

"I'll give you two minutes! Two!" Lucian growled, the growing pressure in his abdomen really starting to bother him. "If you're not out of there by then, I'm coming in regardless, you hear me?"

There was no response, and Lucian assumed that the Elder was sulking. Probably he didn't even take the Lycan's "threats" seriously, but Lucian would show him that he meant business. One minute and forty seconds... Leaning against the wall, Lucian sighed and began the countdown.

As expected, Viktor took no heed to his time limit. When the two minutes had passed, Lucian simply took a step forward and pushed down the doorknob. The door was unlocked for the simple reason that there was nothing to lock it with.

The Lycan didn't know exactly what he had been expecting, but it certainly wasn't what he saw. The Vampire was sitting stark naked on the edge of the bathtub, shaving his long, lean legs using a safety razor and shaving cream. For a few seconds, Lucian could nothing but stare. His jaw dropped against his chest, and his already large eyes grew even larger.

When Viktor, after several seconds, became aware of the Lycan's presence, his whole body jerked and the razor slipped, cutting a gash into his left calf. The Vampire shrieked from the pain but quickly regained his composure, angrily glaring at his intruding lover.

"What are you doing in here? Didn't I say I needed more time?" he snipped and felt a blush rising in his face when he saw the look on Lucian's face. The Lycan was staring at him as if he'd just grown a second head - or something worse.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Lucian exclaimed, not sure whether to curse Viktor or laugh at him. "So this is what you've been doing in here for an hour?"

"Well, not the whole hour..." Viktor muttered in his own defence. "I had a shower at first, and then... Now, wait... Why am I explaining this to you? You're intruding on my privacy, in case you mangy beasts even know the meaning of that word! Please go out. I'm not done yet."

"You may think me and mine animals, but we don't urinate in the corners like dogs," Lucian sneered back. "Why do you think I'm here? I need to use the toilet."

Viktor shot him a glum look, still red about the cheeks. "Well, be my guest..."

Lucian snorted, but his need was really dire now, and he didn't exactly have anything that Viktor hadn't seen before.

The Elder went back to business as Lucian lifted the toilet lid and unzipped his pants. He was almost done with his legs, but still there was one area left to shave... Viktor dipped his razor in the water again and scraped the remaining white cream from his long, supple legs, now as smooth as a baby's cheek.

Reaching for the small pair of scissors from the bathroom sink, he turned his attention to the small patch of hair between his legs and began to trim it. Keeping his pubic curls short and neat had always been important to the Elder, who couldn't stand the thought of having an overgrown bush between his legs. Not that he had ever had much hair growth there or in other places, but still.

When Lucian was finished, he flushed the toilet and re-zipped his pants. Supposedly the shower would have to wait... He was just about to turn around and leave when he noticed that Viktor was no longer shaving his legs. Instead he was...-

If Lucian had been surprised before, it was nothing compared to what he felt now. Seeing the Vampire cut the hair around his privates was just something he had never imagined he would see... and wished he hadn't seen.

"Alright, Viktor..." he called out loud enough to disturb Viktor's concentration. The Elder looked up with an aggravated countenance. "If you want to shave your legs, that's fine - makes sleeping next to you much less prickly - but that is taking matters a bit too far!"

The Vampire snorted. "Too far, you say? Well, tell me, Lucian, have you ever complained before? As you may have realized, this is not the first time I trim certain areas of my body."

True, Lucian had had his suspicions, but receiving blatant proof such as this was just... a bit too much. "Seriously, Viktor, what is wrong with some hair?" he asked, nodding at his own hairy chest. "Not that your kind usually has any, but why shave off what you have?"

"Why?" Viktor spat. "Has it occurred to you that I might be doing you a favour? After all, you're not the one spitting hairballs the night after we've spent in bed together, and there is a very good reason for that!"

Despite the insulting comment, Lucian couldn't help laughing, which seemed to aggravate the Elder even more.

"What are you laughing at?" Viktor asked with knitted brows.

"You, and this whole situation," Lucian replied. "I never took you for the vain type, but I guess I was wrong... I'm just waiting for the night when you start obsessing over your fingernails, as well!"

"This has nothing to do with vanity..." the Vampire muttered. "I just feel more comfortable this way..."

"Whatever your reasons are, you've exhausted your time in the bathroom," Lucian stated firmly. "I paid for this room, and now I'm going to take a shower. Move."

"I'm not finished..."

With three long strides, Lucian reached the Vampire and pulled the scissors from his hand. When Viktor opened his mouth to object, he pulled up the Elder himself and started dragging him toward the door.

"Lucian, you can't do this to me...!" Viktor exclaimed but was too flabbergasted to even struggle when his Lycan lover firmly shoved him out of the bathroom in nothing but his birthday suit. The air in the motel room was much colder than the bathroom's humid atmosphere, and a shiver passed through his naked, thin body.

"Oh, and by the way..." Lucian said with a wry grin before closing the door. "Maybe you should try waxing instead of shaving... The effect lasts longer!"

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