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All We Know Is Falling

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It's good to have a guest for Father's Day. It's not good to have a long distance phone call when you're angry.

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OK, this update was a bit postponed. It was meant to be up on Father's Day, you know, obvious reasons for our Patrick, but there was a power cut in my house when I was writing this late at night on Sunday evening, and I couldn't get it up until now. So the first day is set on Father's Day, didn't work out how I planned but oh well.
And, oh! Nearly 100 reviews, guys! Thank you very much, each and every one of you.

Patrick awoke nervously a few days later. Raising his head from the pillow, he looked at the clock beside his bed. 8:24 am.
"Oh, man." Patrick moaned, rolling out of bed and grabbing his jeans from the floor. He had never slept past 6 since his kids had been born. He hoped nothing was wrong, that Danielle and Josh were just getting to the stage where they actually slept through the night and he could get a normal night's sleep. He padded through to their room and looked in the crib, but they weren't there.
"Oh, fuck." He whispered, leaving the room. He walked quickly down the hall and stopped as he heard a voice.
"And then we decided your daddy would be the singer, instead of the drummer. And there was no Uncle Andy for a long time. Then your daddy learned to play guitar properly and then when the ba..."
Patrick stopped in the doorway of the kitchen, and saw Pete sitting at the kitchen table in front of Josh and Danielle in their high chairs, feeding them from small jars. He stopped talking when he heard the floorboard creak under Patrick's foot, and turned around.
"Morning." He said, with a smile.
"Morning." Patrick replied, entering the kitchen. Pete stood up and offered him the chair but Patrick shook his head and took the other one. He tickled Josh and Danielle under the chin as he sat down, and Pete sat down just as he did.
"I, uh... I thought you deserved a lie in. Plus you looked so peaceful." He finished the favor with a tease, and grinned as Patrick shook his head, unfolding the paper Pete had collected from Patrick's mailbox.
"What's that?" He asked Pete, nodding towards a box sitting out on the kitchen counter. Pete shrugged.
"It was on the door step."
"Oh, God." Patrick said, standing up and walking over to the box. He picked up a card which was lying face up on top of the box, and read the envelope. /To Daddy/.
Patrick laughed as he opened the card, inside was a picture of a man and some children, gathered around him as he told a story. Gold writing was sprawled along the top saying;
Happy Father's Day!
"Hmm, I wonder who wrote this?" He said sarcastically yet amused as he opened the card.
To a very special Daddy on father's day. It's rare to find a daddy just like you, and we're very, very grateful. We hope you have a great day and enjoy the present we got you. We spent a lot of money so be careful. Lots and lots of love, Josh and Danni.
"Aww." Patrick chuckled as he put down the card, and opened the box. Inside was a mug in a box that read 'World's Best Dad', in red letters, and a black velvet photo album that was filled with pictures taken a few nights ago. There were pictures of Patrick and the kids, or individual ones of Patrick, Josh or Danielle. They had been taken a few nights before when Pete and Patrick were bored, with nothing to watch on TV and all their work for the album done for the night. They'd spent hours taking photos of everyone, and the result was beautiful.
"Oh, wow." Patrick smiled, turning the pages. He turned around and grinned. "Thank you, Pete."
Pete held his hands up as he walked over to the bin to put the jar in.
"I had nothing to do with it. It was all their doing." He said, pointing towards Danielle and Josh who were sitting smiling at Patrick, as though they knew it was Father's Day.
"Haha, well then they deserve extra attention." Patrick said, kissing them both on the head and again admiring his photo album. Danielle reached up and tried to tug at it, but Patrick raised it out of her grasp.
"Uh, uh, uh. Sorry, honey. But this is Daddy's special toy. You can look when you're older." He grinned. His grin faded as he had an idea.
"Hey, I'll be right back." He left the room and walked back through to his bedroom, picking up the phone and dialing a familiar number.
It rang and rang.
Patrick tapped his foot against the dresser as he waited for an answer, and muttered under his breath.
"Hello?" The voice that answered was unfamiliar to Patrick, and he wondered for a second whether he had the wrong number.
"Uh, hi. Is that Christina?"
"No, this is Emily. Can I help you?"
Patrick raised his eyebrows, confused.
"Is Christina there?" He asked, walking around the room as he talked.
"Is that Christina Johns? Blonde hair and blue eyes?"
"Uh, yeah."
"No, she hasn't lived here for a while. She sold me this house."
"Oh." Patrick stopped. "Do you have her new number?"
"No, I'm sorry. Are you her brother?"
"No. I'm her... uh, ex boyfriend. And the father of her kids." He said with a slight smile.
"Oh, she never told me she had children. She said she planned to move away and have them with her fiance, but no mention of any already. You're not her fiance, are you?"
"No." Patrick said, flatly, thinking 'nosy old bitch. "Alright, well, thanks for that. Bye."
He hung up and threw the phone on his bed, opening up his laptop and waiting for his internet page to load.

Christina, we have to talk. You know my number. Call me.
And not in two weeks.

