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Yesterday's Wisdom

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Regret is the most useless of human emotions. Sakura feels useless, and stupid, too.

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Ino, Sakura, Sasuke - Published: 2005-11-24 - Updated: 2005-11-25 - 315 words - Complete

Sakura knew that the truth is more apparent in hindsight. Sasuke was one of those things that caught her by surprise, didn't give her a chance to think. She should have known, logically, that if she waited to see if it really was love, instead of jumping headfirst into that one huge rush of pubescent shortsightedness called a "first crush", she'd be happier in the long run. She should have realized, if she had been clear-headed, that even if it was love, that wasn't worth killing her one true friendship.

It could have gone differently, if Ino hadn't felt the same. They would have each had their own guy and been happy for each other. But now, it's all behind them, even if they're both still living with the consequences. Now Sakura can look at it calmly, rationally, and she knows Ino can't be blamed any more than she herself.

But she can't believe it could have been some other way, because that's too painful. She can't ever actually admit that it was foolish of her, because that would mean she doesn't love Sasuke. That would mean she gave up Ino for nothing but a daydream, woken from abruptly, to find the real world in chaos around her fleeting illusion. She can't believe how stupid they both were.

Can't believe boys and petty things like that drove them apart.

Can't believe her own nearsightedness.

Can't believe how horrible she's been - to /Ino/, Ino who believed in her, Ino who helped her up and gave her a world she could live with, Ino who was going to be her friend forever. Forever, until there was a boy.

She sees now, boys really aren't all that important. Compared to Ino, now she sees that Sasuke isn't worth any of it.

Now, when it's too, she sees.

Sakura can't believe she thought she loved Sasuke more.
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