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Kakashi doesn't believe in heaven. [one shot]

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And the third drabble request for sna.

Naruto not mine, etcetera and so on.

Request - Kakashi/Rin, "Heaven"

There wasn't much room for religion in a ninja's life. And even if there was, it was hard to believe that any benevolent deity - like Buddha - could accept hardened, ruthless shinobi who'd been killers since they were children into the peaceful eternity of nirvana. Not only did the concept go against all the teachings of religion (/thou shalt not kill/), but Kakashi simply didn't believe in the concept of heaven. Hell, certainly - but no happy, perfect utopia existed in this life or the next. It was one of the few things he was absolutely certain of.

Rin believed there was a place beyond this place - some place where all the good people could reap the benefit of their deeds in the afterlife. She thought Obito had gone there; she never asked him if he thought the same. That was probably for the best. Kakashi probably would have told her that the Uchiha went to hell, just like all the other killers. Just like his father. No matter what good deeds they might have done in life.

But he never argued the point with her. She was too stubborn to listen, anyway. Maybe it was a girl thing, or maybe it was a Rin thing, but the medic-nin was able to remain cheerfully optimistic even in the worst of times. He supposed it was a Rin thing, because Kakashi didn't know any other woman who could smile so beautifully and peacefully even when blood covered her hands.

He didn't know if she was smiling when she died. Logic told him she wouldn't have been; the expression of death was grotesque, pain-filled, frightened, surprised - but he didn't want to remember Rin like that. He wanted to remember the way she smiled on a bright summer day: the sky a boundless blue above, reflected in her eyes, the way she laughed, the way she smelled, the way he wanted to kiss the flush high on her cheeks but knew better than to make her dirty.

Kakashi didn't believe there was a heaven. But he did believe that whoever was in charge - Buddha or otherwise - better have made a heaven when Rin died. Because if Kakashi found her anywhere else when his time came, there would be hell to pay.
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