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I Know You

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Chapter 17

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Man in the Iron Mask, LotR, or anything you might recognize from any of them in here.

Chapter 16: I Know You

"Language of Westron"

~~ ~~ ~*~

Eldarion sighed as he gazed around the table where they all sat and wondered if it had been such a good idea for them to now share a common language. True he had hated the constant translation that had been necessary until just a few days ago, but at least then he had been able to avert arguments and snide remarks. Even Legolas who was normally the most serene one of their group had been unusually disagreeable, but Eldarion blamed that on the lack of activity and them being forced to stay cooped up inside; Gimli and Sirius on the other hand just liked to rip at each others throats.

"Enough," Eldarion's voice was tired and worn sounding as if he had repeated this word over many times before, "this isn't getting us anywhere."

"Melamin?" Legolas wrapped a comforting arm about Eldarion, sensing the young Prince's emotions.

"We do not now why the tree summoned me back here," Eldarion voiced the thoughts that had been tumbling through his mind, "but I know we will not find the answer here in this house. Staying here also does not help us learn anything about this world and only so much can we learn from Sirius' words."

Sirius closed his eyes almost as if in defeat as he acknowledged what had been said, "It's my fault, I've been scared to leave the house knowing that I'm a wanted man, and now that I've found Eldarion...I guess it can't be put off any longer. We'll head out to muggle London tomorrow. I doubt we'll find any answers there, those will be in the Wizarding World and I don't dare set foot there, but I can at least teach you how to fit in this world so that you can go out on your own."

Eldarion could see that the speech had cost Sirius a lot to say. Rising out from under Legolas' arm Eldarion moved to place a hand upon Sirius' shoulder, "thank you."

Sirius opened his eyes and gazed up at Eldarion with a ghost of a rakish smile, "better not say that until I've gotten you back here in one piece without being spotted as an escaped convict."

Gimli hmphed in response, but Legolas' reply was a little more thoughtful, "Eldarion, do you remember Galadriel's hair?"

~~ ~~ ~*~

Sirius moaned yet again as they passed another shop window, "why blonde. I look like a bloody-ponce. I look like a bloody Malfoy!"

Eldarion shrugged in confusion to Legolas and Gimli before addressing Sirius, "at least we did not turn it bright red again this time, though it did look better on you than it did on Galadriel. And no, once again, purple and blue were not options. You would have stood out even more than your moaning is making you do now. Remember why we dyed your hair in the first place."

The warning was enough to shut Sirius up for a bit while he focused on explaining what the different things around them were for and how they worked. It was their fourth trip out into London and once again the quartet was trying to blend into the shifting crowds. It was a bit easier now that they were no longer jumping at loud sounds and the honking of passing Lorries. Unfortunately even after their other trips into the city it still wasn't easy for them to fit in when Sirius kept moaning at his reflection in windows and Gimli was being his usual rude self, his rough appearance a marked contrast to the other three who looked polished and assured in their new muggle clothing. Legolas and Eldarion were drawing the most attention of the group though, for besides being too beautiful for words they were walking casually with their arms wrapped around one another-an obvious item, much to the disgust of some. Perhaps if Eldarion and Legolas had drawn a little less attention their trip would have been pulled off incident free. As it was they were spotted, or rather Sirius was.

Gimli was the first to notice as the man, whose brown hair was turning prematurely to grey, stopped stock-still in the middle of the sidewalk to stare at their oddly structured group. People had been doing this all day but none had quite stopped so completely or stared at any of them with the same recognition that was dawning in the man's eyes. Gruffly clearing his throat, the tone of it different enough from his normal sounds to grab Legolas' and Eldarion's attention, Gimli used one of the trio's hunting signals to warn of danger. Eldarion turned his head enough just in time to see the man's mouth form Sirius' name in disbelief. As if his name being formed upon the man's lips was a leash, Sirius' head turned as well.


Sirius had told Eldarion about his friend Remus. Remus the Friend, Remus the Scholar, Remus the Prankster, Remus the Werewolf. They had been close, very close, and if any doubted that Remus had spotted Sirius it would only be because of his condition. Remus turned sharply to head towards a warren of alley's and Eldarion could see the despair in Sirius' eyes, knew from Sirius' talk of wizarding travel that once free of the prying eyes of the crowd Remus could be instantly gone and running towards the nearest official. They didn't have much time, at most Remus would have to travel five or six alleys into the warren in order to find a safe one to travel from.

"Auta," Eldarion, Legolas, and Gimli were already moving even as Eldarion uttered the command; no other words needed to be shared, the three knew who their quarry was and had hunted together many times over the years. (Go.)

The three of them split an alley in, Gimli staying on the direct course after Remus while the other two circled since they could move quicker. They had studied this warren of alleys well their first trip into town, it was to be their escape route should anything go wrong. Three alleys in and Eldarion began to breathe a bit easier as the crowds had thinned out drastically enough that he was no longer feeling pressed on all sides by noise and the smells of men, although the refuse piles in these back ways clearly needed to be taken care of.

Eldarion has just passed a fourth alleyway when Gimli yelled "forya!" (Right!)

Remus had turned to the right in an attempt to escape Gimli, had turned to run straight towards him. Skidding to a quick stop, Eldarion moved the few paces back to cover the alley opening he had just passed and drew a knife. He was none too soon either; within seconds Remus was there, drawing up short once he realized his route was cut off, whirling to turn and run back the way he had come only to find the way was blocked by Gimli and Legolas-also armed. Moving warily to keep both Legolas and Gimli in his sights, Remus prepared to make his way passed Eldarion. Remus' chocolate-brown eyes flashed umber for a moment as they met Eldarion's piercing green ones and he went to lunge by what he considered the weaker part of the trap.

"Lanta kaima," Eldarion intoned the moment he had eye contact with Remus, the magic of Middle-Earth sliding softly around the mental shields that had developed over the years in the werewolf's mind. (Fall to sleep.)

Remus' world spun as he fought the feeling of tranquility that overcame him, swaying as Sirius came up behind Eldarion.


Even Remus' voice sounded off-balance as if he didn't know whether to decry his once-friend or plead for aid.

"Please don't hurt him," Sirius asked of Eldarion, but Eldarion was focused solely on Remus.

"Kaima." It was a command this time instead of a suggestion-spell although Eldarion never changed the inflection in his voice; with no further chance to resist Remus was pulled down into the darkness, accompanied into his dream by the stare of those piercing green eyes. (Sleep.)
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