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Gaara knows Ino's best technique, and knows exactly how it'll work against her in a battle against him. [one shot]

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An interesting pairing request from sna.

Naruto not mine, etcetera and so on.

Request - Gaara/Ino, "Winds"

Her hands flew through seals even as the sand whipped around her, cutting into her, blinding her.

She was a fool, he thought, and a brave fool - the worst kind. The kinda that would race straight into a battle without pausing to consider the outcome. So confident that victory was assured.

Gaara was also confident that victory was assured. Not because of his faith in his powers. But because of his faith in hers.

Ino's blonde hair blew back from her face under the winds formed by his sand, but she stood unmoving. Her hands wormed through the last of the seals he had learned from Temari, who had learned them from Shikamaru, who wasn't nearly as smart as he thought he was.

Shintenshin no jutsu.

Shukaku stirred violently within him as she slipped into his mind.

The winds of Shukaku's desert would scour the flesh from the bones of this foolish Leaf kunoichi. And Gaara would not need to lift a finger to do it.

Gaara was smiling as he fell into unconsciousness.
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