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Freedom of Speech

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Chrys speaks her mind to a crown official

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A.N: This Chapter is quite short. Once again sorry it takes along time. The next one should be quite long.

Chapter 9

Once again I found out the royalties' next move at the market place. However, this time instead of a signpost, Prince Charming had gone full-out and had the royal crier (who I happen to know doubled as a minstrel) go out and read a proclamation. The poor guy was dressed in the silliest outfit that looked more like a jesters uniform than anything else and was accompanied by trumpeters, two formal guards and there was even a royal carriage beside him that probably held an advisor or something inside. I sincerely doubted any of the royal family would come down on this miserable day. (It was not quite raining, but not exactly dry either. Just sort of...well, miserable)
"Here me, here me!" The crier yelled at the top of his lungs he then proceeded to drawl on about the whole 'beautiful masked maiden' thing etc etc. However, finally something caught my attention.
"She who fits this slipper shall be the Crowned Prince Conrad's bride!" In his hand he held Ella's slipper. I couldn't help myself.
"What?! That is the stupidest thing I ever heard!" There was a sort of general gasp and everybody just kind of stepped away from me. I bit back several sarcastic remarks that came to my head that moment, but did elaborate on my statement.
"Oh please! You know you're all thinking about it! It's not like there's only one maiden in the kingdom who wears a size 4 ½!"
"Miss, don't!" a little voice at my elbow hissed. Mistress Silvia the old baker's widow was trying to pull me away gently. (I didn't understand why some of these people still called me "miss". I never acted like I was on a higher station even before the hags came. Heck, my friends were all among their ranks then and still were!)
"It's alright Mistress Silvia." The book-seller said, "Chrystal knows how to take care of herself" feeling encouraged by this statement I continued with my little speech. I hoped it didn't get too melodramatic, since down-to-earth common sense seemed to have to be yelled at their faces bluntly and with brutal honestly get through some of these thick heads!

"Look, this whole thing is ridiculous. In general this kingdom is run fairly, kindly and all in all well. But sometimes you get to full of yourselves and most importantly your stupid image of perfection. Earth to nobility, no one is perfect, and everyone is different. Just because you've got a puny slipper, doesn't mean only one girl will fit it. Half the young girls of noble families are so concerned with how they look for your high and mighty balls, royal functions and passing that 'oh so necessary' expectation of getting married-living 'happily ever after, looking pretty till the day they die that they will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to fit into a description that only perhaps a handful of people actually are naturally. Do you want to know the ugly little truth? Well too bad if you don't. Ladies will be so desperate to cram their foot into that thing they will probably go as far as taking a knife to parts of their feet to make them smaller. If his majesty really loves the girl you're looking for, he'll come and look himself. Otherwise, there's no way he's going to find her." I paused for a little dramatic effect then dipped a mock curtsey (which probably looked quite funny since I was wearing my usual outfit of comfy breeches.) and said in s sickeningly polite tone of voice
"Good day Milord" and with that I tuned on my heel and left. When I reached where my mare was tethered I gave her a carrot and a pat. I always give Starlight a treat and a pat before a ride. She is one of my best and most loyal companions. She's quite a large horse and gets her name from her coat which is ebony black, like the night sky with a perfect eight-pointed star white mark on her forehead as well as three white stoking on her legs stretching from her hooves almost to her knees. Anyway, I saddled her and packed the goods I had gone into town to buy then mounted and rode off. I took the scenic route home as usual. I always cherish the time I get to spend with Starlight.
You know, in hind-sight MAYBE I should have worried a little more about the people in the carriage... ... ...

A slow, smug grin spread across Prince Derrick's face as he recognized that voice in the crowd. Quietly he ordered the girl who had spoken up so boldly to be followed home. Now he would finally get some answers. She sounded to know quite a bit about Conrad's mysterious maiden. She may even be able to ID the other girl, not to mention explain why she was at the balls. Finally he was going to get some answers!
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