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Guys, stop fighting, theres enough of me to go around.

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S, It's been a while since I moved here. Now the twins are fighting over me.

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"Guys! Would you stop? I'm right here." I said trying to stop yet another fight over me.
Seriously. This is getting ridiculous.
"Kay, who do you want to go out with tonight?" Benji asked turning towards me. Oh no.
"Guys, really this isn't neccisary. If I pick you, Joel will get mad. If I pick Joel, you will get mad. I don't want any one mad.
So why don't I go with both of you. But on seperate days of course. But order doesn't have anything to do with this. So, I'll pick a number.. You know how this goes.." I laughed a little and they glared at each other. A number?
Kayce, you could come up with something better, right?
My number is 3.
"9!" Benji replied as fast as he could, like his life depended on it.
"5!" Joel said as fast. Joel was closest.
"Joel won." I replied. Joel had a smile on his face and Benji looked like he could cry. Oh man.
"Joel, Get me at 7:30 tomorrow." He nodden and walked off.
Benji was about to go..
"Benji!" I called and he walked back to me.
"Yeah?" He asked.
"After tomorrow... Get me at 7. I got something special for you." I winked and walked into my house.
That's fair. I'm a fair person. Since Joel got me first, Benji gets a surprise. I would do the same thing to Joel if Benji was picked first.


I woke up with a smile on my face.
The twins aren't so bad and I got a date with one today and the other tomorrow.
That's a bargon!

I went to take a shower. I started getting ready since I woke up today a 4. I was up late last night.
Once I got out of the shower, it was 5:15.
I went to my closet and I stood there trying to figure out what to wear.
I finally decided on a knee legnth dress that was white and a baby blue ribbon that tied around my waist and tied in the back.
I had my baby blue high heels and I put my hair up in a clip and a white ribbon around my head. I had black eyeliner and dark grey eye shadow with white glitter around my eyes.
I looked hot.
Once I was ready it was about 7:10.
Early. Wow. A first.

So I started writing some peoms.
After a while I heard the door bell.
I looked at the clock and it was 7:29.
Good impression.
I heard my dad get the door. He knew about Joel and Benji.
But he let me date anyways.
"Hey, Joel. How are you?" My dad asked.
"I'm good Mr. Richardson. Is Kaycee ready?" Joel asked in a polite manner.
"She should be down soon. Make yourself at home." My dad knew I liked the old fashion thing were I make him wait and then I would come down the stairs in a slow walk so he could look at me.
"Hey Joel." I said coming down stairs. He had a "o" shape in his mouth when he saw me.
"You look amazing." He exclaimed.
"Thank you. Shall we go?" I asked smiling. He cleaned up good.

-End of date-

"Thanks." I smiled. He was to shy to say something else besides "your welcome." and he was blushing.
To be nice, I lightly kissed him on the lips. A peck.
"Goodnight Joel." I said sweetly and went inside.
He stood there for a minute touching his lips. Then he finally started walking home.
"Goodnight, beautiful." He whispered walking nextdoor.
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