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The Price Of Life

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The years have passed, and the black parade has changed. Frank begins to come to terms with his new life style, and what it may cost him

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Lexa rolled over onto her back, and stared at the ceiling. It wasn't interesting as such, she just wasn't tired. Even if it was three in the morning; the clock on the bedside table told her that. Frank should have been home over an hour ago; and she was worried sick. There were plenty of people who wanted them dead these days, and plenty more who wanted to see Frank in general suffer.

The front door to their apartment slammed shut. Lexa let out a sigh, as Frank's footsteps walked into the room and pushed the door open. Frank, and the rest of the black parade still wore their same outfits, it helped them stand out more. Frank thought it made him feel important. Lexa's soft voice was raspy and quiet when she spoke. "Frankie?"

Frank's eyes softened slightly, as he walked over to the bed and stared down at her. "You stayed up again?"

Lexa sat right up, and wrapped her arms around her fiancées waist, resting her head on his stomach. "I was worried, of course I stayed up, Frankie. I always worry about you. People want you gone. There's no changing that fact."

Frank gave her a soft smile, and ran his fingers through her hair. Quite a lot had changed in the past two years, maybe not quite for the better. "Move over," Frank said, as Lexa let go and shifted so he could join her. The nights in Jersey had grown cold the past few months, probably due to the fact life wasn't just a game anymore; and your time could be up at any minute.

Frank watched Lexa sleep for a while, and let another soft smile sit on his face. He always loved how her soft brown hair sat around her face, and he loved her crystal blue eyes. It was times like these, when Frank thought carefully about his life. Although he'd never changed an aspect of it; no matter if he did hate it.

Since Gerard had joined, and become the leader of the black parade- many things had changed. They weren't hidden from people, they had no reason to. They were no longer Vampires. However, they weren't human; they sat somewhere between the two. Able to die, and able to do everything a human could. Only, they would never pass on to the afterlife; and Frank knew that if you didn't pass on your soul would become tormented. He saw every day what happened to the souls who never made it to the afterlife.

That was their job; the black parade were to guide dead souls into the afterlife where they could rest. After a month of doing it, they had become lazy and only took them half way. They didn't choose the job given to them by Fear and Regret, they would have opted for something else it they could have.

At the end of the 12 months of serving their sentence, they were to turn into normal humans. But recently Fear and Regret had appeared in front of them again; telling them it wasn't really that simple.

If their soul was not clean, if they did not repay all their debts from life.. the sins, the deaths everything they caused or followed, they wouldn't turn human. Or they would pay for it with their lives, or whatever they saw fit to give to them. Frank had to wonder who was really running the show, he didn't have control over his life style anymore.

Frank had become involved with various gang violence. People had to respect him, he could take their soul at any moment for any reason; even if they just stood on his foot. If Frank wanted to, he could kill them right there and then. However, he opted for the more violent way of killing people, mafia like killings, gang shoot outs. You name it, he had been involved in it. It was what worried Lexa so much, but she knew he wouldn't change his life for anyone.

Lexa was breathing softly, unaware Frank was still awake. They had served six months of their sentence, and only had another six left; he was unsure of what to do. He knew that possibly, his life could be taken away by Fear and Regret at the end of the year... which would mean leaving Lexa; something he couldn't do. However, his life style was like a drug to him; even when he tried to change it for just a day he just became addicted to it again. It was something he couldn't change, even if some day it would cost him everything.

So here's the sequal to the black parade, to clear everything up, the chapters are more done on one per character, at leats foe the first ten parts.
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