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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

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"You left again, didn't you?" Jamia asked flatly, arms folded. Alicia quickly grew uncomfortable under her glaring gaze.

"You don't understand, Jamia-" she began.

"Oh, I think I understand perfectly," she said with narrowed eyes. A moment of silence passed before her face softened and she smiled. "Obviously there's nothing I can do to stop you." Alicia's eyes widened.

"...Really?" she asked breathlessly. Jamia nodded.

"I'm still going to worry about you, of course," she added upon seeing the ecstatic look on her friend's face. "I don't want anything to happen to you."

"Nothing will happen," Alicia assured her. 'I have someone to protect me,' she thought with a smile.

"If you're sure..." said Jamia. Alicia nodded.

"You should come with me. It's so beautiful out there, Jamia, I can't even explain it..."

"I can't do that and you know it. The others look up to me. If I were to leave, they would think it's okay to do the same. And while you may not have seen any of the monsters yet, so many of us in one place might attract attention." Alicia remained silent at her words. Jamia placed a hand on her shoulder. "Just promise me you'll be careful."
Mikey could see his brother's face out of the corner of his eye, and from what he could tell, Gerard was not happy. He had stayed awake all night just to make sure Frank didn't say anything, but there was always a chance...

"Something wrong, Mikey?" asked Gerard, breaking into his thoughts. He shook his head in response, still watching the TV as if nothing was wrong. He wasn't even paying attention to it. His thoughts kept straying back to the girl.

'I never found out her name,' he thought with a note of shock.

Gerard continued watching Mikey for several moments. The smell of the human's blood was all over him, and Gerard planned to find out why. He walked over and sat next to his brother, never blinking or moving his gaze to anything else.

"Mikey, look at me," he said calmly. Mikey kept his eyes locked on the screen before him. He knew what Gerard was trying to do. "Mikey...look at me."

'I have to know if you drank her blood, Mikey,' Gerard thought to himself. 'I have to know whose side you're on.'

"Look at me." His tone was more stern now. Mikey turned sideways just enough for Gerard to see one of his eyes. That was all Gerard needed. His hazel eyes began to shimmer, freezing Mikey in place. He carefully studied his younger brother's eyes.

'Still golden,' he thought with a sigh of relief. 'He didn't kill her.' Gerard blinked, breaking the bond long enough for Mikey to jerk his face back towards the screen. He became absolutely terrified that his brother had seen something, but when Gerard merely stood and slowly walked away, he began to wonder.

'He didn't drink her blood,' thought Gerard as he walked up the stairs to his room. 'But why does he smell so much like her?' A growl escaped his lips as he entered his room, sitting at his desk so he could draw. It usually helped calm his mind. 'He must have been close to her. Maybe he tried to drink her blood...' The thought sickened him. He picked up a dark pencil and placed it against the sheet of paper before him. If he had subconsciously seen anything in Mikey's mind, he would find out soon enough.

He closed his eyes and began to draw, allowing his hand to move across the paper without his control. This let him focus on other things, such as why his brother had been so close to a human without killing her.

'I will follow him tonight,' he decided, 'and stop him if necessary.' He opened his eyes and looked at the drawing he had completed with lightning speed. He wasn't entirely sure what to think.

It was a sketch of his brother, standing behind the dark-haired girl, with his teeth inches from her neck.

Gerard stared at it for several seconds before he realized he had definitely seen something in his brother's mind, and it showed in the sketch. He crumpled it into a ball with one hand and tossing it to the floor angrily. His drawings had come true more than once. He hoped this time would be different.
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