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For an Optimist, I'm Pretty Pessimistic

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and the story continues....

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Narrator pov

That day was the most horrible of Alexia's life. Her worse nightmare had come true. The thought of her father actually dying was hidden in a world she never thought she would touch. It was locked up and secured in the darkest corners of her mind that even the best therapists would be too afraid to venture into. She never thought she would have to live it all out like this. She kept asking herself "Why me? What did I do to deserve my daddy being ripped out of my life?" But once she realized how selfish that sounded, she stopped saying it, and just kept it in the silence of her head. She thought it, but would never tell anyone what she was feeling.

That Night

"Do I wanna be my city?" Patrick's singing slowly subsides as soon as he is sure that Alexia is asleep. He gently gets out from under her and lays her on the couch. He stands and stretches his numb legs from sitting for so long with a body on top of them. He re-adjusts his hat and walks across the room to a chair and picks up a blanket thats laying over it. He walks back over to the couch and lays it over Alexias body. He smirks when she tiredly lets out a deep sigh. He watches her chest rise and fall with contentment. At least thats the look her face held. Looks can be decieving. His smirk dissapears as he thinks about how much pain she must be feeling. He's glad he could make it go away, even for a second.

"Such a cute kid...." He runs his hand along her forehead and moves the hair away from her sleeping eyes.

He sighs and walks over to where the rest of the guys went with Tiffany. He opens the door slowly and peeks in. "Hey guys, she's asleep."

He walks all the way in and leans against the wall. He gets a knowing nod from Andy. Pete looks a little skiddish, but thats nothing new. So Patrick shrugs it off. Joe is busy comforting Tiffany. He's sitting on the couch with Tiffany balled up in his arms. If you didn't know what happened that night and why Joe was comforting her, it would seem that they looked cute together like that.

He gently shushes her occationally and strokes her hair for reasurance. She stopped crying a long time ago, but she still feels horrible about Alexia's dad. She wants to go in there and comfort her but all the guys thought that it would be best for Lexia if she got some sleep.

Patrick puts his head in his hands and takes a deep breath. Pete gets up off the floor and walks over to Patrick. He leans into him and starts speaking in a hushed and concerned tone.

"Dude, we're not gonna make it to the next show on time if we drop them off. What do we do with them?" Patrick looks at him with a mixture of anger and shock. "Why did you promise them a ride if you knew we couldn't take them!?" Patrick whispers back harshly. Pete rubs his forehead and shakes his head. "I donno dude. look at them." Pete waves over in Tiffany's drection, than toward the door leading out to Alexia. "We had to say something. They felt like shit."

Patrick laughs sarcastically. "So lying was supposed to make them feel better? Well, I can just imagine how they'll look when you tell them the good news. I thought you had it covered dude. Good ol Pete, makin and brakin plans like always. God, what should I expect from you anyway?" Pete winces at what Patrick said. "Way too harsh man. You're blowin this way out of proportion. I'm trying to figure something out!"

Patrick shakes his head. "You're not gonna be able to fix this one Pete. Go ahead! Go wake up Alexia and tell her we lied! Then you can go over there and tell Tiffany that we were just kidding!" Patrick motions across the room at Joe holding Tiffany. Pete shakes his head. "Don't act like this man. I'm sorry, ok? I fucked up."

"Ch-yah. Just a little. So what are we gonna say Pete? That we can't take them home? We never planned to ACTUALLY follow through? Well, good luck finding a ride! See yah later!" Patrick's voice is raised considerably now. "Shh! Calm down dude. Lower your voice! We'll figure something out. You just need to calm the hell down. If you wake them up, i don't know what we'll tell them yet." Patrick takes a deep breathe. "Well, you better get a plan, and it better include us taking them home." Patrick walks away and toward their main dressing room, where Alexia's sleeping figure was waiting.

Pete yells after Patrick. "You think I don't feel horrible Patrick?! I do! I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry!"

Patrick turns toward Pete before he reached the door.

"tell that to Alexia man. Her dad just died and she got hurt at one of OUR concerts. The least we could have done was give them a fucking lift home. Damnit." He curses to himself and re-adjusts his hat.

He turns back toward the door and continues walking toward the dressing room, leaving Pete to figure out how they're going to make a 2 hour trip to their houses and back. Thats about 4 hours total. They have to get back in time to meet with everyone and head off to the next venue in a completely different state. It's seemed like an almost impossible situation but Pete had something up his sleeves.

So I'm gonna go on with this story.This is a short chapter, i know. I'm just getting a feel for the story i guess. the next one will be longer, for sure. We'll see how this turns out. Let me know if I'm making the right decision by continuing. I hope you like it. rate&review if you'd be so kind C:
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