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Lucian has to make a difficult choice... *warning*: Character death!

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Title: Remembrance

Author: Henrika (

Pairing: Viktor/Lucian

Rating: R for the theme, I guess.

Summary: Lucian has to make a difficult choice...

Disclaimer: I don't own them, and I'm not making money from writing this.

Warnings: Character death! You have been warned!


"Don't leave me here, Lucian... Don't let them take me... please?"

The last word made the stoic Lycan's face fall. "Viktor... If I continue to carry you, we'll both get caught..." Lucian murmured ruefully while kneeling on the ground with the wounded Vampire's head on his lap. Viktor had been shot twice in the chest, and while neither gunshot wound was directly fatal, a bullet had shattered the Elder's spine just below the ribcage, leaving him paralysed from the waist down.

The Lycan's keen hearing could already grasp the sounds of human snipers moving through the forest toward them. They were close. Very little time was left.

Viktor gazed up at his lover, pain and hurt clouding his beautiful, sky-blue eyes. "I know," he simply said.

"I can't." Lucian shook his head. "You know I can't."

"You must," the Elder rasped, and small rivulet of blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. "You know what they will do to me. You know you don't have a choice. Just do it!"

Lucian just continued to silently shake his head and pulled Viktor's upper body tighter into his arms. The fallen Vampire's right hand clutched his shoulder spasmodically. The strength in the hold almost made the Lycan grimace. Even in this condition, Viktor was still breathtakingly strong.

The sounds caused by their hunters kept coming closer. They were probably less than 600 meters away. The two immortals had two minutes at the very most.

"Viktor, don't talk like that..." Lucian whispered, fervently trying to find a solution to an insoluble problem. "They can fix you up, and then we can run away from them..."

"Are you going to force me to beg?" the Vampire asked wearily, interrupting the Lycan's rambling. They both knew that Lucian was only fooling himself.

One minute and forty seconds...

He held Viktor firmly to his chest and looked into the other's eyes. The Elder's strength was fading, but his mind was still as clear as ever. "Tell me about the time when we went to your cottage in the mountains. Just you and I," Lucian said in a thick voice and tried to smile. "Remember?"

Viktor smiled as well. "To get away from everything... The Coven believed that I was going away in business. That's what I told them, and they never had a reason to doubt me."

"No ruling, no obligations. Only freedom."

One minute and twenty seconds...

"No one to reward or to punish..." Viktor said. "Just a place where I could be myself and stay in bed as long as I wanted with---"

"Forgive me." Lucian broke his loved one's neck before Viktor could finish the sentence and softly lowered the Vampire's now limp head to the ground. Sobs racked his sturdy frame, and he spent the following ten seconds kneeling by the dead Vampire's body, appalled by his own actions even though he knew that he had done it solely out of love for the other man.

One minute...

He was pressed for time. Still sobbing, Lucian rose to his feet and suppressed the urge to lift Viktor's corpse into his arms. No. He had to move swiftly.

"Be at peace, my beautiful Elder..." he said, throwing one last look over his shoulder before darting off into the woods and leaving Viktor - or the earthly shell that remained of him - lying on the ground. They would find his body but nothing beyond that.

Lucian wept.

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