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He told her he knew.

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Mizuki wakes up one morning, feeling tired and spacey. Will she say something to Sano out of drowsiness that reveals her feelings toward him? Things get awkward when Sano tells Mizuki exactly how h...

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Mizuki Ashiya, 17 year old sophomore attending Osaka high school. Cross dresser, Athlete, Sano obsessed.

Izumi Sano, 17 year old sophomore attending Osaka high school. High-jump athlete, sexy teenage boy who hates his father, Mizuki obsessed.

"Mizuki, are you awake yet?" Sano complained to the still sleeping girl in the top bunk of their dorm bedroom. Mizuki responded with a tired groan that could almost be deciphered as "Go away, I want to sleep." Sano tapped his foot impatiently, hands on his hips.

"Mizuki get out of bed, you'll miss breakfast." Sano said sternly.

"It's Sunday." Mizuki grunted, finally sitting up in her bed and rubbing her eyes. Sano sighed, she was so slow in the morning.

"I don't care if it's Sunday, you want to eat, don't you?" he asked her, his empty stomach making him impatient. Mizuki didn't answer, she merely climbed down the latter of the bed and stood next to Sano, looking up at him groggily.

"You look really hot today." She mumbled in a dazed voice as she trudged off to the bathroom to get dressed, and cleaned up.

Sano blushed, "W-what?" he stuttered embarrassedly as he watched her stumble into the bathroom. "She's still half asleep." He thought to himself.

While Sano was trying to stop his face from being so red, Mizuki was still tiredly clueless in the bathroom, "Ugh, how can Sano be so awake in the mornings?" She grumbled as she splashed some water from the sink onto her face. Then realization finally hit her to what she really said to Sano. "Shit. . . h-he didn't think I was serious, did he? Well, I mean I was. . . but, oh god this is bad." She thought frantically for an excuse that could get her out of this secret revealing predicament. She ran out of the bathroom, hoping Sano hadn't left for breakfast. She was in luck, he was still there, sitting on his bed. "S-sano?" She asked tentatively.

Sano didn't look at her, "Yeah?"

"Um, what I said earlier, I didn't mean it okay?" She tried to sound calm. She couldn't risk getting kicked out of Osaka high school, the all boys school. Sano knew she was a girl of course, but she didn't know he knew.

"Look Mizuki," Sano sighed, "I know that you're really slow in the morning but you could try being more careful what you say."

Mizuki wasn't satisfied with his answer, did he know or not? "What do you mean by that?" She asked, her voice shaky.

"Uh, well all I mean is. . ." Sano didn't want to tell her he knew her secret. What he said before sounded like he did, but he was sick of pretending she was a guy when he loved her so much, he wanted to love her, with her being aware of it. He sighed heavily, "Mizuki, I know your secret." he thought he mine as well say it bluntly.

"What?!" Mizuki shrieked as she automatically put her arms across her chest, as if Sano had seen straight through her shirt and was staring at her breasts. "When the hell did you find out?" She asked.

"I've known for quite a while." Sano answered. Mizuki fell to her knees, she couldn't believe it, Sano had known her secret all this time.

"Sano, you aren't going to tell anyone, are you?" She asked desperately.
Sano looked like he couldn't believe she even accused him of that, "Of course I'm not going to tell anyone. Why would I do that?" he said getting up off his bed and standing up.

"Are you going to black mail me?" She asked, hoping he wouldn't say yes.
Sano rolled his eyes, "of course not!" He said, taking her hand and pulling her to her feet.

"Are you going to rape me?" She wondered fearfully.

"Mizuki, just shut up, I wont do anything to hurt you." He told her, sweeping her into a loving embrace. Mizuki stiffened for a moment, not really knowing what to do, but then softened and wrapped her arms around him, returning the embrace. "Mizuki, look at me." Sano whispered softly. Mizuki complied turning her head so that she held his gaze. He leaned his head forward, until his lips touched hers. She seemed shocked at first, but then became hypnotized by his touch, and let her lips savor him.

Their kiss lasted passionately for what seemed like hours, but was really about thirty seconds. When it ended, both looked endearingly at one another. "Mizuki, will you let me know your secret, and stay at Osaka high?" Sano asked her in his hypnotically alluring voice.

"Only if you wont stop loving me." She answered him.

"I wont." he promised her.


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