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You get me closer to God...

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The fast-paced music was pounding in the back of Hunter's head. The droning melodies hypnotizing him as a mass of bodies swarmed around him. Even the walls were lined with people, grinding and bumping in time with the thumping downbeat. It smelled a bit like sex -warm, stale, and pungent- and he wouldn't have been surprised if there had been couples tucked away in the dark corners of the room doing just that.

In front of him, his friends danced wildly, throwing their bodies against each other in a ridiculous display that could have almost been amusing had Hunter not been so distracted. He wasn't much of a dancer, but he would often go out with them anyway and find comfort, solace even in watching them.

Tonight however, he couldn't focus. His mind was on the weekend before, and the man who fucked him in one of those very dark corners he'd mused about moments before. It was fast and rough, and left him temporary blind, just long enough for the man to slip away. And Hunter couldn't stop thinking about him. His cold-fire eyes burning into him as he pressed Hunter's back hard against the wall.

Hunter wanted him to come back.

A new beat began, pulling Hunter momentarily away from his thoughts. He froze, a familiar face suddenly appearing in the crowd before him. It was the man from the week before, a man that made Hunter's toes curl at simply the thought of being near him. Adam, wasn't it? Yes, Adam. With his piercing eyes and sensual touch.

He was sauntering through the maze of people towards Hunter, a lazy swagger in his step that made Hunter's throat go dry and his heart race within his chest.

You let me violate you,
You let me desecrate you ,
You let me penetrate you,
You let me complicate you...

As Adam got closer, Hunter could see him moving his lips every so slightly along with the words. It was powerful and sexy, and Hunter could feel the tingle in his gut only intensify and begin to creep its way down

Adam walked right up to him and placed his hands on Hunter's shoulders, wasting no time in pressing him into the wall. Hunter's eyes widened and he gasped a little from the pressure, suddenly painfully aware of the constricting strain of the front of his jeans

"Help me, I broke apart my insides.
Help me, I've got no soul to tell..."

Adam was singing to him, his mouth impossibly close to Hunter's neck and ear, his hot breath making Hunter want to squirm in his grip. His hands were holding Hunter's hips in a surprisingly delicious way, just firm enough to almost be painful. His mouth brushed lightly against Hunter's neck and shivers spiraled intensely down his spine.

"I wanna fuck you like an animal," Adam shoved his hips into Hunter, soliciting a second breathy gasp from him before he clutched Adam's neck. Their hips only remained that close for a moment before Adam pulled his lower half away, leaving Hunter to groan at the loss of friction.

"I wanna feel you from the inside
I wanna fuck you like an animal,"

Hunter pushed his hips up impatiently to meet Adam's. Adam growled and latched his mouth onto Hunter's pulse point, sending shock waves to his fingertips.

My whole existence is flawed,
You get me closer to God...

Adam pulled away from Hunter's neck, giving it one last lick before returning his mouth to Hunter's ear and whispering huskily.

"You can have my isolation," Hunter groaned, the warmth of his breath sending shivers across his sweat drenched skin.

"You can have the hate that it brings." One of Adam's hands left Hunter's hip and traveled lower, to the inside of his thigh. Hunter's breath hitched in his throat and Adam smiled into his neck.

"You can have my absence of faith,
You can have my everything
Help me, tear down my reason,
Help me, it's you sex I can smell."

Adam reached the throbbing tension between Hunter's legs, rubbing the heel of his hand against the taut denim he found there. Hunter's eyes nearly rolled back into his head as his mouth dropped open, a silent moan that never made it out of his chest.

Help me, make you perfect,
Help me, become somebody else...

Adam pressed into Hunter a little harder. A groan rose in his throat and he nearly drowned in the rhythmic pounding behind his ears and the squeeze-release-squeeze of Adam's hand.

"I wanna fuck you like an animal," Again Adam pressed into Hunter, even harder than before as if making his point with the sudden increase in pressure. He licked up a popped vein on the side of Hunter's neck, suddenly sliding his hand up and pausing at Hunter's belt.

"My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to God..."

Adam's breath cooled the slight trace of saliva left on Hunter's neck. His lips and teeth found Hunter's ear lobe and he nibbled and sucked while taunting Hunter by sliding his hand under his shirt and tracing lines and letters across his lower stomach. Shivers and goose bumps covered Hunter's body, and the continuous pounding in his head and dull aching in the pit of his stomach could have been enough to knock him out, or make him suddenly snap and turn Adam around and fuck him instead.

But he didn't, because the teasing and throbbing was what made Hunter feel truly alive.

At every downbeat, Adam thrust his hips forward, making white sparks explode behind Hunter's half-lidded eyes.

Adam's hands roughly grabbed Hunter's chin, pulling it up and crashing their lips together. The rhythmic music and thrusting became distant as Hunter concentrated on the feel of Adam's mouth. It was warm, sweet, and slowly devouring Hunter whole

You are the reason I stay alive...

Adam, just a one-night stand from a week before, a man that he knew virtually nothing about, had somehow managed to send Hunter into an explosion of ecstasy with nothing but a pressing touch and a breathy whisper in his ear.

Adam pulled away from Hunter's mouth and looked him in the eyes, his rhythm slowing as the pounding song faded gradually into the next. He gave Hunter one last lick along his jaw line before releasing Hunter's hip, shooting him one last piercing stare that made Hunter's knees go weak.

The next song began and Adam vanished from his sight just as quickly as he had appeared. Hunter grasped the wall, trying to calm himself through the lust filled haze. He willed his breath to slow but remained glued to the wall, not trusting himself to walk without the aid of his friends. He was in for a cold shower and a stiff drink when he got home.

And he knew he would be back the very next week.
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