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Knock on my door

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A poem i wrote a while ago about bitter love. Please R&R feedback welcome!

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I still remember the first time you knocked on my door,
from the moment i saw that faint warm hearted grin,
and that soulful stare,
I knew that something was about to begin.

I did not care,
of the consequences.
Because of you,
I lost all control of my senses.

You were the one i wanted,
for when you looked
at me with those deep blue coloured eyes,
I knew then i was hooked.

After that you often knocked on my door,
to my pleasure and my delight,
much more often that you did before,
As our longing for each other began to ignite.

I remember when We shared a moment,
that day in the rain.
I knew then i loved you,
my feelings i could not contain.

As i watched the water drip from your strong masculine body,
I recognised that same warm hearted grin again,
before you began to kiss me tenderly.
You knew then what you had done,
As i kissed you back,
To your charms i had succumb.

I thought it would always be this way between us,
But everything's changed now.
I can't remember the last time you knocked on my door,
Like you did before.
I do not understand how,
Or why, but you hurt me.
You became bitter and distant,
everything you said was lie,
You treated me like dirt,
So badly that it made me cry.

When i met you i thought you were different,
Generous, sweet and reliable,
But you seemed to change within an instant.
The way you treated me was diabolical.
You were as cold as ice,
Now we must both pay the price.

Once you'd got what you wanted you left me alone and ignored me,
I know now i was a fool to love you,
Because of you i feel empty.
All i have left are these stupid memories,
That day in the rain,
Leaves me full of pure pain.

However I'm still glad that you are gone,
I can't understand what i saw in you in the first place,
You were so wrong for me in every way,
It's obvious now that i had bad taste.
You throttled my innocence and took it away,
But for this i thank you,
What else can i do?
To love you was foolish,
I must live with this.

And although i can not comprehend,
That what we had has come to an end,
I know one day i will get over you,
And the hurt you have caused.
And when you knock on my door again, I won't be there to open it.
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