Sure enough, a few days later, the phone rang and when Patrick picked it up, it was Christina.
"Patrick? Are you alright?"
"I'm fine."
There was a long silence and Patrick hoped it was making her wonder what to say, or to in some way feel guilty for not calling him in so long.
"So are the kids."
"Our kids? You know? The two people we made? They're doing just fine."
"Oh." Patrick repeated her words with disgust. "So have you actually thought about them?"
"Yes. I have."
"What the fuck are you playing at, Christina?" Patrick asked, cutting to the chase.
"You really don't give one damn about Josh and Danielle, do you? You never ask about them, never once do you mention their name. And where are you right now? In Europe, or what?"
"We're at Danny's parents house. We're moving next week."
"And when did you plan on telling me this? Just when your plane touched down in Heathrow airport? I don't understand, Christina. Why you won't tell me anything or why you're just not interested in our children."
"I've been extremely busy, and..."
"Oh, and I haven't? I haven't had a proper night's sleep in about a year, Christina. Not since the night you told me you were pregnant, I haven't slept a full night. And /I'm/extremely busy looking after two five month old babies."
"I don't understand why you can't not be interested. You should see them, Christina, they're absolutely beautiful. I send you pictures and you don't even bother commenting on them!"
"They look just like you." Christina's voice was hushed and quiet as she spoke.
"They look like us."
"No, they are both seriously, the spitting image of you. The boy..."
Patrick's heart stung as he registered she didn't even bother to use Josh's name, and he bit his lip to keep in all the things he wanted to yell at her over the phone.
"...Has your eyes, and the girl has your hair. They just look like you. Their faces are the same..."
"Shut up, Christina. I can tell you don't fucking care. Look, I'm trying my hardest here and this is killing me. Like, seriously. Maybe I'm just extra angry because I'm tired. It's not easy, I have Pete staying with me too and all I want is for my children to know their mother. Is that so hard?"
"Because I didn't want them."
Patrick nearly dropped the phone and sat down on the bed as his head started to spin.
"Excuse me?"
"I wasn't ready to have children. I didn't want them. Not with you. With you, if I gave you children when we were together, I would have been pushed out."
Patrick prayed she was joking. It might have been a sick joke, but if it wasn't, well, it was just plain sick.
"Oh my God." He replied, feeling sicker by the minute. "You are the most selfish person I've ever met."
"You don't understand..."
"Oh, I understand alright. That you're a cold, selfish, lying bitch who just loves to screw guys like me over! Is that why you went off with another guy? So I would leave, and you could leave the kids with me?"
There was a silence on the phone that told Patrick he was a lot more observant than he looked.
"Oh God. You already knew you were pregnant when you were fucking him, didn't you?"
The silence was still there, but Patrick could tell she was still listening.
"Christina, you're a complete physco. You really are. I can't believe you would do something like that. You know what? I'm done. I'm totally finished with you. And you have the nerve to invite me to your wedding, as well. Well, I wish you all the best in your life. I hope you and Danny have an amazing life together, and have his kids knowing you won't feel pushed out. And by the way, tell Danny I thought he was smarter than that. He's an idiot for wanting to spend the rest of his life with you."
He slammed the phone down and breathed heavily, trying his hardest to understand what Christina had told him. She was evil. Pure evil. The devil, even. In human form, with long blonde hair and big blue eyes and the fake affection that tricked you into falling in love. Patrick wandered through to Danielle and Josh's room where they were asleep, making noises as they breathed softly in and out.
"I love you two so much it's unbelievable. I said it before but no one's gonna hurt you. Especially your mother. It's just us three, right? I love you."
He stood for a while, watching them, and was jolted out of his thoughts by the television switching channels in the living room.
"Pete? Will you be alright on your own for a while?" Patrick asked, grabbing his coat from the hall.
"Yeah, why?"
"I'm going out. The kids are asleep so it's OK."
"Where are you going?" Pete asked, appearing in the doorway as Patrick pulled his coat on.
"I'm getting my life back on track."

Patrick braced himself and knocked on number 5. He waited for a reply and felt his heart beat faster in the silence, driving him crazy. Then the door opened and he looked up into a beautiful pair of green eyes.
"Patrick! What a surprise. What can I do for you?" Amanda smiled. Patrick looked at her. Her hair was straightened, falling down over her shoulders, and she was wearing a too-big T-Shirt that he swore he'd seen before, and a small pair of shorts. She noticed the look in his eyes and became concerned.
"What's wron..." She began to ask, but was silenced by Patrick grabbing her fiercely but gently, and pinning her against the wall. He kissed her, his lips pressing against hers and his hands running through her hair as he took in her smell, the touch of her skin and the feel of her lips. Then he realized;
Her mouth was a perfect fit for his. How many times in your life could you fall in love? Many. Hundreds, even. But how many times did you find a girl or a guy whose mouth was the perfect fit for your own? Once, that's how many. Her mouth fitted his like a hand fitted a glove. If that didn't mean anything then what did?
He broke off, his breath short and quick as he felt his jeans stirring, and his pulse racing as he looked into her eyes.
"All that stuff I said before, about my ex, about one girl and one baby being enough... it was bullshit."
He looked at her lips and then back into her eyes as he continued.
"What?" She asked, taken aback by his arousal and his romantic confidence.
"It was a load of crap. It was just an excuse because I wasn't sure if I could trust another woman. But I haven't stopped thinking about you, and now I know I like you. I really like you. I was just afraid, I was a coward and whatever I said before wasn't true."
"Really?" Amanda asked, still surprised.
"Really, really." Patrick replied, kicking the door closed and as they both noticed his arousal again, his lips were again on hers as they made their way up the stairs, clumsily but passionately, and he pulled off her shirt as she unbuckled his belt.

"Patrick?" Amanda whispered sleepily an hour later, as they lay on her bed. Patrick was staring at the ceiling, replaying the last hour and a half, and enjoying the fact he was completely comfortable where he was, how he could feel he could lay there forever and not care.
"Yeah?" Patrick replied, averting his eyes from the ceiling but onto the girl who was half asleep beside him, completely naked and comfortable beyond belief, much like himself.
"What made you realize you wanted me?"
Patrick pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head, smiling.
"Your mouth fits mine perfectly."
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